Time Fuse: Brazen Youngster-Style Primeval Meat is a dish made by Sōma Yukihira during the 5th Bout of the Rebels Vs. Central Régiment de Cuisine. It is also Sōma Yukihira's specialty.


At first glance, it looks like something a caveman in an anime would eat. But it is actually a fusion of the abilities Sōma's best dishes such as Quail Stuffed with Risotto and Eggs ~Brazen Youngster Style~'s usage of vegetables to enhance the dish's flavor and Time Fuse Mapo Curry Noodle's ability of latten flavors. With help from Erina's God's Tongue he was even able to impress Anne, Courage, Decora and even Azami!


  • Beef Slices
  • Bacon Slices
    • Marinade
      • Yakiniku Sauce
        • Garlic
        • Ginger
        • Soy Sauce
        • Mirin
      • Honey
      • Onion (Grated)
      • Orange Juice
  • Concentrated, Super-Rich Consomme Gelatin Sauce
    • Consomme
      • Gelatin


  • Chicken (Minced)
    • Liver
    • Breast
  • Fresh Cream
  • Green Beans (Minced)
  • Carrots (Minced)
  • Shimeji Mushrooms (Minced)

Garnish Edit

  • Asparagus
  • Lettuce
  • Beef Bone

Real FactsEdit

  • Pâté is a mixture of cooked ground meat and fat minced into a spreadable paste. Common additions include vegetables, herbs, spices, and either wine or brandy (often cognac or armagnac). Pâté can be served either hot or cold, but it is considered to develop its fullest flavor after a few days of chilling.[1]
    • Pâté de campagne (or country-style pâté) is a dish that mixes liver paste and vegetables into minced meat, which is then roasted. The thick texture and body raises the diner's expectations for the meal, it is also considered a standard appetizer.
  • Meat is animal flesh that is eaten as food. Humans have hunted and killed animals for meat since prehistoric times. The advent of civilization allowed the domestication of animals such as chickens, sheep, rabbits, pigs and cattle. This eventually led to their use in meat production on an industrial scale with the aid of slaughterhouses.[2]


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