Takao Miyazato

Takao Miyazato (宮里 隆夫(みやざと たかお), Miyazato Takao?) is one of the lecturers in Tōtsuki Culinary Academy as well as the professor of the Miyazato Seminar. He is among the few who recognizes Zenji Marui's true talent behind his frail endurance.


Miyazato appears as an elderly man with thick glasses. He also sports a mustache.


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Little is known about Takao but it is known that he had acquainted with Zenji Marui before Sōma Yukihira's transfer to the Tōtsuki Academy.


Tōtsuki Autumn Election

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In the library, Takao and his seminar group congratulated Zenji for his entry to the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election.


  • Miyazato Seminar - Based in the Tōtsuki library, Takao is the professor of his own seminar.


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