Shiomi Seminar (宮里 ゼミ Shiomi Zemi) was one of the clubs within the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy which specializes in the research of spices.

Overview Edit

Originally, the club was called Hayama Seminar until Jun Shiomi succeeded Professor Hayama.[1] The club specializes in the research of spices and also serves as a residency for Jun and Akira Hayama. This seminar was dissolved as a result of Azami Nakiri's reformation. [2] However, the dissolution was rescinded following the Rebels' victory in the Régiment de Cuisine. [3]

Dishes Edit

  • Kozhi Varutha Curry - Akira's signature curry dish that uses water instead of coconut milk to cook his curry chicken. Referenced from Tamil Regions of India, Akira's version of the Tamil-Nadu dish would consist of some fresh spices inside the dish.
    • Advanced Kozhi Varutha Curry - Akira's improved version of the Kozhi Varutha Curry and this time, the curry is actually made with water to make the curry drinkable without taste the tense spice upon it.
  • Goa Fish Curry - Akira's fish curry which is made from sword-fish or salmon.
  • Naan Pot Pie Curry - Akira's personal curry masterpiece during the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election. Mixed with his own Mixed Spice and some other elements like Yogurt and Holy Basil.
  • Kofta Kebab Burger - Akira's dish for the Quarterfinal round in the 43rd Autumn Election. Using pita as bread, Kofta as the patty and adding several rich spices to the taste, despite the heaviness of the burger.
  • Canard Apicius - Akira's dish for the Semifinal round in the 43rd Autumn Election. Pulling out all the stops, Akira effortlessly blended numerous spices on top of a caramelized duck to create a dish that caused the judges to faint from aroma alone.
  • Scorched Pacific Saury Carpaccio - Akira's dish for the Final round in the 43rd Autumn Election. Although originally an hors d'oeuvre dish, Akira used a burner to unlock the aroma of kaeshi used to coat the pacific saury. Although he is known for his mastery of blending spices, Akira solely used allspice, creating not an hors d'oeuvre, but a main course meal. Akira shows the power of aroma "reduction".

Members Edit

Current MembersEdit

Member Description
Jun Shiomi mugshot (anime)
Jun Shiomi
Jun is the professor of this seminar. Impressed by his smelling abilities and learning that Akira was an orphan, Jun immediately adopted him, taking legal custody of him and changed his life.
Akira Hayama mugshot (anime)
Akira Hayama
During his childhood, Akira was adopted by Jun and became her assistant. He is proficient in the usage of spices and is known for his incredible sense of smell and mastery of aroma. He often scolds Jun for neglecting her responsibilities in the seminar.

Former MembersEdit

Member Description
Hayama mugshot (anime)
Hayama is the godfather of Akira and the previous professor of this seminar, which was called Hayama Seminar until Jun succeeded his position. He also gave Akira his full name.

References Edit

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