Subaru & Takumi Semifreddo

Original dish (top right) & imitation dish (bottom left).

Perfect Trace (周到なる追跡 Pāfekuto Torēsu) is an original cooking style that involves imitating another chef and improving upon their recipe.

It was developed and utilized by Subaru Mimasaka.


The Perfect Trace is a cooking style in which the user imitates another chef, duplicates their dish, and improves upon the recipe they're duplicating by adding small modifications, making the copied dish even more delicious than the original.

Subaru at Restaurant Yukihira

Visualization training to aid the imitation process.

In order to use the Perfect Trace style, the user must have great knowledge of the chef they are trying to imitate, fully understanding them down to their physical well-being and psychology; the more data they have, the better. This can be achieved by researching and stalking the chef in question. The process also includes role-playing as the chef so as to get a better understanding. If necessary, the user can break in to their targets bedroom, root through their trash, or hack their computers.

From this time watching and learning about them, the user grasps their cooking styles as well as their habits when cooking. The user can even predict on-the-spot improvisations and sudden improvements to the dish.

The flaw of this style is that it assumes that an opponent in a cooking duel will follow the users predictions, which are made under the assumption that the data the user has collected is accurate.

Another downside is that performing multiple traces in a short time period, such as in the event of preparing for a Régiment de Cuisine, can be extremely exhausting. Furthermore, the Perfect Trace might be unable to perfectly imitate the procedure required for more delicate ingredients, which require a great deal of work and experience to master.

The Perfect Trace is not an unbeatable cooking style; when a cooking duel opponent is aware of this trick, they can take preemptive measures to protect against it. This circumstance can be countered by the user, however, as most opponents who try to overcome the Perfect Trace fall under two categories.

  • Bluffing - A chef claims to the Perfect Trace user that they will cook a specific dish, then later change it to a completely different dish. The intention is to completely throw off the user in hopes that he takes the bait.
  • Ad Libbing - A chef enters the battle without planning ahead, instead deciding on their dish on the spot during the match.

In the former case, the user can simply use the Perfect Trace's stalking and prediction method to see past the bluff. In the latter case, the user gains a different kind of advantage where they have the leeway of having time to thoroughly prepare their version of the opponent's dish, while said opponent is pressed for time and must solely rely on their abilities.

Perfect Trace FlashEdit

Perfect Trace Flash

Perfect Trace Flash.

The Perfect Trace can be honed to a higher level, known as Perfect Trace Flash. With Perfect Trace Flash, the user can instantly perceive, analyze, and copy an opponents moves at near mirroring speeds.


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