Shawn Aida

Shawn Aida (相田 ショーン (あいだ ショーン), Aida Shōn?) is the aide of Azami Nakiri.[1]


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Nothing is known about his past, except that Shawn became the aide of Azami Nakiri before his debut.



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After Azami's ascension to Director of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy, Shawn was first seen informing his boss about Erina's escape from Nakiri mansion and deduced that she was smuggled by her cousin, Alice Nakiri. Troubled by Erina's disappearance, Shawn quickly sought to resolve this dilemma since she had taste-testing jobs for her clients tomorrow. However, Azami was fine with the news and canceled her plans, which resulted in Shawn apologizing to the other party for their absence.[2]


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