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Blog Policy

These are the basic rules for writing and using blogs.

Blog PolicyEdit

  • Blogs are created so editors can ask questions or just talk about the series or Wikia experiences.
  • Please keep the blogs only to series or Wikia related topics.
  • Really short blogs are allowed, but they must always have a purpose.
  • Please keep the blogs only for discussion. Be respectful to the participants of the blogs. If you have an issue with them, leave a message on their talk page.
  • Don't create blogs when you find yourself in a dispute between yourself and another user. Solve your personal problems on their talk page or ask for help on the admin's talk page.

The EndEdit

Wow, you've done reading all eight? Congrats to you, you have reached the end. Now you will never have to read this again. Reading this can be a pain, but typing it is worse (if you get what I'm saying). Oh well, good luck on this wikia and wish you the best!! Enjoy!!

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