Megumi TadokoroEdit

It's finally here Tadokoro-chan...the day you take flight from your small, small garden. [1]

Nene KinokuniEdit

  • I'm sorry, but you won't. Not today. Because...long before you get the chance, you'll lose to the first year chef named Yukihira Sōma [2]
  • You were always a diligent girl who would steadily learn and master all sorts of techniques...but the other side of that is, you were merely recreating exactly what you have been taught. You never even stop to consider the true nature of things. Will people enjoy the soba that I will make? Will the flavors really be conveyed to the people who eat it? You had no regard for such things, that is why you lost to Sōma-kun before the match even began.[3]

References Edit

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