The Yukihira Vs. Kabutoyama Shokugeki is a Shokugeki between Sōma Yukihira and Tetsuji Kabutoyama.


As Sōma Yukihira returned to the Polar Star Dormitory from the Stagiaire event, he found letters from people requesting a Shokugeki in his mailbox. At that time, Tetsuji Kabutoyama entered the dorm, as he had seen Sōma at work during the Autumn Election Finals. He demanded a Shokugeki, telling Sōma to face his upperclassmen from now on. To Fumio Daimidō's surprise, Sōma accepted the challenge, wanting to face Tetsuji as soon as possible. Tetsuji found that Sōma had improved during his Stagiaire, actually enjoying the heat of the moment.

Battle Edit

When both contestants were ready, an unnamed judge started the Shokugeki. As the other Polar Star Dormitory members returned home, they learned about the Shokugeki and rushed towards the Shokugeki Arena. However, they found that Sōma had already defeated Tetsuji, winning the match 5-0.

Aftermath Edit

As compensation for his win, Sōma wanted to learn the ropes of skewering, which Tetsuji happily agreed on teaching him whenever he liked. Immediately afterwards, Sōma asked if anyone in the audience had challenged him to a Shokugeki. As it turned out, two people had sent him a letter, and Sōma asks them to have a Shokugeki right then. Sōma won both matches, thus increasing his win-ratio to 5-0 in official Shokugeki.

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