Ten Pieces of Tuna Ruby Orbs Sushi With Gunkan Maki is a dish made by Subaru Mimasaka against Sōmei Saitō during the 3rd Card of the 2nd Bout of the Rebels Vs. Central Régiment de Cuisine.


Through his improved Perfect Trace Flash, Subaru copied Sōmei' techniques in making a ten piece miniature sushi set, with his own personal arrangement being making a Gunkan Maki the final piece.

Recipe Edit

  • Sushi
    • Bluefin Tuna
      • Marinated Lean Meat (Akami)
        • Marinade
          • Soy Sauce
          • Mirin
          • Red Wine
          • Kombu
      • Pan-Grilled Cheek Meat (Hoho-Niku)
        • Butter
      • Straw-Roasted Tuna Crown (Tsuno)
      • Medium-Grade Fatty Tuna (Chūtoro)
        • Nikiri Reduction
          • Soy Sauce
          • Mirin
          • Sake
      • Collarbone Fatty Tuna (Kamatoro)
      • Minced Bluefin Tuna Sinew
    • Sushi Rice
      • Short-Grain Rice
        • Akazu Vinegar
          • Sake Lees (Fermented for 6 years)
  • Gunkan Maki
    • Sushi Rice
      • Short-Grain Rice
        • Smoked Soy Sauce
      • Nori
    • Negitoro
      • Nakaochi Tuna Scraps
      • Quail Egg Yolk
      • Smoked Soy Sauce
    • Quail Egg Yolk
      • Scallion
    • Meringue
    • Seaweed
  • Dipping Sauce
    • Soy Sauce

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Real Facts Edit

  • Sushi (すし, 寿司, 鮨) is a Japanese dish of specially prepared vinegared rice (鮨飯 sushi-meshi), usually with some sugar and salt, combined with a variety of ingredients (ネタ neta), such as seafood (most commonly and often raw), vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits. Styles of sushi and its presentation vary widely, but the key ingredient is "sushi rice", also referred to as shari (しゃり), or sumeshi (酢飯). The term sushi is no longer used in its original context and literally means "sour-tasting".[1]
  • Gunkanmaki (軍艦巻, "warship roll") is a special type of nigirizushi: an oval, hand-formed clump of sushi rice that has a strip of nori wrapped around its perimeter to form a vessel that is filled with some soft, loose or fine-chopped ingredient that requires the confinement of nori such as roe, nattō, oysters, uni (sea urchin roe), corn with mayonnaise, scallops, and quail eggs. Gunkan-maki was invented at the Ginza Kyubey restaurant in 1941; its invention significantly expanded the repertoire of soft toppings used in sushi.[1]

References Edit

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