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Shōji Satō

Shōji Satō ( () (とう)   (しょう) 昭二 () , Satō Shōji?) is a 92nd Tōtsuki Generation student[3] and a resident of Polar Star Dormitory.


Shōji has a dirty blond hair that is cut at a semi-mohawk style, with the edges having a darker color. He often wears a sweater or long sleeved shirts. It is noted that he looks tough. He wears a standard Tōtsuki uniform that is unbuttoned and does not wear a tie. He also wears a standard chef's uniform while cooking.


Shōji is often seen fighting with Daigo. He may look rough around the edges, but he is fiercely loyal to his fellow residents, defending them at the insults of other students and supporting them from the sidelines at major competitions. He is often seen bothering Zenji at times alongside with other Polar Star Residents and frequently using his rooms for parties along with other residents of the dormitory. Though often arguing with Daigo, he is almost never seen without him.


He passed Fumio Daimidō's entrance test and was admitted to Polar Star Dormitory before the start of the series.


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Cooking Style

Shōji has no particular cooking style, however, he is competent enough to remain in Tōtsuki Academy thus far.


  • Fried Shrimps - A simple dish commonly used as a snack.


  • Shōji (昭二) is written with the kanji for "shining" (昭 Shō) and "two" (二 Ji). Satō (佐藤) uses the kanji for "assist" (佐 Sa) and "wisteria" (藤 ).
  • Shōji debuted in Chapter 7, however, his name was never revealed until Volume 9 in the extra pages.
    • Shōji, along with Daigo, has the record for the most amount of chapters between his debut in the manga and having his name revealed.
  • He and Daigo were the only residents of the Polar Star Dormitory at the time who did not get into the Autumnal Selections.
    • Additionally, the only time the two were absent when the rest of the Polar Star Dormitory residents were present in an episode is in “Episode 19”.


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