Mitamura Special Napolitan is a dish made in Western Cuisine Mitamura. The dish was first seen served by Sōma Yukihira to Shimizu.

Description Edit


Recipe Edit

  • Noodles
    • Dough
  • Cheese
  • Tomato ketchup/Tomato-based sauce
  • Meat
  • Vegetables

Note: Edit

These are general ingredients that are commonly found among Napolitan recipes. In the manga, there are no description or ingredients of the dish, "Mitamura Special Napolitan".


Real Facts Edit

Generally, Napolitan is a pasta dish which consists of spaghetti mixed with tomato ketchup or a tomato-based sauce. The dish can be added with onion, button mushrooms, green peppers, sausage, bacon and Tabasco sauce.

Trivia Edit

  • Naporitan or Napolitan (ナポリタン) is the name of a pasta dish, which is popular in Japan. It is named after Naples, Italy (hence "Napoli").
  • Napolitan was created by Shigetada Irie, the general chef of the Hotel New Grand in Yokohama. His idea came to fruition during World War II, when General Douglas MacArthur used the hotel as his headquarters for three days, before turning into a residence for U.S. officers. He was inspired by their military rations which was spaghetti mixed with tomato ketchup.
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