~à la carte~ III Yukihira in New York is the third novel of the Shokugeki no Soma ~à la carte~ series.

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Yukihira in New York (ユキヒラ.イン.ニューヨーク) Edit

A story told from Mcfly's perspective, he attempts to arrange a date with one of his patients, a hispanic woman named Jennifer, who is also a rising broadway star. Their worries and problems are interrupted by Joichirou Yukihira, who uses his magic of cooking to bring them together.

Good Morning Vietnam (グッド.モーニング.ベトナム) Edit

Before their graduation from middle school, Sakaki Ryoko, Tadokoro Megumi and Yoshino Yuki go to Vietnam for a few days to visit Yuki's aunt. In a turn of events, they lose their way on route back from a cooking lesson, and are held hostage by a local boy who requests them to help his family come up with a new menu for their shop, or else he would not let them go. 

Alice of the Viking Country (ヴァイキングの国のアリス) Edit

A story told during Nakiri Alice's stay in Denmark where she met Kurokiba Ryo. Alice takes Ryo out to a christmas carnival and also invites her to her house, where her mother Nakiri Leonora has set up a matchmaking competition for Alice, and only the best cook will win her hand.

Gourmet Street (美食の街) Edit

(To be added)

Kurase's Heart Pumping Diary (倉瀬さんのドキドキ日記) Edit

Various diary entries from Soma Yukihira's childhood friend, Mayumi Kurase, about some memorable events in their childhood. 

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