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I joined this wiki back in its infancy in November 2013 and my has it grown! Since then I've mainly focused on reworking the character pages since they were previously of horrendously poor quality. I hope that the current pages, most of which I've been the main editor, have now become readable. I am a bit of a grammar nazi, after all my first main project on this wiki was Project MSG (Making Strong Grammar) to improve the quality. Please be mindful of your edits or I may become peeved. Other than that, please feel free to drop me a message on my wall if there are any concerns with specific pages. Other than that I look forward to the future.


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Naui's Elite 10 SnS Characters

Since the Manga has reached approximately 150 chapters, there have been a lot of characters introduced. A lot of them are extremely likable and I found myself resonating with a few of them. So I present my top 10 characters of the Manga, in Elite Ten Council Style. These are just my personal opinions of the current characters as of December 2015 and are subject to change as the series progresses.

Alice Nakiri
Alice Nakiri mugshot

1st Seat

Akira Hayama
Akira Hayama mugshot

2nd Seat

Megumi Tadokoro
Megumi Tadokoro mugshot

3rd Seat

Sōma Yukihira
Sōma Yukihira mugshot

4th Seat

Hisako Arato
Hisako Arato mugshot

5th Seat

Ikumi Mito
Ikumi Mito mugshot

7th Seat

Erina Nakiri
Erina Nakiri mugshot

8th Seat

Satoshi Isshiki
Satoshi Isshiki mugshot

9th Seat

Takumi Aldini
Takumi Aldini mugshot

10th Seat

Naui's Elite Ten Notes

  • 1st Seat - Alice Nakiri — Out of all of Sōma's Rivals, Alice is by far the most interesting and entertaining. She is funny and quirky making her stand out in just about any scene she's in. I really look forward to any chapters involving her. Though her backstory is not nearly as interesting as a lot of other characters, I will say that it gives her a lot of justification for her personality and her drive. I would like to see more development out of her. The reason why she ranks so highly is because her presence in just about any scene can lighten up any situation in the manga. Plus her natural friendliness means that she's far more relatable than most, especially when she has strong relationships with Erina and now with Sōma.
  • 2nd Seat - Akira Hayama — Inverse of Alice, Akira has the most touching backstory. It really makes me feel sympathetic and his is by far the most "shonen-esque" protagonist backstory possible out of everyone in the story. Perhaps if Sōma had this as his backstory, he would be a lot more interesting and make me root for him a lot more. Akira's personality is a little more boring than Alice's but it is not bad by any means. Howver, I will give him credit for defeating Sōma, a feat no one other than Jōichirō has managed to do. However, with his win in the Autumn Elections.
  • 3rd Seat - Megumi Tadokoro — I compare Megumi to Hinata from Naruto pretty often. Both were considered failures, but thanks to the protagonist, she finds her latent strength and begins to show it. Though Megumi is hinted to have a crush on Sōma, it's not quite a pronounced character trait of her's compared to Hinata in Naruto. In many ways, Megumi is a proper Shonen Jump Heroine. She has the most amount of character growth, even moreso than Sōma himself. She is a pretty plain character, but she is much more relatable than Sōma, which is why I rank her higher than him. Megumi is the best way to handle a heroine, a girl who is seen as a strong individual rather than just the girl in love or the love of the main protagonist.
  • 4th Seat - Sōma Yukihira — Overall, Sōma is a solid protagonist, despite what I said in Akira's bit. He's brave, cool, and a bit silly at times, making sure that he's not boring. My main problem is that his backstory is more to set up plot devices of "How do I beat my opponent this week? Oh, I know! I'll pull from this one incident in my childhood and it'll magically work!" It's a lot more interesting and better crafted when Sōma pulls something out of observation or past failures like the Nori Bombs or Curry Risotto Omurice. While I do root for Sōma to win most of the obviously one-sided favoritism in most matches, I know that he merely wins most of the time due to plot armor. Overall, I compare him to Jotaro from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, someone you would see more as a hero than a friend. He's a character who inspires people through his tenacity more than causing people to relate to him by similar faults.
  • 5th Seat - Hisako Arato — Hisako was originally a pretty boring character and I did not ever think she'd become a favorite of mine. Thanks to the Stagiaire however, we got to see some growth out of her. We see a lot of turmoil from her childhood trying to be a friend to Erina. Thanks to the most recent Manga arc, we can see what Hisako had done for Erina, thus making her a better character. Thankfully she's now friends with Sōma. This means that we'll see a lot more of her and most importantly, provide that bridge between Sōma and Erina. Other than that, I don't think she'll become a standout character more than she is now and will likely drop further in my list.
  • 6th Seat - Kojirō Shinomiya — Ah Kojirō, everyone's favorite Alumni thus far. It's no surprise, his personality is just interesting enough to stand out clearly from the others, mainly due to the Training Camp Shokugeki. Since then, aside from Gin, Kojirō has had the most time devoted to fleshing out his character and personality. Especially since he's got his own spin off series. He's a clear mentor type character in the main series however and that alone serves as the basis for why I like him. I hope he appears more.
  • 7th Seat - Ikumi Mito — Ikumi is not a very complex character and her tsundere tendencies are amusing to watch. My only problem with her is that she is more of a fanservice-y girl with a pretty well liked personality trope used in a lot of anime. Nevertheless, as a true member of her stereotype, she remains largely well noticeable and is notable for more than just her trope as she luckily is a strong ally. For the most part, having her involved with Sōma constantly makes her relevant and that's something hard to do with a series like SnS which has a wide slew of characters.
  • 8th Seat - Erina Nakiri — I really want to put Erina up higher, I really do. Being the foil of Sōma makes her a really good character, but we lack the sort of, no pun intended, meat in terms of personality, It's hard to relate to her and as we currently stand, she previously did not have any sort of fleshing out until the return of her Father. While it was very interesting to see the confident Erina turned into a puddle in front of her father, we have yet to see her develop as a character. For now we have the foundation to build her up. She will probably easily rise in my list as the series continues. For now, this is more of a tentative spot for her.
  • 9th Seat - Satoshi Isshiki— I like Satoshi for similar reasons to Alice, he has one of the funniest characterizations and personalities out of everyone. As the benevolent Senpai character, he's someone who we wish we had as a Senpai. However, Satoshi is kinda low because we have yet to see the "True Satoshi", which we've known about since the beginning of the series over 2 years ago. Until then, the authors should continue to keep him interesting until the day comes that they can reveal his full power.
  • 10th Seat - Takumi Aldini —Takumi has the proper basis for a typical Shōnen Rival and his tendency to mess up his proclamations are worth a laugh for two. Despite being Sōma's self-proclaimed rival, the creators of SnS haven't given Takumi the right amount of attention. Takumi's character revolves around "it'll be great once Takumi and Sōma have a proper duel against each other." Until then, he is just kinda dangling precariously to the side of us, showing him now and then to remind us, "oh yeah, the two are gonna fight eventually." Still he has a good backstory and the bond established between the Aldini brothers is great basis and his loss to Subaru was a huge twist. For pretty much the characters from Erina to Takumi, they can move up once the story involves them more with character development.
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