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Shōko Kaburagi

Shōko Kaburagi ( (かぶら) () (しょう) () , Kaburagi Shōko?) is a 91st Generation student of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy and the former 5th seat of the Elite Ten Council.


Shōko's is a relatively petite girl of average build. She wears her hair down to her shoulder blades in a braided ponytail.

Her cooking attire consists of a baseball cap, short-sleeve buttoned shirt, wristbands on each arm, and long pants.


Not much of Shōko's personality has been shown as her sole actual appearance in the manga is of her collapsed on the ground in pure bliss after her defeat against Tōsuke Megishima.


Central Arc

Survivor's Purge

Shōko was among the many Central students fighting for the vacant Elite Ten Council seats. At the end of the battle royale, Shōko claimed the 5th seat.

Régiment de Cuisine

During the Promotion Exams, a Régiment de Cuisine was created to decide if Azami Nakiri would remain Headmaster or if Senzaemon Nakiri would be reinstated. Shōko was selected alongside Nene Kinokuni and Julio Shiratsu to fight in the first round of battle.

Round 1

Shōko was paired off against Tōsuke Megishima where she was decisively defeated and left collapsed on the ground in ecstasy, presumably as a result of tasting Tōsuke's dish.

Cooking Style

None of Shōko's cooking skills have been shown directly. Her skills at the point of her introduction suggests that she is a skilled enough chef to make it through most of her second year of Tōtsuki and acquired the highest seat in the Elite Ten Council between the three winners of the Central battle for the vacant seats. Incredibly, she managed to afterwards obtain a higher seat than both Etsuya Eizan and Nene Kinokuni, members that were part of the Elite Ten Council before the Azami Administration took over. Still, it was not enough to defeat Tōsuke Megishima, the previous 3rd seat.


Cooking Duel Records

Rebels Vs Central Régiment de Cuisine

Round Rival Culinary
Dish Results


  • The name Shōko means "auspicious, happiness, blessedness, good omen, good fortune" (祥) (shō) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Shōko's surname Kaburagi means "arrowhead" (鏑) (kabura) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki/gi).


  • According to Shōko's personal stats, she enjoys apple tea and watching tennis while she dislikes spiders and the smell of tobacco.
  • Shōko is the only former member of the Elite Ten during the Central Arc who has the least amount of screen time and information given regarding her character.