Sōe Nakiri

Sōe Nakiri (薙切 宗衛(なきり そうえ), Nakiri Sōe?) is the founder of Nakiri International, the husband of Leonora Nakiri and the father of Alice Nakiri.


Sōe has slick dark hair with a notable crest that sweeps upwards, dark eyes and defined eyebrows that he has inherited from his father, Senzaemon Nakiri. He wears glasses and wore a closed suit with a tie upon his introduction. Like his father, Sōe possess a muscular and fit figure.


Stoic, serious and professional, Sōe embodies the typical Nakiri family demeanor in regards to the culinary industry. Even as a Judge, he clearly has stated that he would remain completely neutral. Even if the person in competition was his own daughter, he would show no bias. Like his father, he also disrobes whenever he is impressed with a dish. Unlike Senzaemon Nakiri however, Sōe's aura is so immense he can cause the other judges to involuntarily do the same.

However, professionalism aside, Sōe is extremely devoted and loving to his wife and daughter, carrying pictures of the two in his pocket and constantly fawning over their loveliness.

Later, it was also revealed that he also deeply cares for his younger sister, Mana Nakiri and his niece, Erina Nakiri.  And like his father, Soe tried to actively save them both from the negative side effects of possessing the God's Tongue.


Sōe and Leonora's romance

Born to Senzaemon Nakiri, Sōe grew up as one of the heads of the Nakiri family. Most of his early life is unknown, but in his young adult life, he met Leonora Nakiri whom he eventually wed.[1] The two eventually sired a daughter, Alice. During the early years of Alice's life, Sōe lived in the Nakiri Mansion, but he soon founded the Nakiri International organization to hone in on researching the culinary arts. With the Facility in Denmark, Sōe wanted Alice to stay at the Nakiri Mansion, but she insisted on moving with her parents to Denmark in order to gain more skills and Sōe obliged.


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  • The name Sōe means "religion, sect, denomination, main point, origin, essence" (宗) () and "defense, protection" (衛) (e).
  • Sōe's surname Nakiri means "mow" (薙) (na) and "off" (切) (kiri).


Shokugeki no Soma & Massan

  • Sōe's nickname, Nassan, is a cultural reference to Japanese television drama series Massan, which is based on the life of Masataka "Massan" Taketsuru, the first person to make whisky in Japan, and his Scottish wife.


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