The Shokugeki Arena (食戟アリーナ Shokugeki Arīna) is one of the prime facilities in the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Usually known as Cooking Building #3, this is where the majority of the longstanding tradition in the academy, the Shokugeki, is held to settle feuds and debates between the students in the academy.


This building has a unique build with both traditional and modern architectural designs. Although its architecture is seemingly reminiscent to Asian temples, the inner design of the Arena is huge and wide enough to contain a stage, 2 culinary furniture (including the cookware), judging table, as well as a giant flat-screen TV. It also houses 5 rows of audience seats, as well as the VIP Room from above which is exclusive for the prestige figures in the academy, such as the Elite Ten Council.


  • Shokugeki - The Shokugeki is the formal cooking duels of the campus. These are done to settle debates, where victory means that all conditions set are immediately carried out. This event usually takes place here.
  • Tōtsuki Autumn Election's Main Tournament - The Tōtsuki Board selects 40 first-year students while the Elite Ten Council fills in 20 more to participate in this event. The students selected participate in a tournament-styled election where the winner of the event has the opportunity to enter the Elite Ten Council. After the conclusion of the Preliminary round, the main tournament is hosted at this arena and on the day of the Finals, the roof opens to display the moon, which acts as a timer for the match.

Notable Cooking DuelsEdit


Culinary Theme Participants Result

Kiyoshi Gōdabayashi mugshot (anime) Versus logo Erina Nakiri mugshot (anime)

Erina Nakiri Wins
Meat Donburi

Ikumi Mito mugshot (anime) Versus logo Sōma Yukihira mugshot (anime)

Sōma Yukihira Wins

Takumi Aldini mugshot (anime) Versus logo Subaru Mimasaka mugshot (anime)

Subaru Mimasaka Wins
Western Cuisine

Sōma Yukihira mugshot (anime) Versus logo Subaru Mimasaka mugshot (anime)

Sōma Yukihira Wins

Tetsuji Kabutoyama mugshot (anime) Versus logo Sōma Yukihira mugshot 2

Sōma Yukihira Wins

Autumn ElectionEdit

Round Culinary Theme Participants Result
Finals Unknown

Jōichirō Saiba mugshot (anime) Versus logo Gin Dojima young mugshot (anime)

Finals Pacific Saury

Sōma Yukihira mugshot (anime) Versus logo Akira Hayama mugshot (anime) Versus logo Ryō Kurokiba mugshot (anime)

Akira Hayama Wins
Semifinals Western cuisine

Ryō Kurokiba mugshot (anime) Versus logo Akira Hayama mugshot (anime)

Quarterfinals Hamburger

Hisako Arato mugshot (anime) Versus logo Akira Hayama mugshot (anime)

Akira Hayama Wins
Quarterfinals Ramen

Megumi Tadokoro mugshot (anime) Versus logo Ryō Kurokiba mugshot (anime)

Ryō Kurokiba Wins
Quarterfinals Bento

Sōma Yukihira mugshot (anime) Versus logo Alice Nakiri mugshot (anime)

Sōma Yukihira Wins


Shokugeki Building
  • In the One-Shot, the design of the Shokugeki Arena is loosely based on Chinese temples/buildings and greatly differs from its canon counter-part.
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