Karaage Specialty Shop Mozuya (唐揚げ専門店「もず屋」Karaage senmonten Mozuya) or simply Mozuya is a shop which specializes on selling Karaage.


The Mozuya is a franchise which specializes in selling only Karaage. The headquarters are located in Kyoto. But due to a great increase of popularity in recent times, branches of Mozuya have expanded to the whole Kansai region in Japan. The Mozuya were also the first franchise in history to win the All-Japan Karaage Convention for three consecutive years.[1]

It is also noted that the packaging of their products are exceptionally fashionable and is especially popular among women. It is also said that a lot of people will take trains just to buy it as the dish is equally delicious as well.[2]

The Tokyo branch, the only seen branch in the Shokugeki no Soma series, is an in-station store located near Sumiredōri Shopping District. It is also located in one of the in-store outlets at a train station, where a huge number of people that get off or board the train will pass by, making it strategically advantageous for holding capital.[3]

However, the arrival of this outlet disrupted the business of surrounding stores, including the business of the Sumiredōri Shopping District, Sōma Yukihira's hometown and its respective outlets in the area. Within a month, the Shopping District was reduced to being like a ghost town with many of the small-time businesses on the verge of closing down.

To combat Mozuya's dominance and revitalize the Shopping District, Sōma and his friends created the Sumire Karaage Roll, based on the fact that Mozuya's karaage cannot be enjoyed fresh out of the fryer and must be re-heated at home. As a result of this new product, Mozuya suffered a 20% loss in sales in 3 days and the Shopping District became busy again.


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  • Mozuya is most probably named after the owner of the shop, Kinu Nakamozu. It is named after the kanji of her name, with the addition of the kanji 屋 (ya), meaning house.


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