Yoshiaki Nikaidō

Yoshiaki Nikaidō (二楷堂 佳明(よしあき にかいど), Nikaidō Yoshiaki?) is one of the students who attempted to enter Tōtsuki Culinary Academy alongside Sōma Yukihira. His family owns a French restaurant.


Yoshiaki Nikaidō has a fringe curved to the his left. He has short sideburns and is seen wearing a tuxedo during his time of appearance.[3]


Yoshiaki Nikaidō has an attitude of a stereotypical spoiled rich kid. He attempted to kick Sōma from a bench and chase him away after realizing that Sōma was from a very humble background. He acts in a very noble way, when not agitated. This is shown when he attempts to slowly sip his cup of tea next to his bodyguards while talking in a very polite manner.[3]


Little is known about Yoshiaki's past.


Enrollment Test

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Yoshiaki rages at Sōma

Yoshiaki attempted to enter Tōtsuki Culinary Academy after finishing his middle school education. In the day of the entrance exams, he bumped into Sōma Yukihira and greeted him as a friendly stranger. The both of them exchange words for a brief moment after introducing themselves as Yoshiaki tells Sōma his family owns a French restaurant. Sōma then tells Yoshiaki that his family owns a restaurant too, but is located at the streets. Yoshiaki, enraged, completely changes his personality and kicks Sōma off the bench where the both of them were sitting on, belittling Sōma as a plebeian. He further states that people like him do not belong in Tōtsuki, enraging Sōma into strangling him as his bodyguards protect him.

Yoshiaki phones his mother

Moments later, as the entrance exams begun, Yoshiaki is among the group of students who gathered in front of the judge, Erina Nakiri. As Erina attempted to threaten them by ruining their family fame if they failed the test, all the students except Sōma ran away when given the opportunity. Sōma, completely puzzled by this occurrence, asks a panicked Yoshiaki on the situation at hand. Yoshiaki then replies to Sōma, stating that Erina's influence was too big that even her comments will bring stains to his entire family had she did so.

After running away, a depressed Yoshiaki then phones his family that he failed the test because of Erina, also lamenting on his luck on having Erina as the judge for that exam. Just then, Sōma comes back with an unfazed face, shocking Yoshiaki into believing Sōma had passed the test. However, Sōma then tells him that he failed his exam too.



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