Through his course of life, Sōma has formed various relationships with everyone he has met from his early childhood in his neighborhood to his high school life in Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. From family and friends to rivals and adversaries, Sōma's interactions with many people have helped to develop his cooking skills on his journey to become the ultimate chef.


Jōichirō YukihiraEdit

Jōichirō is Sōma's father, who is a freelance world class chef and owner of Restaurant Yukihira. Sōma respects his father not just as a parental figure, but also as his mentor, friend and rival. Sōma aspires to become a great chef one day like his father and hopes to defeat him in a cooking duel, which he has yet to do. Though Jōichirō initially thought that Sōma would give up after a few cooking duel losses, Sōma's tenacity to try over and over convinced Jōichirō to give Sōma some basic training, but still allowing Sōma to mostly craft his version of the Yukihira Style on his own.

Later, Sōma learns that his father was previously the 2nd seat of the Elite Ten Council. Sōma's respect for his father increased and hopes to achieve such greatness as well. His greatest goal is to ultimately surpass his father as a chef. Whenever someone at the Academy learns who Sōma's father is and how he was not only the 2nd seat of the Elite Ten Council and a member of the Polar Star Dormitory Golden Era but is also a world-famous chef, they're usually shocked.

Tamako Yukihira Edit

Tamako is Sōma's late mother. Sōma seems to think rather fondly of Tamako as she was the inspiration behind his dish against Asahi. She was not only his parental figure, but also his mentor and best friend as he began to idolize her as a person and as a chef at the age of six. He reveals that his mother was a terrible chef, but was always willing to make up for her failures by learning from all her mistakes, a powerful trait that she alone passed onto her son. Sōma takes after his mother in many ways from appearance to personality and to skill as Tamako was the reason behind his lack of fear in failures while cooking.

Tamako inspired Sōma to be the chef he is as he states that regardless of success or failure, he always wanted to see what she will make or create next on her wok, loving every minute of his time with her. While she only ever made or worked on one dish, fried rice, it was also the first dish that Sōma cooked and what led to the many failed and successful dishes he would make. Needless to say, Tamako was the "true" creator/inspiration of the Yukihira Style cooking that Sōma proudly uses.

Kazusato Yukihira Edit

Kazusato is Sōma's maternal grandfather, who is the former owner and retired chef of Restaurant Yukihira. The two seem to have a normal grandparent-grandchild relationship. Kazusato seems to think that Sōma inherited much of Tamako's reckless personality and Jōichirō's somewhat carefree attitude, as he often cleans up the diner after them whenever they happen to leave country, which sometimes annoys him. He also seems to believe that Sōma is in good hands with Erina helping him grow as a chef and as a man.

Asahi Nakiri Edit

Asahi is Sōma's sibling disciple (initially using the family name "Saiba" as his own), who is an underground chef instigating the invasion of Erina's administration. He was trained and raised by Jōichirō in America as his adopted son.

The two met when Asahi infiltrated the academy as a guest instructor under the alias "Suzuki". He begins asking Sōma certain questions that only confuse him. He then decides to challenge the 1st Seat to a duel in order to see who is superior and that the stakes were Erina and her "God Tongue", convincing Sōma that he may have been trained under or even surpassed Jōichirō as a chef, leaving Sōma fiercely determined to defeat Asahi.

After defeating him, Asahi began blissfully/nonchalantly treating Sōma like a weakling and nuisance, further annoying the latter, but did give him an opportunity to prove his worth either by impressing Erina or reach to the top BLUE competition by defeating his subordinates. Sōma vows that he will reach Asahi's level and defeat him once and for all.

The match between the two seemed rather personal; as Sōma wishes to avenge himself, and to an extent his father, whereas Asahi wishes to prove that he is more worthy than all of the powerful chefs at BLUE as well as to prove a worthy chef in the eyes of Jōichirō, revealing earlier that he was actually jealous of Sōma for being Jōichirō's "real son". Sōma officially defeats Asahi by using his late mother Tamako as inspiration to overwhelm Asahi's dish as it represented his lack of "self" given his constant stripping of other chefs' knives. He decided to return his former mentor's knife to Sōma believing that he no longer has any right to have it, however Sōma states that Asahi should keep it because he won it from Jōichirō fairly and perhaps use it as means of finding and discovering his identity as a chef. Sōma asked him why he wanted Erina as his bride, simply replying "to become stronger", though Sōma believes that Asahi wanted something else. What that something else might be is unknown, though it is possible Asahi simply wanted a real family.

Tōtsuki Culinary Academy: Allies and RivalsEdit

92nd Tōtsuki GenerationEdit

Because of his speech at the entrance ceremony, nearly all of Sōma's classmates were hostile towards him. During his very first Shokugeki, Sōma was greeted by unanimous boos and jeers. While most are hostile towards him, some have developed friendships and even friendly rivalries with him. Time and time again, Sōma has proven that his declaration was not unfounded, causing more and more of his classmates to seek him out. While Sōma sees a vast majority of his class unimpressive, a handful of them has caught Sōma's attention, all of whom he admits will make things more complicated and interesting as time goes on. Sōma's performance at the Finals of the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election showed everyone how impressive his skills are despite the numerous times he has faced students who, in their minds, clearly outclassed Sōma at that point in terms of skills displayed thus far.

Sōma would return this respect and admiration back to the rest of the 92nd Generation during the Promotion Exam's Régiment de Cuisine, expressing his belief that he would not be the chef he is today without them constantly challenging and inspiring him, and that he was proud of being part of their class.

After the BLUE and his 3rd year, Sōma became a world renowned wandering chef who became highly respected and admired by all of his friends, allies and former rivals as he was the one who inspired them to become the chefs they become after graduating from the academy.

Erina NakiriEdit

Renowned for her "God's Tongue", Erina is Sōma's main rival. As a former 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council who was the only first year in the Elite Ten, Erina views herself as superior to all of her classmates. Erina sees Sōma as an imperfection in her otherwise flawless world and looks down upon him mostly due to his humble, less prestigious background. In Sōma's initial entrance exam in which she was the judge, she was impressed by Sōma's dish, however, a mixture of her pride and Soma's cockiness caused her to reject him from the school. Unbeknownst to Sōma and Erina, her grandfather, Senzaemon Nakiri, would later taste Sōma's dish and immediately accept him into the school.

At the entrance ceremony, Erina was present as Sōma was introduced as a last minute entrant. Though Erina tried to intimidate Soma by saying that everyone else had been in culinary education since middle school while he had not, Soma was left unfazed since he has been cooking in a professional setting for 12 years, compared to the minimum 3 years of formal education training the others have. Since that day, Erina's main goal has been to make Soma's school life as miserable as possible or refute his skills such as vocally revoking Soma's participation in the Autumn Election, though the notion was overruled. Any mention of his name sends Erina into a spiral of frustration and anger. Erina also tries to make clear of their difference in status and skill, though with little success due to Sōma not caring or simply misunderstanding what she is saying. Sōma, on the other hand is not hostile towards Erina though his main motivation is to have her clearly say that his food is good, despite the fact that she stubbornly refuses to admit that his entry dish was good.

Sōma has made it his third main goal since entering the academy in which he vows to make Erina taste another future dish of his that will make her admit his food is good; basically wanting Erina to take back what she said about his entry dish knowing full well that she really enjoyed his food and say "delicious". After learning of Erina's past through her grandfather Senzaemon, Sōma claims that her family issues is not exactly his matter to deal with, but believes he can save her through his cooking, as it was his goal from the start to have her admit his cooking is good. Initially, Erina did not know that Sōma was the son of her cooking idol, Jōichirō Saiba. After the revelation of his parentage, their rivalry still remained the same until Erina decided to confide in Soma about her past and how Jōichirō showed her the world of cooking was fun until her father decided to "educate" her. It was then Soma decided to help her remember her goal by giving her a taste of Yukihira-Style Cooking.

After Sōma helped Erina remember her initial goal as a chef by giving her a taste of real Yukihira-style cooking, she expressed her desire to help her fellow 1st years make it through their promotion examinations because she had realized why they wanted to cook; to express their freedom. Erina was grateful to them for their hospitality, but most of all, she is grateful to Sōma for saving her from her doubts, fears and confusion. She became more tolerant around Sōma, even casually chatting with him as if they were friends as well as speaking to him about personal matters, showing the progression of their budding friendship.

During her match against Momo, Erina seems to have Sōma as her inspiration to make a dish through innovation. Glancing back at his direction, she remembers that Sōma was one who changed her way of thinking after meeting him and she even used his victory catchphrase after winning her match. Sōma noticed this and began to tease her about it, only for Erina to act defensively. It was during the final bout, which was made into a team battle, in which Sōma decided to "use" Erina's "God Tongue" in order to make an appetizer dish that would surpass both Eishi and Rindō's respective dishes. However, he also used the opportunity to challenge his own partner to a Shokugeki as means of forcing Erina to make her very own specialty dish in order to win the Régiment de Cuisine, showing his complete confidence in her. To show her true act of rebellion against Azami, Erina began to behave like Sōma in many ways, using him as her great source of inspiration to finish her dish. Sōma became Erina's new goal as a chef as she seems to desire to become a chef like him; one who finds the fun and protects the freedom in cooking.

Following the victory of the rebel alliance against the Azami administration during the Regimental Shokugeki, Erina shows how much faith and respect she has for Sōma by appointing him the 1st Seat of the Elite Ten Council, despite having been the one to cook the main dish in the final bout against Eishi Tsukasa. Likewise, Sōma acknowledges Erina is still stronger than him and, as a sign of respect, vows to defeat her in the future as the new first seat and recommended Erina to be the new Headmistress of Tōtsuki.

During their 2nd year, the two share a good camaraderie friendship with Sōma acting as Erina's right-hand man. Despite Erina being annoyed with Sōma continuing to act carefree, Erina still has complete confidence in him to get the job done and overcome any challenge. After learning of Asahi's ambitions to steal Erina by defeating Sōma, he takes a serious offense to the notion of being defeated by a stranger as well as stating that Erina, as well as her "God Tongue" are his to claim. Though confused on what Asahi meant about Erina "leaving" him soon, Sōma seemed upset about not being able to see Erina again. He becomes concerned and decides to see and speak with her, though the two seem somewhat awkward about the topic. After seeing her smile, he claims that she looks prettier when she is genuinely happy, shocking Erina, not expecting him to compliment her. The two reaffirm that will continue their journey through the cooking world together. 

In the epilogue, Sōma became a renowned wandering chef that many respect and admire. After years of traveling around the world, he tells Erina that he's returning home and offers another challenge for her to which she gladly accepts. As he returns to Restaurant Yukihira, Sōma begins to contemplate about the trick that Asahi told him about as he wonders who the special person he wishes make his best cooking for. Remembering his initial reason in challenging his father was to make better food for his mother, leading to his desire to become a better chef. After his mother's death, Sōma unknowingly wanted to find that special someone who would make him a better chef and began to believe that special someone is Erina. As such, Sōma is certain that he will make Erina finally say "delicious". 

Hisako AratoEdit

Sōma first met Hisako when he applied for Tōtsuki. The two barely interacted aside from whenever Sōma interacted with Erina, usually with Hisako defending her. Because Sōma insulted Erina with his casual attitude, Hisako took an immediate disliking to him. The two never had a one-on-one interaction until the Stagiaire event where the two were partnered at Western Cuisine Mitamura. Since Hisako's defeat in the Autumn Elections to Akira Hayama, she was constantly sulking during the week. Nevertheless, the two cooperated well during their assignment and they completed the task. Afterwards, Sōma listened to Hisako's sulking and told her to try and stand beside Erina rather than walk behind her. Hisako was grateful for Sōma's kind words and their relationship became much friendlier afterwards. During the Battle for Polar Star Shokugeki, Erina wondered why Hisako had such confidence in Sōma. Hisako could not explain it herself, other than some instinctive belief that Sōma would pull off a miracle.

While Sōma is friendly towards Hisako just as he is towards many, she often gets annoyed with his rather reckless and carefree attitude, thinking that he should be more serious about potentially dangerous situations. When Sōma lost the duel to Eishi, Hisako expressed distress at the thought of Sōma being forced to work under Central, but became relieved when Eishi decided to drop the stipulations. Hisako seems to care a great deal for Sōma as she believes he is the chef who can save Erina as well as the Academy from Azami. Since then, Hisako treats him with utmost respect especially after witnessing his victories and progress.

Ikumi MitoEdit

Also known as the Meat Expert of the Mito House, Ikumi is Sōma's first rival in the academy whose philosophy that the dishes made by the highest grade of meat leads to the most elegant and tastiest dishes. Like many of the other students at Tōtsuki, Ikumi's prestige as a scion of a world famous company made her a very egotistical person. Ikumi was initially an ally and enforcer of Erina but after she lost in the Shokugeki against Sōma, Erina cut ties with her. Initially frustrated with the result, when Sōma asked to try her dish and called her nickname "Nikumi" cute, Ikumi developed a crush on him, but she also developed a tsundere type of personality when expressing her feelings. Additionally, Sōma is one of the few people to address Ikumi by nickname without any consequence, yet she still becomes angry when he uses that nickname around unfamiliar people.

Since her defeat, Ikumi turned over a new leaf and became one of Sōma's main allies, mostly in regards to meat info. Ikumi showed great concern for Soma's actions during the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training, especially regarding his Unofficial Shokugeki against Shinomiya and his close call with the breakfast egg dish challenge. She especially became greatly distressed and frustrated when he challenged Subaru to a Shokugeki by risking his own cooking career. Sōma would later call and ask for her assistance during the Karaage Wars against Mozuya's Karaage to regain the Sumiredōri Shopping District's former popularity. Ikumi was initially flattered by his request for her help, even stressing about what outfit she should wear and how she should behave around him(giving herself a small impression that he might ask her on a date), but was disappointed when Mayumi Kurase was present as an assistant. Still, Ikumi offered as much help as she could, such as getting him the highest quality meat for a fraction of its true price and even willingly gave him a bag of quality meat for his Semifinal Match during the 43rd Annual Autumn Election. She even assisted him and Megumi during the Moon Banquet Festival by serving the Black Pepper Pork Buns to the customers.

Ikumi seems to hold Sōma as her reason and inspiration to help others she is affiliated with. Not only did she have members of the Don RS to look after, but she simply could not allow anyone, especially Central, to shut down the club that Sōma had her join. She used this as her drive to help her win her Shokugeki against Mea.

Ikumi's feelings for Sōma remains the same their 2nd year, as she states her annoyance at the attention she gets from other guys and only wants the attention of the one guy she is interested in; Sōma.

Takumi AldiniEdit

The self proclaimed arch-rival of Sōma, Takumi is one of Sōma's main competitors in Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Like Sōma, Takumi's prestige comes from a family restaurant instead of a world class company. Both Sōma and Takumi share a common bond of pride for their family restaurants and their resourcefulness to create a unique dish that leaves the crowd a bigger impression. The two met each other formally during the first day of the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training where Takumi challenged Sōma to a cook off. Though Takumi's dish performed spectacularly, Sōma's unsuspected creativity resulted in a no contest situation that left both of them feeling bitter about the result.

Since then, the two have become much friendlier than their first encounter, but the rivalry is mostly one-sided with Takumi being more heated about it while Sōma treats him more like a friend or a sidekick than a rival. Takumi vows to be the first rival to defeat Sōma and keeps tabs on all of Sōma's actions including his Unofficial Shokugeki against Shinomiya and his 11th hour 200 egg challenge. During the Main Tournament of the 43rd Autumn Election, Takumi was given his first chance to have a formal cooking duel with a clear winner, but his chances were taken away by Subaru Mimasaka along with his prized Mezzaluna. When Subaru insulted Takumi, Sōma calmly defended Takumi and decided to reclaim Takumi's Mezzaluna for him and was successful. However Takumi decides to win the Mezzaluna in the future rather than have Sōma hand it back to him. Takumi also seems to trust Sōma, to the point knowing the Mezzaluna will remain in good hands and that Sōma won't lose it in the future to another chef. He decided to assist Sōma and Megumi during the Moon Banquet Festival by preparing the Curry Mapo Noodles.

A running gag is that Takumi would usually scold Sōma for his poor behavior as a chef(such as oversleeping). Another running gag is that Takumi would get easily fired up around Sōma or whenever he hears about what he is doing and often times when he poorly attempts to act like a cool and casual rival, he gets interrupted by someone or something, or Sōma simply ignoring his taunts or challenges or barely noticing his presence which would send Takumi in the throes of frustration and embarrassment. Although, Takumi doesn't scold Sōma for doing things he knows he would have done too if he was in the same situation.

Takumi and Sōma have challenged each other to Shokugeki's which resulted in wins and losses on both sides with claim of the Mezzaluna as their only stipulation. While their rivalry was strong, Takumi assumes he could never truly "defeat" Sōma as their matches seemed rather pointless as well as their constant challenges. It was after losing that Takumi believed that he and Sōma are chefs who can collaborate as a team better than as rivals. The two seemed to have developed a brotherly bond during their Shokugeki against Calma as they were able to use the Mezzaluna together similar to how Takumi does so with Isami.

Isami AldiniEdit

Twin brother of Takumi, Isami is less hostile towards Sōma compared to his brother. He enjoys mostly laughing at his brother's poor attempts to intimidate Sōma, which usually ends in a comedic fashion. It is not known how he truly feels about Sōma, but he is willing to assist his brother in his battles against Sōma. In the same time however, Isami also befriends with him as he sees Sōma as Takumi's friend in the academy.

Alice NakiriEdit

Alice is Erina's Danish cousin and one of Sōma's rivals. Alice was present during Sōma's entrance speech and developed an interest in him. She is much less hostile compared to Sōma's other rivals, but still sees him as major competition while maintaining a rather condescending attitude towards him. Unlike her cousin who looked down on Sōma due to his underdog status, Alice acknowledges him as a rival, but was confident that her gastronomy skills would prove to be superior over Sōma's robust cooking. During the Autumn Election's Main Tournament, Alice battled Sōma in a Bento themed match. Despite putting almost everything she had into her dish, she was defeated by Sōma. Sōma's Bento was not only delicious, but also appealed to the judges' emotions and feelings, which Alice's bento did not. Though Alice was upset with the loss and even yelled at him, Alice returned to normal within a few minutes and was back to her usual friendly self with Sōma, becoming more interested in him and his skill.

Sōma seems to think of Alice as someone very intelligent since she is into handling machinery to cook and prepare her dishes. Alice also seems to enjoy being flattered by Sōma's compliments and wanting to taste her dishes. The two seem to be on good terms as they talked about defeating Central together and move on to their 2nd years as friends and allies. Alice acknowledges Sōma since he defeated her as she believes he cannot lose to others so easily.

Akira HayamaEdit

Much like his perspective about Erina and Alice's concept of making the best food, Sōma also theorized that Akira's extreme reliance on his nose would be both a surprising aide and a fatal flaw for a chef in most cooking, despite the importance of spices. Although impressed about his unique cookery skills that focus on aroma, Sōma finds motivation to become just as good with spices is to improve his cooking skill and a certain knowledge about spice. Despite his theory about Akira's weakness, Soma respects him as he is, on record, the first person of 92nd generation to leave Sōma visibly impressed after eating a curry dish made by Akira.

Akira handed Sōma his second "defeat" in Tōtsuki, losing by only one point in the Autumn Election Preliminaries. However from Akira's perspective, his victory was not decisive since the point spread differed between the two with three of the judges declaring that Sōma's dish was better while the other two declared that Akira's was better, even giving him perfect scores. The two finally had their true duel in the final round of the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election Main Tournament along with Ryō Kurokiba. At the end of the match, Akira was the very first person other than Jōichirō and Tsukasa to decisively defeat Sōma in a duel. Asking for a sample of his dish, Sōma felt that Akira's dish resonated with pure determination, something that his own dish for the match lacked.

Sōma has made it his fourth main goal in which he vows to grow and learn more about world of cooking and use his skills, knowledge and determination to defeat Akira and after the revelation of him being made a member of Central as the new 9th Seat, Sōma seems more determined to defeat his old rival. He soon learns that Akira was carrying a burden for Jun's sake, but this made Sōma visually annoyed with Akira's hypocrisy; looking down others when he himself would not even fight for his club or focus on his own cooking, labeling him as truly pathetic. During his promotion examination with Akira, Sōma was trying to get through to him through his dish, though with no avail. Once Sōma made Akira eat his Mincemeat Katsu, not only did he pass his promotion examination and got his revenge on his old rival, but he succeeded in saving Akira from his burdens and brought him to his side as an ally and friend. Akira now recognizes Sōma as a truly passionate chef who can overcome such adverse situations with his resolve to win.

When Akira was nominated to enter BLUE, he declined as he believes that Sōma can do their generation and academy proud due to his unwillingness to give up or surrender to any opponent.

Subaru MimasakaEdit

An infamous undefeated Shokugeki participant who possessed a bizarre stalking habit. Initially, both Subaru and Sōma had befriended each other from their first true interaction just before the second day of the Autumn Election Main Tournament Semifinals. After Subaru defeated Takumi in his 100th Shokugeki, Subaru set his sights on his Semifinal opponent: Sōma. However, as a result of the quarterfinal match, Sōma felt ire towards Subaru who he felt that his victories were empty since he did not know the true joy of cooking. Because he only copied his opponent's successes, Sōma refused to acknowledge him as a chef. His vocalization prompted Subaru to view Sōma as an interesting challenge and vowed to use any resources to learn as much about Sōma's cooking habits to defeat his greatest rival yet. Despite his early disadvantage, Sōma still managed to give unexpected surprise thanks to his constant thinking throughout the entire week, even during the Shokugeki. Even his victory resulted Subaru's first Shokugeki defeat as well as the 99 students reclaiming their prized cooking tools from him, Sōma instead forgave Subaru while encouraged him to cook further without rip off the chef pride in match. To date, Sōma not only became the first Tōtsuki student to risk his entire cooking career and win in a Shokugeki, but also reformed his most notorious opponent.

Afterward Subaru became an ally of Sōma, assisting him during the Moon Banquet Festival as thanks for giving him a new lease in his cooking career as well as joining the Rebels team in the Régiment de Cuisine against Central.

Ryō KurokibaEdit

Upon their first meeting at the training camp, Ryō didn't seem to stand out much to Sōma, other than being Alice's partner. However Sōma grew more wary of him after watching him cook during the Autumn Election Main Tournament.

Likewise, Ryō didn't seem to think much about Sōma upon their first meeting. During the Autumn Election finals, he didn't see Sōma as much of a threat, especially after proving his superior skill in choosing Pacific Saury at the fish market. However, he was surprised at how Sōma chose to prepare his fish, and angry that he seemed to be taking himself and Akira lightly. After the winner was announced, Ryō had shown frustration in being tied at second place with Sōma, and joined the other two in tasting Akira's winning dish, leading the judges to believe that seeing the three together would mean that they would help each other grow in the near future.

About a week after the tournament ended, it is implied that the two have grown a bit more friendlier with each other, as they were seen together with Akira at Jun's seminar room comparing dishes, though Ryō has a tendency to claim that he can make better tasting dishes than Sōma, much to his annoyance. Sōma rooted for Ryō's victory during his Shokugeki against Rentarō, stating that both of have grown since their loss to Akira. Ryō eventually acknowledges Sōma as his equal who can and will take down tough opponents with his spirit. During their 2nd year, the two are now fellow Elite Ten members, with Ryō wanting to defeat Sōma and Akira as they are higher than him.

Miyoko HōjōEdit

After hearing of his and Megumi's tie against Kojirō in their Unofficial Shokugeki, Miyoko became interested in them(particularly with Megumi). It was until days before the Moon Banquet Festival that prompted Sōma to seek advice from her after learning that she is an expert on Chinese cuisine and she learns that he plans to surpass Terunori's booth during the festival. Miyoko then takes him to Terunori and his club, the Chinese Cuisine RS, later giving him and Megumi her family restaurant's Chinese booth cart which they used for the festival, wishing them good luck.

Nao SadatsukaEdit

Nao & Soma

Sōma and Nao

Though the two hardly interacted, Sōma seems to get along quite well with Nao due to their apparent similarities; such as their twisted interest in creating foul smelling and morbid looking dishes and then force-feed the experiments to weak willed individuals as pointed out by Megumi.

Nao initially thought of intimidating or creeping out Sōma with life threatening letters after learning that he had partnered with Hisako during the Western Cuisine Mitamura Stagiaire, but decided to forgive him. The two began conversing on how they should have met a while back as well as how to attract more customers to their respective booths. Nao seems both impressed and intrigued with Sōma's innovation and charisma, referring to him a "frighteningly good salesman." He later thought about forming a "Three-Party Bizarre Food Conference of Darkness" with Nao and Rindō due to their disturbing similarities.

Polar Star Dormitory Edit

Megumi TadokoroEdit

Megumi is the very first student of the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation whom Sōma befriended. Due to Soma's grandiose declaration at the entrance ceremony, Megumi wanted to stay far away from him as possible. Unfortunately in her first class in Roland Chapelle's class, she was immediately paired with him. Though they were nearly sabotaged, Sōma's quick thinking and ingenuity saved their Boeuf Bourguignon, and caused Roland to smile for the first time and passed them with an "A" despite wishing to give them a higher grade than that. Thanks to Sōma, Megumi's academy life started off well.

During the rare moments where Megumi would cook by herself, the surprisingly good results would leave Sōma and the others to wonder why she cannot perform like that in class. However, later she reveals its due to her lack of confidence. During the second day of the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training, Megumi failed Kojirō's assignment when she changed his recipe because of the handicap that he forced on her. Displeased by his unfairness, Sōma challenged Kojirō to a Shokugeki to keep Megumi in the school. This led to the Yukihira-Tadokoro Vs. Shinomiya ''Shokugeki'' with Megumi as head chef and Sōma assisting. Though Megumi originally lost, thanks to some goading from Gin Dōjima, her cooking managed to sway Kojirō's mind and allowed her to stay. Megumi has been thankful to Sōma since for helping her gain confidence in her cooking. Since then, her cooking quality has improved greatly and she often thinks of Sōma when she is in need of confidence and inspiration to prepare a rather difficult dish.

Megumi became one of Sōma's closest friends and loyal allies as she greatly admires and respects him for his skills, innovation and spirit. However, she often displays distress whenever Sōma is about get into a situation that can cost him and others dearly, often acting as his voice of reasoning. Sōma, in turn, believes Megumi has the potential to become a great chef because of how warm and caring she is towards others, stating that she belongs in the academy.

Megumi was at times used by Sōma as his taste testing guinea pig for some of his failed dishes after entering the academy. Though she disliked this habit of his, she still defends Sōma's honor and always cheering, even praying for him whenever he is taking on a challenge against a potentially dangerous threat.

During their 2nd year, the two are now fellow Elite Ten members as well as partners in missions regarding the underground chefs.

Satoshi IsshikiEdit

Sōma immediately befriended Satoshi when they first met in the Polar Star Dormitory, even playing along with Satoshi's wearing-an-apron-only shtick. However, upon learning that Satoshi was the 7th seat of the Elite Ten Council, he was put to the test by Satoshi to make a dish that could impress him. Sōma quickly made a Revamped Mackerel Onigiri Chazuke, which earned him Satoshi's respect. Although it seemed that Sōma could fight Satoshi on even grounds, it was later revealed that Satoshi's dish was not any of his specialties. Nevertheless, Sōma tried to challenge him to a duel for his seat at the first opportunity, but Satoshi was unwilling, causing any duel between them by the rules of a Shokugeki to render any attempt by Sōma to be null and void.

After this first encounter, Sōma and Satoshi remained friendly with each other, similar to brothers who respect each other. Satoshi in particular stuck up for Sōma on numerous occasions. He could feel the untapped potential that he possessed even though he had only eaten a single dish from the beginning of Sōma's first year. Satoshi remarked that Sōma would begin the start of a great Shokugeki revolution in the academy. This ultimately came true after Sōma Shokugeki with Etsuya and the Regiment de Cuisine. After Sōma defeat Etsuya in his rigged match, the Shokugeki was revived and all the clubs that were going to be shut down were given the chance to defend them self once again. Later, Satoshi joined Team Rebels due to Sōma and Erina's recruitment in order to save the 1st years from expulsion during the Régiment de Cuisine against Central. When Satoshi revealed his true prowess in his match against Julio, Sōma silently confirmed his prior suspicion that Satoshi hadn't used half of his true skills the last time they fought. Following the rebels victory over Régiment de Cuisine, Soma once again proved Satoshi right as he told everyone present that he would bet the 1st seat to anyone who wanted to challenge him for it. This would lead to the unwritten rule that refusing a Shokugeki was a dishonor to a Tōtsuki student.

Ryōko SakakiEdit

Fellow 92nd generation Tōtsuki student and Polar Star resident, Ryōko is one of Sōma's allies and friends during his life in the academy.

Yūki YoshinoEdit

Fellow 92nd generation Tōtsuki student and Polar Star resident, Yūki is one of Sōma's allies and friends during his life in the academy. Yūki dislikes but appreciates Sōma's constant recklessness and his tendencies to put himself in danger for the sake of his friends, as he did in his Shokugeki against Ikumi to save Don RS from disbanding, his unofficial Shokugeki against Shinomiya to overturn Megumi's expulsion, and his Shokugeki against Eizan to protect Polar Star Dorm from destruction by Azami.

Shun IbusakiEdit

Fellow 92nd generation Tōtsuki student and Polar Star resident, Shun is one of Sōma's allies and friends during his life in the academy.

Zenji MaruiEdit

Fellow 92nd generation Tōtsuki student and Polar Star resident, Zenji is one of Sōma's allies and friends during his life in the academy.

Daigo Aoki and Shōji Satō Edit

Fellow 92nd generation Tōtsuki students and Polar Star residents, Daigo and Shōji are two of Sōma's allies and friends during his life in the academy.

91st Tōtsuki GenerationEdit

Kanichi KonishiEdit

The president (Don) of the Don RS and a 91st generation Tōtsuki student, Kanichi is one of Sōma's allies and friend during his life in the academy. Sōma came to the Don RS to develop and create some Don dishes. However, Kanichi was downtrodden by the impending disbandment of the club, until Sōma's interest has revitalized his spirits. When Ikumi arrived shortly after to begin the demolition of the club, Sōma challenged her in the Don R's name to a Shokugeki. Kanichi has been grateful for Sōma willingness to help him and with Sōma's first Shokugeki victory, the Don RS club preserved and Ikumi became its new member. Though Kanichi was disappointed that Sōma did not join the club, he respected Sōma's decision and still is grateful for what he has done.

Tetsuji KabutoyamaEdit

A 91st Generation student who is famed for his skewing cooking style. Being one of many students who witnessed Sōma's performance during the Autumn Election, Tetsuji was the first student to challenge Sōma into a Shokugeki immediately after his return from the Stagiaire, only to be beaten by Sōma right after Sōma accepted his challenge. After his third Shokugeki victory, Sōma learned the skewering cooking technique from Tetsuji.

Middle School SectionEdit

Mitsuru SōtsudaEdit

The Tōtsuki News Club member, Mitsuru is one of few Sōma's supporters in the academy. He began to idolized Sōma after witnessing his victory against Alice in the Main Tournament's Quarterfinals. Mitsuru's admiration about Sōma is so high to extend his stalking Sōma for a biographic interview and even calculating his class timetables, much to Sōma's chagrin.

Sōma is his senior and he seemly have a friendlier term with Mitsuru. However, a news about his second Shokugeki caused Sōma to be suspicious about Mitsuru and assumed him as a spy on Subaru's behalf. Despite annoyed by Mitsuru's persistence, Sōma found Mitsuru as an interesting student and quickly befriended with him.

Tōtsuki Culinary Academy: Elite Ten CouncilEdit

Etsuya EizanEdit

Etsuya is a 91st Generation student who holds the Elite Ten Council's 9th seat. Sōma was first brought to Etsuya's attention after he caused Mozuya to plummet in sales despite his help. Sōma himself did not formally meet Etsuya until right after the announcement for the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election preliminary participants. Sōma, for the most part, disliked Etsuya for the huge threat he put on his hometown. Etsuya on the other hand, found that Sōma was a stain on his record and set Subaru Mimasaka after him in order to expel him from the academy, an endeavor that ultimately failed.

The two finally battled each other directly in a Shokugeki after Azami Nakiri took helm of Tōtsuki and forced the closure of Polar Star Dormitory. Etsuya tried as much as he could to intimidate Sōma by setting up an unwinnable Shokugeki and moving the eviction date to the day of their match, but Sōma remained largely unfazed. He even stated that Etsuya had done nothing but attack him indirectly. Much to his own frustration, Etsuya had no choice but to pit his full cooking prowess against Sōma, knowing that it was the only way to force him to submit. Etsuya continued to belittle Sōma claiming that he has no chance of winning, only for Sōma to goad him by asking if Etsuya was actually afraid of Sōma's cooking. It was as if to point out that underneath his sneaky and intelligent persona lies a coward, leaving the shady elite visually angry and insulted. Despite his efforts, Etsuya ultimately lost the Shokugeki due to Sōma's food convincing the biased judges to vote for him. This loss has left him humiliated and frustrated and claims to himself that he will get back at Sōma. Its possible that he has gotten over his loss as he continues his 3rd year as a member of the Elite Ten.

Terunori KugaEdit

Terunori is a 91st Generation student who holds the Elite Ten Council's 8th seat. During the Autumn Leaf Viewing event, Terunori was one of three 91st Generation Elite Ten Council members to decline Sōma's Shokugeki request. However, he stated if Sōma could defeat him in any form of cooking, he would consider a challenge from him. Later that day, news of the Moon Banquet Festival festival reached Sōma. Learning about the festival's sale competition, Sōma decided to challenge Terunori, personally deciding to set up a stand across from Terunori's Chinese Cuisine RS stand, even listing Chinese cuisine as his intended theme. Terunori accepted the challenge, but did not see Sōma as a threat and throughout the festival, The Chinese Cuisine RS easily dominated the Central Area sales throughout the week. However, Sōma was able to finally exceed him in sales on the fourth day thanks to his Time Fuse Mapo Curry Noodles and the help of his many friends, much to Terunori's frustration.

In many ways, Terunori is similar to Sōma as he too challenged the Elite Ten to a Shokugeki during his Autumn Leaf Viewing event. After Terunori lost the battle on the fourth day, he still praised Sōma and said that Sōma will grow even more after the festival. He later returns to offer Sōma help in preparations for his upcoming Shokugeki with Akira regarding spices. Terunori, however decided to ally with Sōma in hopes that he can restore his position as the 8th Seat as he was one of the three who was forced by Azami to relinquish their positions. He soon joins Team Rebels in the Régiment de Cuisine against Central and seems to have a tendency to treat Sōma like a martial arts student which Sōma strangely, yet comically complies to Terunori's orders and dramatic antics.

Rindō KobayashiEdit

Rindō is a 90th Generation student who held the Elite Ten Council's 2nd seat. Sōma and Rindō first met during the Autumn Leaf Viewing, though the two would not directly interact until the end of the Moon Banquet Festival. Rindō expressed special interest in Sōma after he managed to surpass Terunori in sales during the Festival. She was so impressed that she invited him and Megumi to try out Eishi's cooking. Since then, Rindō has kept close tabs on Sōma during the Azami administration, even coming to spectate his Shokugeki against Etsuya.

Sōma seems to respect Rindō as she is the current 2nd Seat of the Elite Ten Council, being rather relaxed and friendly towards her as he was aware of her interest in tasting new dishes. Though he seemed rather disturbed after hearing her eat at all 120 booths during the fourth day of the festival, going on a bizarre eating tour. Despite Rindō being one of the Elite Ten who voted for Azami and being part of Central, the two still get along with each other. Despite the fact that she is a member of Central, Rindō favors more on Sōma's side during his Shokugeki against Etsuya, due to her liking him and his spirit rather than her fellow Elite Ten members' condescending demeanor, finding his attitude quite refreshing; laughing and often claiming him to be "the best".

Sōma also seems rather interested in Rindō in the same fashion as his interest in Nao; after learning of Rindō's abilities and interest in tasting almost every possible dish by learning about every possible ingredient, even the seemingly disgusting ones to satisfy her barbaric cravings. This made him become highly impressed with her and even thought about forming a "Three-Party Bizarre Food Conference of Darkness" with Nao and Rindō due to their disturbing similarities.

Eishi TsukasaEdit

Eishi is the 90th Generation student who held the Elite Ten Council's 1st seat. Sōma and Eishi first met when the top rookies/first years were to meet the Elite Ten Council as a means of showing them who they are and what they can do. Eishi, however, expressed his stress and depression before them for their constant Shokugeki challenges, leaving him to do a lot of paperwork. This caused Sōma to become rather confused as how he wonders why the top student is so depressing. After tasting his dish for the first time at his booth, Sōma seems visibly amazed by Eishi's cooking and soon became aware of the 1st Seat's immense confidence as he had not once asked his customers how his dishes taste, despite his constant spazzing and perfectionist persona. This left Sōma impressed and incredibly determined to defeat Eishi one day.

Sōma seems to have quite a bit of respect for Eishi as he is the current 1st Seat of the Elite Ten Council, yet acts rather casual around him as he does with the other members he becomes acquainted with. During Central's regime, Sōma partook Eishi's course and was chosen to be his sous chef by the latter, where his pace matched with his senpai. Eishi seems to be quite impressed with Sōma's supportive skills and decided to make him his right-hand man in Central as he believes that Sōma can help improve his cooking to better heights. While initially flattered by the recognition, Sōma had no intention of joining Central and soon learned that Eishi was rather selfish and shallow as he only recognized Sōma's skills rather than his cooking and only intended to use him. This led Eishi to challenge Sōma to a private Shokugeki to which Sōma takes the challenge with great determination, only to lose the unofficial Shokugeki to Eishi. While Sōma recognizes his loss, this left him a bit disheartened and wished to train harder in order to officially defeat Eishi. Sōma eventually got his revenge and managed to defeat Eishi with Erina leaving the latter amazed with their dishes.

The two would later meet during the BLUE as Eishi recalled his graduation from the academy alongside his fellow graduates Rindō, Tōsuke, Momo and Sōmei. The two are now on good and friendly terms especially after Eishi lost to Asahi as well as his cooking tool, Sōma was shocked that Eishi lost. As a result, Sōma decided to avenge his senpai by defeating Asahi, with Eishi having faith that Sōma will win because he inspired the former top five elites to better themselves as chefs and as individuals as well as to find their place in the world of cooking.

Momo Akanegakubo Edit

Momo is a 90th Generation student who held the Elite Ten Council's 4th seat. The two officially met during Ryō's Shokugeki against Rentarō as Sōma attempted to be friendly with her, much to Momo's dismay and refusal to speak. She seems to think of Sōma as one of the many "cute things" at school and found his name quite nice as it contains "ma" at the end, trying to give him a cute nickname such as "Sō-myan" and "Yuki-hyan", however little did he know that Momo's referring to others as "cute" means her dubbing others as "lower" than her herself. Which means, like the other Elites, she seems to think of Sōma lower ranked compared to herself.

Though she may not admit to it, Momo was also influenced by Sōma ever since the 3rd year students' graduation from the academy, seemingly recognizing him as a worthy chef.

Nene KinokuniEdit

Nene is a 91st Generation student who holds the Elite Ten Council's 6th seat. During the Autumn Leaf Viewing event, Nene was one of three 91st Generation Elite Ten Council members to decline Sōma's Shokugeki request. The following Régiment de Cuisine between Team Central and Team Rebel, Sōma was matched against Nene in their first match. Here, he is belittled by Nene who claimed that his defeat will be "inevitable" regardless of his effort. Though unlike Etsuya, she still wants to win in a fair duel and allows him to choose the lottery for the theme of the dish. However, Sōma ends up drawing Soba, which was her specialty, causing Nene to embarrassingly state that it wasn't her "fault".

Unlike Nene who used her hands to make her Soba noodles, Sōma instead used his noodle machine to make his noodles that prompted everyone's ridicule towards him, including an overconfident Nene. Surprisingly, despite his unfavorable disadvantages, however, Soma's Yukihira Style Barley Flour Soba received better impression from all three judges for its aroma and flavor that lasted longer than Nene's Soba. When confronted by a distraught Nene, Sōma simply told her that serving customers is his everyday struggle, as she then realized what Satoshi meant when she only thought about which flour was the perfect choice because she was trained to perfect a dish without thinking about those who would eat it and what they want. This opted Nene to finally admit that she could not match him as both a chef and an artisan.

Tōsuke Megishima Edit

Tōsuke is a 90th Generation student who held the Elite Ten Council's 3rd seat, until he was forced to relinquish his position by Azami. Sōma contacted him via cellphone and later approached him in order to recruit his help for the Rebels in their Régiment de Cuisine against Central. While Tōsuke was uninterested in helping Sōma or the Rebels and seemed not care about Central anymore, he did give Sōma a chance to prove himself when the latter challenged him to consecutive duels using Tōsuke's area/theme of expertise; ramen. Even after consecutive losses, Sōma refused to give up while informing of why he is taking the fight to Central in order to protect the freedom and fun of cooking. He wanted to continue, but collapsed due to fatigue. This caused Tōsuke to be taken in by Sōma's passion and tenacity, admitting defeat and joined the Rebels to take down Central.

Sōmei Saitō Edit

Sōmei is a 90th Generation student who held the Elite Ten Council's 5th seat. The two officially met during the Régiment de Cuisine's third bout, as they were paired to face each other, with the main theme of the first card being butter. Sōma seems to think of Sōmei as a formidable warrior/samurai especially after witnessing his strength during and after his match with Subaru, being rather impressed by his strong will and durability. This was given how both Eishi and Rindō became exhausted after their respective matches while Sōmei kept himself awake, ready and focused for his next match rather than simply resting. During their match, Sōmei comments that Sōma refuses to "draw his steel" first and presented his expertise on sushi/fish as it represents his blade, his pride and his warrior's honor. He believes that one can only understand another through a duel and that his sword would shatter Sōma's spirit.

Sōma realized that Sōmei is the toughest opponent he has faced because his strength and honor is incredibly strong for him to face alone, however he also thinks that they are the same when it comes to fighting for one's ideals as well as protecting and saving those who matter to them. After Sōma presented his Yukihira Style Fragrant Butter Pilaf Inarizushi, not only did it greatly satisfy the judges, but it was able to defeat Sōmei's powerful dish. Sōmei desired to know where Sōma's strength was coming from, soon discovering that he was using the efforts, skills and memories of everyone he had met and faced at Tōtsuki to defeat him; clashing countless swords to Sōmei's one without minding how many breaks. Sōmei admitted defeat as he now believes that Sōma is a true warrior with a burning spirit for victory. He even informs Sōma that Eishi is a formidable opponent and wishes him good luck in his eventual rematch with him.

Tōtsuki Culinary Academy: Staff & Officials Edit

Senzaemon NakiriEdit

Senzaemon is the director of the Academy and is the sole reason why Sōma currently is in the Academy. Up until the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election, the two never physically met, however Senzaemon came to Sōma entrance exam room to find a bowl of his Transforming Furikake Gohan. With a single bite, he immediately sent him an acceptance letter, overriding Erina's decision to deny him entrance into the school. Sōma had two more opportunities to present his dish to him during the Autumn Election. From both matches, he managed to force Senzaemon to disrobe after he ate his dishes. To make the first match more notable, Senzaemon declared that Sōma's Evolved Nori Bento was superior to his own granddaughter's dish, showing that he was willing to acknowledge that Sōma was better than his own family in that instance.

After Azami Nakiri became the new Director of Tōtsuki, Senzaemon came to Sōma talking to him face-to-face for the first time. He revealed that he influenced Jōichirō into making Sōma apply for Tōtsuki. He also revealed what had happened to Erina during childhood, prompting Senzaemon to beg Sōma to save Erina from her troubled past and from her corrupt father. Sōma intends to keep his promise in saving Erina with his cooking, remembering the vow he made to her after transferring to the academy, leaving Senzaemon relieved with the boy's answer as he believes that he and his fellow Jewel Age students will save the world of cooking.

After winning the Regiment de Cuisine, Senzaemon appointed Sōma as the new 1st Seat. He asked Sōma about his opinion on who should be the new headmaster, Sōma nominated Erina Nakiri to which Senzaemon agreed.

Roland ChapelleEdit

The iron figure of the academy who rarely smiles, Roland was Sōma's first class lecturer in the academy. During Soma's first class, Roland is impressed about Sōma's creativity to make the dish named Boeuf Bourguignon. He was well aware of the sabotage that happened to Sōma, but was impressed by his ingenuity and quick recovery. The meal was so impressive that he smiled for the first time on record and gave Sōma and Megumi's dish an "A", though he wished he could have given them a higher grade. Sōma was able to make Roland smile again when after he declared to Central that he and his friends wouldn't just allow them to win so easily.

Fumio DaimidōEdit

Fumio is the dormitory mother of Polar Star Dormitory. Like all other residents in her dormitory, Fumio has acknowledged Sōma's cooking skills. Sōma is unlike any resident she has ever given a room to before since his entrance dish was made from nothing more than leftover ingredients in the Polar Star kitchen.

Since then, the two have had friendly interactions and she even inspired him to create his dish for his match for the Finals of the Autumn Election Main Tournament.

She was unaware that he was the son of Jōichirō Yukihira, a former resident until he visited and their relation was revealed. Fumio was amazed that two were similar in cooking and continues to support Sōma.

Jun ShiomiEdit

At first, she was a tad clumsy and prone to apologizing which Sōma noted was similar to Megumi. Unfortunately for Sōma, Jun became very hostile to him once she learned that he was the son of Jōichirō Yukihira, a man who used her as his unfortunate guinea pig for many of his test dishes. Jun immediately punched Sōma in the stomach upon learning this fact and even denied any sort of help to him simply because of his family ties. However, thanks to Akira, Jun warmed up to him and at least helped him out and welcomed him into her seminar room after the Autumn Election's conclusion with no sign of any hostility since. While Sōma seem to be impressed by Jun knowledge of spices, he at times is surprised by how she managed to survive Tōtsuki Culinary Academy events.

He later helps her and Akira find a better place to feel safe and welcomed where they can continue their seminar of spices within the Polar Star Dorm, to which Jun became very grateful for.

Tōtsuki Academy AlumniEdit

Gin DōjimaEdit

The Living Legend and well respected chef, Gin was the 69th Generation 1st seat in the Elite Ten with Sōma's father, Jōichirō Yukihira, who was the 2nd seat at the time. During the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp Sōma managed to be one of the first individuals to finish his 50 meal quota and immediately headed to the hot-spring where Gin was already bathing. During the conversation between Gin and Sōma, Gin was impressed by Sōma's skill and drive while encouraging the young chef continue to hone his skills.

He became the supervisor during the Unofficial Shokugeki. Though the three judges voted for Kojirō, Gin placed a vote in Megumi and Sōma's Rainbow Terrine as a token of acknowledgement and convinced Kojirō to try the dish for himself, whom was moved to tears and recognized Megumi's cooking ability. Though the result saved Megumi from expulsion, Gin watched Soma's frustration for his "loss" as a result of the Unofficial Shokugeki, thinking that Sōma grew from the challenge after tasting his first "defeat." He continued to observe Sōma through the 200 egg meal challenge and was impressed by his live cooking to draw guests, a idea that saved him from his unfortunate handicap. As Sōma left the camp, Gin saw an image of Jōichirō and later confirmed that the reason Sōma was so familiar to him is because Jōichirō is his father.

While Gin is often presented as a neutral party, he seems to favor Sōma and his friends a bit more as he often gives Sōma advice and information which helps him on his endeavors. A point taken as he and Jōichirō decided to train the Rebels in a mock Shokugeki team battle in order to prepare them for their match against Central.

Azami NakiriEdit

Erina's estranged and infamous father who later replaced Senzaemon as Tōtsuki's new director, as well the Central's founder. Sōma met him for the first time when looking for Erina in her cafe. After he learned about Azami's identity as Azami Nakamura, one of Polar Star Alumni alongside with Jōichiro and Gin according to Fumio, Sōma addresses him as "Nakamura-senpai" ever since. Overtime, Sōma antagonized Azami for not only his abuse towards Erina, but also his changes in the Tōtsuki that nearly destroyed the Polar Star Dormitory. During the Promotion Exam, Sōma was one of few "rebels" who passed through most of the sabotaged tests until he heard news about his exiled friends (except Erina, Megumi and Takumi). When Erina's plea was dismissed, Sōma directly challenged Azami in a Shokugeki in order to bring his friends back, a challenge Azami initially refused until Jōichirō's return and suggested Régiment de Cuisine (Team Shokugeki) where he waged his future to the Central if Team Rebel loses, which delighted Azami before accepting it.

When Azami forced his way onto the judging panel for the latter portion of the Régiment de Cuisine, Sōma was the only one among his group to actually be excited by the change, as it would allow him to finally confront Azami directly with his flavors. While Azami acknowledges Sōma's speciality to be on par with that of Eishi Tsukasa, he criticizes him for his recklessness. Shortly before Azami was ousted as director, Sōma told him to stop deciding the happiness of other people for them and reveals that despite his hardships, Jōichirō found happiness when he started his family.

Kojirō ShinomiyaEdit

Known as the Légumes Magician, Kojirō was Sōma's biggest adversary during the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp. A heated argument began between the two after Kojirō fired Megumi for altering his recipe after he forced a handicap on some of the students. Sōma could not stand Kojirō's cold logic and attitude and challenged him to a Shokugeki when he went too far. This lead up to the Yukihira-Tadokoro Vs. Shinomiya ''Shokugeki''. Throughout the duel, Kojirō taunted Sōma because he viewed his partner, Megumi, as a liability, however Sōma ignored his words and believed in Megumi. Though the duo of students initially lost to Kojirō, Gin reevaluate the dish by voting Megumi's Rainbow Terrine while forcing Kojirō to eat Megumi's Rainbow Terrine, which finally moved Kojirō's heart. Though the duel resulted in a tie, Kojirō acknowledged both Sōma and Megumi's abilities. After the camp, Kojirō bade farewell to Sōma and Megumi and wished them well for their continuing journey at Tōtsuki.

The two of them met again during the 92nd generation's Stagiaire, when Sōma arrived to help out for the second part of his training at his newest restaurant in Japan, Shino's Tokyo. Although initially annoyed by his appearance, Kojirō informed him that he would fire him if he failed to meet his expectations. Although he struggled initially, Sōma managed to keep up and quickly learned throughout his time with Kojirō. At the end of the week, Sōma won Kojirō's employee cooking contest with his stuffed quail dish. Although Kojirō stated that he could not use it in its current state, he offered to teach Sōma how he would make it. After a full night of instruction, Sōma gained more respect for Kojirō and eventually began calling him "master", much to Kojirō's annoyance. Before Sōma departed back to the Academy, Kojirō encouraged him to take the 1st Seat of the Elite Ten and become the best, to which Sōma, with great confidence, says he would.

Kojirō seems to have hidden respect for Sōma as he knows that he is the one who is willing to make attempts many chefs would not, ultimately deciding to train Sōma in the style of French cuisine. Azami notes Shinomiya's influence on Sōma's cooking style.

Taki TsunozakiEdit

Taki Tsunozaki is a member of the 88th generation of Tōtsuki. She served as one of the judges for Sōma's cook Shokugeki with Subaru Mimasaka, she initially looked down on him and believed his humble beginnings would not help him win. Taki even ignored the opposing words of Hinako Inui who had seen the boy's talents and remain steadfast in her view. Eventually, Sōma personally called out to her and told her to save all her complaints after she had tasted some of his cooking as it send her on a trip of amazement. She was annoyed by his audacity to speak casually to her, but intrigued with his promise.

When Sōma gave her and the judges his cooking, Taki was amazed by the taste as it resulted in the trip Sōma promised. After regaining her wits, Taki begrudgingly gave Sōma the victory of the round, which showed she took back her previous views of him.

Shino's TokyoEdit

Abel BlondinEdit

As Head Chef of Shino's Tokyo, he is envious of Sōma's relationship to Kojirō. During the Stagiaire, Abel would be the one who answered Sōma's questions about French cuisine. However, after Sōma left, he was shown recommending the dish that the student had made, showcasing an acknowledgement of Sōma's skills.

Lucie HugoEdit

As the provisional Chief Boucher of Shino's Tokyo, she supervised Sōma during the early stages of the pre-opening as she taught him many of the French cutting techniques.

Gao WeiEdit

The provisional Service Manager of Shino's Tokyo, she shows her concern about Sōma when Kojirō did not give him any pointers and when Abel confessed that he still does not accept Sōma as a team member.


Mayumi KuraseEdit

A childhood friend of Sōma, Mayumi was Soma's classmate from elementary school to middle school. Mayumi watched from a far and developed a crush on him due to his coolness and impressive skill in cooking. After the Yukihira Family departure that caused the Restaurant Yukihira to close down temporarily, Mayumi was depressed to know that Sōma would not go on to the same high school as her, which filled her with regret for not confessing her feelings sooner, believing and concluding that even if she tried to call him, someone as amazing as Sōma would never notice a plain girl like herself. As luck would have it, Sōma returned to Restaurant Yukihira during his Summer Break, giving her the opportunity to spend time with him. Unfortunately, Mayumi sensed Sōma's progression and maturity and felt that she was left behind. After the Karaage Wars, Sōma personally talked to Mayumi, asking her to help continue to serve the Karaage rolls since he cannot stay in the neighborhood for much longer. Sōma felt that she was a hardworking and trustworthy individual since he noticed her diligence while in school together. Mayumi was touched to know that Sōma was noticing her too and happily agreed to help out in his stead. Sōma promised that he would return from time to time and promised to make something for her whenever he returned to the neighborhood.

During the Autumn Election Main Tournament, as Sōma began to craft his Bento for his Quarterfinal match, Sōma wondered how Mayumi was doing back in Sumiredōri.


Kiyo was a regular patron at Restaurant Yukihira. Whenever she entered the shop, Sōma would greet her with a smile and personally serve her no matter how busy the shop was. According to Jōichirō, Kiyo was the closest thing Sōma had to a grandmother as he never got the chance to know his real grandmother. In fact, Sōma called her "Grandma" (お祖母ちゃん oba-chan) and loved her as if she was his grandmother. Unfortunately, due to her age, Kiyo eventually was unable to walk to Restaurant Yukihira. Nevertheless, Sōma went out of his way to make a bento for her and delivered it to her house, much to Kiyo's joy. Sōma would later use the feelings he put into that bento dish to help create his 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election Quarterfinal dish against Alice Nakiri.

Mamoru MitamuraEdit

The 3rd Generation owner of Western Cuisine Mitamura and also Sōma's supervisor during Stagiaire event's first stage.

Sōe Nakiri Edit

Known as the son of the former headmaster of Tōtsuki, Senzaemon Nakiri, as well as the husband of Leonora and father of Alice. Sōma noticed how strict and stiff he was, but then saw how happy he became when viewing photos of his wife and daughter, realizing that he is also doting father and husband. Sōe acted as one of the three judges during the Shokugeki between Sōma and Akira and gave them the ingredient of bear meat to use for the contest. After tasting Sōma's dish, Sōe seems to have recognized his dish as he "laid it bare" in reaction to the Mincemeat Katsu. In the end it was Sōe who chose Sōma's dish which helped him win and pass his examination because Akira's dish only reflected emptiness, whereas Sōma's dish reflected his identity as a tenacious chef with fiery passion in his spirit.

Berta and Cilla Edit

Known as Leonora Nakiri's underlings, the pair act as judges alongside Sōe Nakiri during Sōma's Shokugeki against Akira. At first, the two seem to root more for Akira mostly due to first impressions as the girls believed Sōma was a bit frumpy, but began to change their minds after they realized that Sōma was the one who defeated Alice during the Autumn Elections and soon claimed that a daring guy like him who risks it all is very attractive. They soon referred to Sōma with great respect and admiration and used the honorific "-san" when speaking to him, which is apparently the highest point of respect Berta and Cilla can give. For the final results, Berta chose Akira's dish while Cilla chose Sōma's dish, leaving Sōe to choose Sōma as the winner. The two were still very amazed by Sōma's level of tenacity and passion to find the solution for victory.


Sōma first met Anne as one of the three judges for the Rebels Vs. Central Régiment de Cuisine. During their first meeting, Anne, as a bookmen for the WGO (World Gourmet Organization), teased Sōma's family restaurant for not being in their book. This caused Sōma to question if they were qualified to be judges. However, after Anne silenced the audience that mocked him, he acknowledged her presence as one of the honorable judges and promised to bring his best cooking forward.

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