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Tōtsuki Academy Challenge Plate: Shokugeki no Soma Official Recipe Book (遠月学園 勝負の一皿 食戟のソーマ 公式レシピブック Tōtsuki Gakuen Shoubu no Ichisara Shokugeki no Soma Kōshiki Reshipi Bukku) is the first official recipe book of Shokugeki no Soma, based on the original series by Yūto Tsukuda. The book is written by Yuki Morisaki, and is illustrated by Shun Saeki. It was published and released by Shueisha on June 4, 2015.


This recipe book contains both Shokugeki recipes in the manga as well as new ones that were either featured in JUMP magazine or inspired by Shokugeki characters' cooking style. With assistance from Yuki Morisaki, this full color recipe book is a delight to aspiring cooks. It also features an exclusive manga special.

Featured Dishes

The following are listed from the table of contents. The recipes in italic are not featured in the series.

  1. Roast Pork, Just Kidding
  2. Transforming Furikake Gohan
  3. Improvised Mackerel Burger Meal
  4. Chaliapin Steak Don
  5. Char Okakiage
  6. Foccacia and Curry Pizza Bread
  7. Mochi with White sauce gratin
  8. Chestnut with steamed mochi rice (Okowa)
  9. Strawberry Daifuku
  10. Eggs Benedict
  11. Coq Au Vin
  12. Three Kinds of Onigiri
  13. Rainbow Terrine
  14. Dumpling soup
  15. Cream Warabimochi
  16. A5 Japanese Beef Roti Don
  17. Tricolored Don
  18. Pepper Mackerel with a Purée Garnish
  19. Aigamo Grilled with Spices
  20. Italian Cutlet with Tomato Sauce
  21. Italian Tomato Soumen
  22. Matcha Panna Cotta
  23. Nine Vegetable Terrine
  24. Chou Farci
  25. Croque Monseur
  26. Chicken liver Canape
  27. Sake kasu white mousse