Thermal Sense Curry is a dish made by Alice Nakiri during the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election's Preliminary Round.


The curry sauce was made into an espuma, the Spanish word for froth, using an emulsification technique done by a hand-held blender.

The tomato sauce was hardened by sodium alginate (a seaweed extract that combines ingredients into a gel) after the spices were added. The mousse was made of crushed foie gras (fattened duck liver) with turmeric.

The white part in the center is made of six different cheeses and a potato puree, and then flash-frozen. (Flash-freezing is a technique where a substance is exposed to liquid nitrogen, reaching temperatures as low as -346°F.) This process creates a frozen texture in the outside, but keeps the inside soft and liquid-like.

The pie batter was made of coriander and spices, giving green color and exotic aroma.


Mousse Edit

  • Foie Gras (Frozen & Pulverised)
    • Mulard Duck Liver
  • Turmeric

White Center Edit

  • Potato Purée (Flash-Frozen')'
    • 6 Kinds of Cheese

Spiced Pie Crust Edit

  • Pie Crust
    • Pie Batter
      • Coriander
      • Other Spices

Tomato Mousse Edit

  • Tomato
  • Spices
  • Sodium Alginate (Seaweed Extract)

Curry Sauce Foam Edit

  • --TBA--
    • Hand-Held Blender

Garnish Edit

  • Thyme

Gallery Edit

Real FactsEdit

Curry (/ˈkʌri/, plural curries) is an umbrella term referring to a number of dishes originating in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. The common feature is the use of complex combinations of spices or herbs, usually including turmeric, cumin, ginger, and fresh or dried hot chillies. The use of the term is generally limited to dishes prepared in a sauce. Curry dishes prepared in the southern states of India may be spiced with leaves from the curry tree.[1]

References Edit

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