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Nene Kinokuni
Only time and experience can bring out the true deliciousness of soba noodles and make them shine. You have neither. Do not think you can best me when it comes to soba.[1]

— Kinokuni Nene, proudly expressing her soba skills.

Nene Kinokuni ( () () (くに) () () , Kinokuni Nene?) is a 91st Generation alumna of Tōtsuki Academy, the previous Ninth Seat of the Elite Ten Council, and formerly one of the Senior Officers of Central.

Originally introduced as the Sixth Seat, she helped in ousting Senzaemon Nakiri in favor of Azami Nakiri for the position of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy Director, thus retaining her rank. She then serves as one of the major antagonists of the series for the Central storyline.

At the end of Regimental Shokugeki, Nene lost her seat. In her third year however, she managed to re-enter the Elite Ten Council in which she received her current rank.


Nene is a girl with pink eyes and large, circular glasses. She has shoulder-length green hair that is held behind her ears and her bangs slightly frames her face. She also has two short and thin braids, the both side ending just on her shoulders.

She wears a standard Tōtsuki uniform during school.

Young Nene 1
Young Nene
Nene as a third-year
Nene as a Third-Year High School Student
Nene at age 19
Nene at age 19
Nene at age 26
Nene at age 26
Nene school uniform
Nene's school uniform
Nene in casual
Nene's casual attire
Nene winter jacket
Nene's outfit in Hokkaido during Promotion Exam
Nene undergarments
Nene's undergarments
Nene's chef uniform 1
Nene's Chef Uniform (Survivor's Purge)
Nene's chef uniform 2
Nene's Chef Uniform (Regimental Shokugeki)


Nene's cold persobality

Nene's cold personality

Nene is extremely taciturn, speaking very bluntly if she even speaks at all. Her personality directly conflicts with Terunori Kuga, who is much more loud and brash, often leading to her to vocally tell him to die or ridiculing his height.[4][5] Like most of the other Elite Ten members, Nene does not see any of the first year students as a threat due to the confidence her superior abilities that got her the seat. Hence, she does not accept challenges from non-seated Elite Ten members.[6]

She is a stickler for protocol and managed to scold Rindō Kobayashi into wearing her Central badge despite the latter's initial defiant attitude about it.[7] However, this adherence to protocol has led to her own downfall as her own self-belief that the Kinokuni style of making soba has no flaws, causing her to disregard any sort of possible environment conditions that may cause her dishes to lose potency.[8]

Nene being awkward

Nene being awkward

Despite having a very serious appearance for most of the time, Nene herself can lose her composure at some situation, like her laughing at Eizan being unconsciously mocked by Eishi[9], or her threats against Sōma Yukihira in Regimental Shokugeki completely backfiring, making things awkward for herself.[10]

Nene is a very competitive chef with a goal to prove that she is the best chef of her generation, and despite being highest seated in the Elite Ten amongst second-years, she does not recognize it as she knows that her rival, Isshiki Satoshi, is holding back.[11]

Nene teared up

Nene tearing up as she felt that all her work is meaningless

After her defeat to Sōma Yukihira in the First Round of Regimental Shokugeki, Nene's hidden insecurities have surfaced, most of which targeted her childhood friend, Satoshi Isshiki. Nene has a negative on herself, being just an average girl, not comparable to the genius that is Satoshi. She felt that all her hard work is meaningless and she herself is very incompetent because Satoshi can do everything she can do seamlessly.[12]

However, before she could truly fall into depression, Satoshi managed to talk to her and told her that she should take pride in her devotion to her craft. Her diligence in continuous practice to further evolve her cooking is something that is beautiful and deserved respect.[13]

Despite this, Nene honestly enjoyed cooking and the laborious task involved, which caused Satoshi to hope that Nene would find fun once again in cooking.[14]


Young Nene

Young Nene practicing her craft

Nene is the daughter of the prestigious Kinokuni family and was trained from an early age in various Japanese customs from dance, calligraphy, judo, and even using a naginata. Her early childhood saw very little free time outside of school. Yet, she did not mind this as she was fully engrossed on perfecting her skills in Japanese traditions. Overtime, Nene developed a particular passion in creating Soba noodles, which were a Kinokuni family specialty, eventually becoming her forte.[15]

Nene and Satoshi's first meeting

Nene and Satoshi's first meeting

The Kinokuni family has had a strong bond with the Isshiki family, another prestigious family in Japan. As per the tradition of the Isshiki family, their heir is sent to another family to hone their skills. The current heir, Satoshi Isshiki, was sent to the Kinokuni family where he lived with Nene and her family. Though she was happy to interact with someone her age at the suggestion of her father, she quickly became frustrated when she saw Satoshi effortlessly learn nearly all skills taught to her in a short period of time. Due to this, Nene developed a resentment towards Satoshi that persists into the present.[16]

Satoshi and Nene at an old Autumn Leaf Viewing

Nene at the Autumn Leaf Viewing

Nene enrolled into Tōtsuki Culinary Academy as part of the 91st Generation and would later attain the Sixth Seat of the Elite Ten Council by her second year. As a second year student, Nene completed the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp and Stagiaire events in her first year. She expressed surprise at Terunori requesting a Shokugeki with the Elite Ten members at the Autumn Leaf Viewing, signifying that she was a participant in the Main Tournament in the Tōtsuki Autumn Election the previous year.[17]

Before her debut, she, alongside other members of the Elite Ten, gathered and selected the participants of the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election.[18][19]


Central Storyline[]

Moon Banquet Festival Arc[]

Elite Ten Council members

Nene and the others arrive to meet the students participating in the Autumn Leaf Viewing

Shortly after the conclusion of the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation's Stagiaire event, Nene, along with several members of the Elite Ten was in the stands, watching over Sōma Yukihira after he provoked everyone in the audience.[20] She and the other Elite Ten members attended the Autumn Leaf Viewing so the first year students who participated in the 43rd Annual Autumn Election Main Tournament could formally meet them. When Terunori Kuga suggested abolishing this event, Nene refuted the idea, as the director had asked them to participate.

Second Year Elite Ten

Nene and other second-years members of the Elite Ten not going along with each other

This caused some commotion, but they were eventually interrupted by Sōma, who wanted to have a Shokugeki against them for their seat. Nene immediately refused, as Terunori mentioned that the second years are too busy trying to defeat the people above them.[21] When Eishi Tsukasa began to panic, Nene urged him to calm down.[22] Nene eventually left along with the rest of the Elite Ten, after Terunori explained the true power of an Elite Ten's seat.[23] This meeting only caused the first years' fighting spirits to be kindled.[24]

Elite Ten that voted for Azami

Nene revealed to be one of the Elite Ten members that voted for Azami's appointment as the new Dean of Totsuki

Nene then participated in the Moon Banquet Festival, setting up a stand in the Uptown Area. She ranked fourth on the first day of the festival, behind several other Elite Ten members.[25]

On the last day of the festival, her final position in the rankings is in fifth place. On the same day as well, Azami Nakiri, Erina Nakiri's father has returned to Totsuki and revealed the new changes he has brought, one that him being the new Dean, signed by six members of the Elite Ten, with Nene Kinokuni being one of them.[26]

Central Arc[]

Central forces against the Resistance

Nene, alongside other members of Central, readies to fight the resisting Research Societies

After the conclusion of the Festival, Totsuki received a shift in leadership as Senzaemon Nakiri was replaced by Azami Nakiri as the new headmaster of the academy. Nene and five of the other Elite Ten Council members voted in favor for the move.[27] For voting in his favor, Nene joined Central as one of its commanding officers.[28]

When Sōma Yukihira defeated Etsuya Eizan in their Shokugeki and made a warning against anyone that will try to fight them, that includes the Elite Ten, Nene appears to be watching that on her TV while doing paperwork.[29]

Nene dominated the Hall C

Nene dominated the Hall C venue

Nene later participated in the Survivor's Purge, alongside other members of the Elite Ten and others select students, with the goal of removing the resisting Research Societies through Shokugeki.[30]

Nene's battles took place in the Hall C, one of the four locations for Survivor's Purge challenges. She and other Central-affiliated members easily won her matches giving Central s full victory for the first day. She then received a call from Mea Yanai from Hall D, Nene stated that she's finished on her task. Nene received a praise from Mea and reply that their hall is doing well as well.[31]

At some point before the Promotion Exams, Central held an Elite Ten Battle Royal to fill in the three empty seats in the council. While the Elite Ten members are rambling with each other, Nene decided to asked Azami if they can start the tests. Afterwards, she join her fellow Central members in berating Etsuya.[32]

During Eishi's broadcast for the upcoming Promotion Exam, Nene have an appearance behind the camera, telling the nervous Eishi that they're live. When the First Seat recommended Nene to do the next broadcasting, Nene adamantly refused.[33]

A few days later, Nene and the rest of the Elite Ten boarded the train to Hokkaido, the location of the upcoming Promotion Exam.[34]

Promotion Exams Arc[]

For the Stage Three of Promotion Exam, Elite Ten are to fight the rebelling students and if they win, they go to the next stage, or get expelled otherwise.[35] As the Sixth Seat, Nene presumably fought one of the resisters, and subsequently won.

Central meets the Resistance

Nene and other members of Central meets the Resistance for negotiation

Nene would later make an announcement that the following students, Ikumi Mito, Hisako Arato, and Isami Aldini are hereby expelled for failing to win their tests.[36]

Due to the return of Joichrio Saiba who directly confronted Azami to reinstate Senzaemon as headmaster of Tōtsuki, a Régiment de Cuisine battle was established. The battle consisted of the rebel 92nd Generation students and the removed Elite Ten Council members who opposed Azami against the current Elite Ten Council members.

After finishing the test, Nene and other members of the Elite Ten is on the train onwards to the next destination of the promotion exam. They then received a call from Eishi, revealing that Regimental Shokugeki is occuring. Etsuya trying to join the fight have him unconsciously being mocked by both Eishi and Rindo, which made Nene laughed hard. Nene later took the phone and had conversation with Azami where the Sixth Seat asked if it's necessary for all the Elite Ten members to face only four chefs in the team Shokugeki, which Azami replied that it's more flashy that way.[37]

Nene reviewed the rules

Nene reviewed the schedule of the upcoming Regimental Shokugeki

The following day, Nene, alongside the rest of the Elite Ten and Azami Nakiri [and his aide], arrived at a certain abandoned area in Hokkaido to meet up with the Resistance group; with the aim to finalize the rules of Regimental Shokugeki. Nene was tasked in reviewing the current schedule for the bout, in which both sides accepted. Following after Azami that revealed the rebel students booklet, Nene also took out some of expelled students similar item. In the essence, those symbolizes the rebel's status as a student in Totsuki, and their careers are currently on Central's hands. The following moment, when Erina relinquished her seat in the Elite Ten, Nene was left dumbfounded.[38]

After the negotiations, Nene and the other members of Central bids farewell.[39]

And then, one month later, the Regimental Shokugeki has begun.

Nene faces Soma for the First Round

Nene faces Sōma Yukihira at the First Round

At the day of the Regimental Shokugeki, all the members of Elite Ten has officially arrived at the special venue in Hokkaido. Nene is one of the three chefs representing Central for the First Bout and her opponent is Sōma Yukihira.[40]

For the theme of their battle that should be picked through lottery, Nene said that Sōma should do it himself to make it fair for the first-year. Nene claimed that while she specializes in Japanese cuisine, she'll crushed him regardless of what cooking genre he picked. Much to her luck, the theme of their battle, drawn at random by Sōma, turned out to be soba, her forte. Nene displayed her soba making prowess, stunning the crowd, and while doing so, she gazed at Isshiki who's looking at Sōma proudly.[41]

Nene's cooking captivates the audience

Nene's cooking captivates the audience

The Sixth Seat then took another look to Sōma and wondered what can he possibly do against her. She then continued her cooking, creating the dough for her soba, which Azami explained to audience, and thus, Nene gaining an applause. Nene then stopped for a while and express that Sōma doesn't have the necessary abilities to create a truly delicious soba, especially compared to her. Much to her shock, Sōma was making an honest effort to oppose her, even complimenting his decision to face her using a different method than the one she was using. That said, Nene still see a gap between their skills, but if Sōma somehow have a hidden ace in his sleeves, then Nene commend that he should bring out.[42]

Satoshi told Nene that she will lose to Soma

Satoshi told Nene that she will lose to Sōma

As her battle against Sōma progressed, Satoshi was similarly facing off at the same time against Julio Shiratsu. When the new Elite Ten member decided to reveal all of Satoshi's flaws, Nene was asked by him to agree with him, but the Sixth Seat remained silent.[43]

With the history revealed between Nene and Satoshi revealed, the former adamantly denied that they're not childhood friends. Nene then confronted Satoshi, stating that she expected him to win his duel so they could have a proper duel for the best 91st Generation student. Satoshi responded that she would not have her chance yet as he believed that Sōma would win the battle, stunning her greatly. Subsequently, his opponent decided to fry the soba noodles which confused Nene.[44]

Nene's skills were praised

Nene's skills were praised

The judges from WGO then arrived at the venue of Regimental Shokugeki, and few minutes after their arrival, both Nene and Sōma finished their dishes featuring soba. Nene presented her dish first, a 90% Buckwheat Soba Garnished with Sakura Shrimp Kakiage.[45]

The judges were easily engrossed by the dish, so much so that its contents were emptied before they could notice. Nene was prepared and gave them a second serving, only for the judges to be stunned once more for the seemingly vanishing soba. Nene's time invested in learning the Kinokuni traditions produced a soba unlike any that had been tasted by the judges. With the theme in her favor and the overwhelming amount of praise from the judges, Nene was confident that she would claim victory and make Satoshi take back his words.[46]

Nene learns the flaws of her dish

Nene learns the flaws of her dish

However, much to her utter disbelief, Sōma's dish managed to leave a great impression on the judges. Upon analyzing Sōma's soba, he used third flour, which utilizes the entire soba seed rather than just the endosperm like in her first flour soba base. Despite the seemingly common construction, Sōma's dish managed to impress the judges, but Nene was still confident in her win.[47]

Nene was defeated

Nene was defeated

One of the judges, Anne, told Nene to sample her soba noodles. Confused, Nene ate some of her noodles and found that it was not nearly as potent as usual. Upon tasting Sōma's soba, his was clearly more potent. Despite adhering to her family's traditions, Nene failed to consider her environment. According to Alice Nakiri, the ambient temperature of the arena, which was cold and humid, proved to be a very cruel environment for Soba which relies on aroma. Nene could not accept that Sōma had predicted it and merely was able to create it out of sheer luck. The Sixth Seat got admonished by Satoshi and was told that it was planned from the start, and that her confidence in the Kinokuni tradition led to her downfall, merely presenting her dish without deeper thinking. Nene asked how Sōma achieved what she failed to attain and received an answer that it is because he's a diner chef, so further thinking is necessary. Nene then tasted Sōma's soba dish and then accepted her defeat. With Sōma's victory, Nene was thus eliminated from the competition.[48]

Nene after her defeat

Nene after her defeat

After her defeat, Nene was immediately approached by Rindo and a towel was placed on her head, and she was told to not say anything negative herself because of her loss. Nene replied that she isn't gonna do that. During Satoshi's bout against Julio, Nene was told by Rindo that the former Elite Ten member has something to show to her, and everyone else in the council.[49]

Satoshi's overwhelming victory do indeed leave an impression to her and to other Elite Ten members. The first round ended with a total defeat to Central, Nene received a pat from Rindo and told her to not feel guilty about it.[50]

For the next two rounds, Nene decided to stay on the hotel rather than return to the Shokugeki arena. She meet Terunori, who's already staying there, by accident. Both of them make fun of each other's defeat but immediately stopped bantering. Nene then received a remark that going against Sōma is regretful, as his skill surpasses his year level which leads to Nene asking if Sōma is indeed just a regular first-year student.[51]

Nene asks Terunori about Soma

Nene asks Terunori about Sōma

Because of her curiosity, Nene was invited by Terunori to the venue and see the first-year herself, but then they got interrupted by a certain someone.[52] That person is revealed to be Subaru Mimasaka, and extremely exhausted, Nene learned that it is because of a brutal training he provided to his teammate.[53]

When the Third Bout ended, Nene is providing help to her upperclassmen in Central's waiting room, and whilst doing so, she expressed her surprise that Sōma has defeated a third-year Elite Ten member.[54]

At the Fourth Bout, Nene is on the sideline, alongside Eizan and Somei, watching the next battles.[55]

Nene hears Satoshi's revelation

Nene hears Satoshi's revelation

During Satoshi's match against Eishi, Nene recalled her insecurities, stating it's not fair that he gets to be good at everything, while she's not. When Satoshi walked pass by her, Nene dropped a question regarding his cheerful mood when he's fighting an opponent he cannot beat. Satoshi's reply that he won't know if he don't try leaves Nene into woe. When Satoshi revealed his cooking method, using a traditional Japanese soup when his ingredient is very gamey also shocked Nene. And during the former Seventh Seat's cooking, Nene is intensely staring at him which didn't go unnoticed. Nene's childhood was brought up by Satoshi, especially her competitiveness against him which Nene didn't take well as she believes that he's making fun of her as she lacks talent compared to him, making her teared up. Nene then received a word of encouragement from Satoshi, and he revealed to her that she's the reason why he is still cooking.[56]

Satoshi asks Nene to trust his teammates

Nene was shocked when Satoshi disagrees with her that Eishi is completely invincible

Hearing Satoshi's revelation, Nene is appropriately shocked and asked Satoshi what he meant. The former Seventh Seat revealed that his household is extremely strict so seeing Nene that is focused on honing her skills freely is something beautiful. As Nene hear that his rival respect her greatly, Nene flushed.[57]

Nene and Satoshi's conversation was then interrupted by Eishi. After a while, the match between Satoshi and Eishi ended, with the victor being the latter. Nene approached Satoshi and said that it was to be expected, as he is the First Seat. For her notion, she received a disagreement from Satoshi and said that they should just watch his teammates battle.[58]

When a change of judges occured during Rindo and Takumi's match, the newly arrived commented on her appearance, stating that she's dull looking. Nene did not appreciate their remarks.[59]

The Central watches the Resistance's victory

Nene and other member of Central watches the Resistance's victory

The next day, the final match of Regimental Shokugeki has started, and like before, Nene is watching on the sideline alongside the defeated members of Elite Ten.[60]

When Azami Nakiri's Blessing goes out of control, Nene is one of those that got affected.[61]

The Regimental Shokugeki has come to an end, with the victory for the Resistance, Nene and other members of Central are silent at the conclusion.[62]

Les Cuisinier Noirs Storyline[]

Hot Spring Investigation Arc[]

Nene catches a Noir

Nene catches a Noir

Four months later after the events Regimental Shokugeki, Nene became a third-year student and after losing her seat temporarily, she eventually return to the Elite Ten Council as the Ninth Seat.

Nene learned of Joichiro's story

Nene learned of Joichiro's story

With the recent increase of activities from Les Cuisinier Noir, an illegal group of chefs, Elite Ten members have been dispatched to various locations to find them, capture them, and squeeze out information. Nene is sent to Osaka, Dotonbori, where she successfully carried out her mission.[63]

The next day, a meeting with the Headmaster is conducted, and Nene participated to discuss the affiliation of Jōichirō Yukihira with the Noirs. Nene then learned who he is, his status, and that he's the father of Sōma Yukihira. Nene concluded that he must be the reason on why Sōma is such a skilled chef.[64]


The following year, Nene graduated from Totsuki Culinary Academy. She then visited during 94th Generation's 45th Annual Totsuki Autumn Election Fall Classic[65] to watch.[66]

Nene decided to study Japanese cooking traditions outside of the Kinokuni family's wheelhouse, and she's currently traveling the country training at various restaurants.[67]

Cooking Style[]

The Soba Artisan

The Soba Artisan

Soba - Nene is well-versed in the art of making soba, having adopted the Kinokuni tradition of making their own legendary soba recipe that has been passed down many generations. Her skill in this alone helped her acquire the Sixth Seat of the Elite Ten Council, placing her previously as the highest seated 2nd year in the Elite Ten Council before the Azami administration took over.

  • Hand-Made Soba - The skill of creating Soba takes a wide range of skill, especially by hand. If done improperly, the results can be disastrous to the noodles' texture and taste. Yet, Nene has mastered the art of hand-made Soba to the point that she makes no excessive movements when creating it.

Miscellaneous Skills[]

  • Lower Body Strength - Despite her small frame, Nene is able to handle a heavy and stick noodle dough with ease. It's noted by Erina that it's due to her let's strength and unique stance.
  • Mastery of Traditional Japanese Arts - Nene is trained with various traditional Japanese arts from a young age, and reached perfection with those crafts. Said crafts include traditional dance, writing calligraphy, judo martial arts, wielding naginata, performing taishōgoto and other various arts.


Original Dishes[]

Soba Garnished with Shrimp Stir-Fry in Sakura Style

90% Buckwheat Soba Garnished with Sakura Shrimp Kakiage

  • 90% Buckwheat Soba Garnished with Sakura Shrimp Kakiage - An magnificent dish that utilizes Nene's excellent experience in hand-making Edo-style soba noodles. The flavor of the noodles themselves like the world's most delicate blossoming. But, by eating the noodles in conjunction with the sakura shrimp kakiage that was fried in white sesame oil would make one feel being immediately transported into a future where the noodles were already finished.

Anime-Exclusive Dishes[]

Official Shokugeki[]

Rivals Culinary
Dish Stipulations Results Record

Cooking Duel Records[]

Rebels Vs Central Régiment de Cuisine[]

Round Rival Culinary
Dish Results


  • Elite Ten Council - Nene is the current Ninth Seat of the Elite Ten Council.
  • Central (former) - Central has been disbanded.


  • Nene (寧々) is written as a repetition of the kanji for "tranquility" (寧 Ne), as indicated by the iteration mark (々). Kinokuni (紀ノ国) contains the kanji for "chronicle" (紀 Ki) and "country" (国 Kuni).


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