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The Chat Policies refer to our wiki's rules in chat. You can try to go on chat here.

Chat RulesEdit


  • Offensive Behavior: This includes racism etc. A user might get a warning first depending on the severity of the offense or might get immediately banned. If that user is banned, he/she can regain the privilege of chat if he/she demonstrate good conduct.
  • Spamming: Just please, don't spam... We all dislike those.
  • Language: The Shokugeki no SOMA Wiki is in English language so using any other language apart from English is not recommended. However, you are free to speak other languages with another user though with the use of the Private Messaging (PM) option available to all users. Just right-click a user in the users list in chat and click private message.


Oh yeah, you can also place emotes on chat to spice things up. If you're not familiar with how emoticons work, click here to see everything available.

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