Western Cuisine Mitamura (洋食の三田村 Yōshoku no Mitamura) is a restaurant owned by Mamoru Mitamura and the first Stagiaire location for Sōma Yukihira and Hisako Arato.


Western Cuisine Mitamura is a small restaurant near a busy train station in Tokyo. The restaurant has been operational for at least three generations and is currently owned and managed by Mamoru Mitamura. Due to the location of the restaurant, Western Cuisine Mitamura would see a large volume of customers come in and out daily. However, due to the train schedules, the sheer quantity of customers would come and go very suddenly, which caused a huge workload for the staff. Because of this, the restaurant saw a decline of food quality and customers would often leave angry due to their orders arriving too late or mistaken. Sōma and Hisako spent their first Stagiaire week here and the food quality improved due to their efficient cooking skills. However, they needed to help the restaurant so it can operate on its own once they leave. Sōma and Hisako came up with the idea to make the restaurant only accessible if the customers make a prior reservation. Thanks to this idea, the restaurant could control the amount of customers inside of the shop at a time while keeping the quality of their food and customer service high.


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  • Yōshoku (洋食) which translates to "Western food" or "Western cuisine", describes Japanese cuisine cooked with Western influences and style. It came into prominence during the Meji Restoration.
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