The Tōtsuki Academy Alumni (遠月學園卒業生 Tōtsuki Gakuen Sotsugyōsei) are professional chefs who once students who attended Tōtsuki Culinary Academy and were among the 1% to graduate.


As mentioned by Senzaemon Nakiri, each year, roughly 1000 students start out in the high school section of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. By the end of three years, the class size is significantly reduced, both because even a single failing grade is grounds for expulsion, and because of various class whittling events, such as the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp and the Stagiaire, until finally, there are less than 10 students remaining who actually graduate.

Because only 1% or less of the students who enter Tōtsuki ever graduate, the few who do, the Alumni, are highly sought after chefs because they are the best of the best that Tōtsuki ever offers. Many have found a wide variety of success since graduating.

A majority of the Alumni go off to notable high class restaurants or become critically acclaimed experts of their craft, some of whom are world famous. Others even find themselves in executive positions in the culinary industry or even become instructors for Tōtsuki.

The Alumni hold strong ties to Tōtsuki after graduation, many of whom return every year to participate in the first year training camp, mainly so they can scout potential future employees for their restaurants. Several have also served as judges for Shokugeki matches.

Notable AlumniEdit

Name Description Occupation Generation
Gin Dōjima mugshot (anime)
Gin Dōjima
Gin was a part of the 69th Generation. A former Polar Star Dormitory resident, he was a part of the dorm's Golden Era. By his second year, he gained the 1st seat in the Elite Ten Council. Gin currently holds the highest score for the graduation exam in Tōtsuki history. Because of his accomplishments in Tōsuki, he was scouted by numerous illustrious culinary businesses. Ultimately, he turned down all offers and opted to work at Tōtsuki Resort.
Tōtsuki Resort General Head Chef and
Board of Directors' member
Jun Shiomi mugshot (anime)
Jun Shiomi
Jun was a former Polar Star Dormitory resident and the last member of the Golden Age of Polar Star. After graduating, she became a lecturer of Shiomi Seminar at the academy.
Lecturer and Seminar Professor at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy
Hitoshi Sekimori mugshot (anime)
Hitoshi Sekimori
Hitoshi is a graduate from Tōtsuki and currently runs his own sushi restaurant, Ginza Hinora.
Sushi Restaurant "Ginza Hinora" Owner and Head Chef
Kojirō Shinomiya mugshot (anime)
Kojirō Shinomiya
Kojirō was a member of the 79th generation and previously held the 1st seat of the Elite Ten Council until he graduated. A master of French Cuisine, Kojirō aspired to earn the Pluspol award and was the first Japanese man to do so. He has established his very own French cuisine restaurant in France.
French Restaurant "Shino's" Owner and Head Chef.
Owner of "Shino's Tokyo"
Fuyumi Mizuhara mugshot (anime)
Fuyumi Mizuhara
Fuyumi was a member of the 79th Generation and previously held the 2nd seat of the Elite 10 Council until she graduated. Afterwards, she opened her own Italian Cuisine Restaurant, Ristorante F.
Italian Restaurant "Ristorante F" Owner and Head Chef
Donato Gotōda mugshot (anime)
Donato Gotōda
Donato was a member of the 80th Generation. After graduating, he went on to establish his own French Auberge, Tesoro.
Auberge "Tesoro" Owner and Head Chef
Hinako Inui mugshot (anime)
Hinako Inui
Hinako was a member of the 80th Generation and previously held the 2nd Seat of the Elite Ten Council. She was known then as the "Mist Empress". After graduating, Hinako went on to establish her own Washoku Japanese restaurant, Kirinoya.
Japanese Restaurant "Kirinoya" Owner and Head Chef
Taki Tsunozaki mugshot (anime)
Taki Tsunozaki
Taki was a member of the 88th Generation and previously held the 2nd Seat of the Elite Ten Council. After graduating, Taki went on to establish her own Spanish Cuisine restaurant, Taki Amarillo.
Spanish Restaurant "Taki Amarillo" Owner and Head Chef
Sonoka Kikuchi mugshot (anime)
Sonoka Kikuchi
Sonoka was a member of the 89th Generation and previously held the 2nd Seat of the Elite Ten Council. After graduating, Sonoka went on to establish her own Western Cuisine restaurant, Shunkatei.
Western Restaurant "Shunkatei" Owner and Head Chef
Eishi Tsukasa mugshot
Eishi Tsukasa
Despite being a 1st seat of the Elite Ten Council, Eishi is incredibly pessimistic and prone to self-loathing. Nevertheless, he had always displayed excellent skill and tremendous knowledge that maximized the essences of any ingredient he has touched. Known otherwise as 'The White Knight of The Table', Eishi commands great respect from the students and other Elite Ten members.
1st seat
Rindō Kobayashi mugshot
Rindō Kobayashi
One of the more socially outgoing members of the Elite Ten Council, Rindō is a world class traveler who specializes in unorthodox, exotic ingredients for her cooking, such as alligator. She is formerly the best female student in the academy and seeks to find more excitement in her last year at Tōtsuki.
2nd seat 90th
Tōsuke Megishima mugshot
Tōsuke Megishima
Known as the Shokugeki hating chef, Tōsuke is a Ramen master who currently leads the Ramen industry in Japan. Despite his lack of interest in competing, he somehow obtained the third seat of the Elite Ten. Previously loss his seat in the Elite Ten as he opposed Azami's doctrine which suffocated many of the Ramen businesses he has helped, losing his seat in the process. Regained his seat when the Rebels won the Regiment de Cuisine, although he graduated not long after.
3rd seat
Momo Akanegakubo mugshot
Momo Akanegakubo
Never seen without her stuffed cat doll Bucchi, Momo has the reputation of being the best pâtissier chef in the entire academy.
3rd seat
Sōmei Saitō mugshot
Sōmei Saitō
Following the code of the bushido accompanied by his beloved maguro bōchō blade Isanakiri, Sōmei leads the Sushi industry as a top upcoming itamae.
4th seat
Satoshi Isshiki mugshot (anime)
Satoshi Isshiki
 A resident of Polar Star Dormitory, Satoshi is famous for his uncanny cooking skills and sly cunning beneath his benevolent and silly personality, along with his care for his Polar Star kouhai. With the vegetables grown on the Polar Star plantation, Satoshi has helped to sell the vegetables to local kitchens and even goes out of his way to teach personal classes at the DEF Kitchen. While he previously lost his seat in the Elite Ten for opposing Azami's doctrine, he regained his seat when the Rebels won the Régiment de Cuisine.
2nd seat
Terunori Kuga mugshot
Terunori Kuga
President of the Chinese Cuisine RS, Terunori has trained his Research Society to be able to cook any dish on his menu with such precision, all members can cook a menu dish with no difference in taste from another member. He previously lost his seat in the Elite Ten for opposing Azami's doctrine but regained it when the Rebels won the Régiment de Cuisine.
3rd seat

Trivia Edit

  • Although Jōichirō Yukihira never graduated, that did not stop him from becoming a world famous chef, on par with the Tōtsuki Alumni.



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