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Megumi Tadokoro
Just make it while thinking of a person important to you, if you do that, your dishes will become a lot tastier.

—Megumi Tadokoro, explaining her cooking methods.

Megumi Tadokoro ( () (どころ)   (めぐみ) , Tadokoro Megumi?) is a 92nd Tōtsuki Generation alumna, a Polar Star Dormitory resident, and one of the heroines in Shokugeki no Soma. She is also the 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council.


Megumi Tadokoro First Year appearance

First Year Appearance

Megumi has long, dark blue hair with two braided pigtails and wears a flower hairpin on the right side of her hair. She has yellow-colored eyes and a petite body figure, possessing a tight, plump rear.

She wears a standard Tōtsuki uniform depending on the season. Her chef's uniform is a plain white chef's uniform, though she has also worn a long-sleeved version from her first assignment until the end of the Friendship and Rapport Training Camp. During the Autumn Election, Megumi wore a short-sleeved version. Most of her casual wear are simple blouses.

Four months after the Régiment de Cuisine, she has tied her hair into a single braided ponytail which she wears in front of her shoulder at chest level. Her measurements are bust: 79cm, waist 55cm, and hip 81cm (31-22-32).[6]


Megumi's nervous habit (anime)

Megumi's nervous habit

Megumi is a clumsy, timid, thoughtful, kind, and honest girl who always speaks in a polite tone. She is a nurturing sort of person, always looking out for others and willing to assist them in any way that she can. According to Gin Dōjima, Megumi's greatest gift is her warm hospitality as she cooks for the eaters to make them feel good. Her kindness, through her cooking, moved even the initially cold Kojirō Shinomiya into nostalgic childhood-fueled tears. Her main aspiration in life is to return to, and eventually run, her mother's ryokan. Because she highly idolized her mother and the work setting she was in, this eventually created her "hospitality" mentality. Megumi's mother taught her to think of someone special to her whenever she cooks and Megumi firmly believes that by doing so, she can create delicious dishes.

Although Megumi is a capable chef, she does not fare well under pressure because she has stage fright. Because she is intimidated very easily, she makes simple mistakes when she cooks, causing many of her classmates to see her as a weak student. She is quick to panic when something goes awry and tends to overthink situations when under pressure or stress, such as repeatedly packing and unpacking a suitcase to make sure she packed something, even though she did not need to pack a suitcase in the first place. She was also rather cautious, preferring to choose her words and actions carefully to avoid unwanted consequences and attention. She has a habit of tracing the kanji for "person" (人) on her hand and then motioning, as if to eat it, whenever she is stressed. When feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, she often reverts back to speaking in a Hokkaido accent.

Megumi serious in ping pong

The "Hopping Hare"

Initially, she heavily relied on Sōma's creativity to pull them through tough assignments both in the academy and at the Training Camp. After her first Shokugeki, Megumi's confidence grew tenfold. Although she still retains her tendencies to panic and overreact, she has more confidence and thus, her cooking skills have been put on full display in front of her previously skeptical classmates who were used to her failures. Unbeknownst to her, she managed to even impress Senzaemon Nakiri who was the only person to truly understand the true untapped potential that Megumi possesses after eating her ramen. Overall, Megumi still feels that she has more room to grow and finally knows what it's like to have fun while cooking, eager to face new challenges in the future.

Even before Sōma showed up, Megumi had a serious side, but this generally only appeared whenever she played ping pong. She displays an unusual level of seriousness and concentration whenever she is in her "Hopping Hare" mode, though any sort of surprising news can easily snap her out of this persona. Even when not playing ping pong, her "Hopping Hare" state has appeared on occasion, though usually for brief moments.

Sport Shoujo manga mode

After the training and encouragement from Kojirō, she got this new persona called "Sports Shōjo Manga Mode". After earning the 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council, Megumi's confidence has grown having used the power of her seat to travel across the world and hone her skills. With this confidence, Megumi now displays some of the same traits as Sōma. She now accepts the consequences of potentially losing a cooking challenge without missing a beat and nonchalantly goes about cooking her dishes with little thought of said consequences. She's also now more observant of the quirks of her eater, able to utilize subtle ticks in their appearance and accents to assist her in her hospitality cooking.



Young Megumi with her mother (anime)

Young Megumi with her mother

Megumi grew up in a small port town in the Tōhoku region. In her childhood, Megumi idolized her mother and worked in the kitchen with her, hoping to be as skilled as her. Her mother was the owner and head chef of the Shōkeien Ryokan. Unfortunately, many of the staff grew old and were unable to prepare the inn's signature goosefish dish. To save the inn from falling apart, Megumi took it upon herself to learn the skill of traditional suspended cutting from the local fishermen. Though she had a bit of difficulty in the beginning, Megumi eventually learned the skill, allowing the inn to cook their signature dish again and earning the friendship and respect of the fishermen. Her mother was impressed of her skill at her age and recommended her to attend Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. Though Megumi wanted to stay and continue to help the inn, her mother persuaded her to go and improve her skills even further.

Megumi saying goodbye to her hometown

Megumi bidding farewell to her family and friends before departing

As she prepared to depart from her hometown, Megumi was sent off from the train station by her mother, the ryokan staff, and the fishermen she worked with over the years. One of the people there gave Megumi an Omamori, a Japanese good luck charm, as a memento from her to take to Tōtsuki. Megumi held this charm whenever she is stressed or needs an extra boost of confidence. With her family and friends' high expectations and support, Megumi bid farewell to them as she departed to begin a new chapter of her life.

Life in the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy[]

Megumi gets criticism (anime)

Megumi being criticized thoroughly in middle school

Unfortunately, Megumi's life in the Tōtsuki Culinary Academy did not start off as she had hoped. It took three months for her to finally pass Fumio Daimidō's entrance exam into Polar Star Dormitory. While she tried to apply, Megumi temporarily lived in the dormitory's barn until she was granted a room. Her actual school performance was even worse, as she constantly failed most of her cooking assignments because her stage fright greatly hindered her true cooking skills. This eventually caused many of her lecturers and fellow classmates to label her an expendable failure and the class dunce. Though Megumi would often call her parents, she could not bring it upon herself to tell them of her failures. Whenever Ryōko Sakaki or Yūki Yoshino offered to practice cooking with her, she declined because she would cry as she did. Somehow, Megumi had performed well enough to scrape into the high school level of Tōtsuki at the bottom of her class. However, the school board sent her a letter, warning her that her next unsatisfactory grade would result in her immediate expulsion.


Meeting Sōma Yukihira[]

Main article: Introduction Arc

Megumi alone and scared

Megumi, alone and scared, after the Orientation Ceremony

At the Spring Orientation Ceremony, Megumi was among the students there who witnessed Sōma Yukihira declare that he would stand at the top of the class at the end of their high school years. Despite the hostile reception from her classmates as well as her own desire to avoid drawing attention to herself, she was partnered up with none other than Sōma in their first class assignment. To make matters worse, the lecturer was Roland Chapelle, a stern professor known as "The Chef that Doesn't Smile" due to his strict grading standards. Though Sōma had no clue about the dish they were assigned to cook, the two cooperated and nearly completed the dish, but Megumi left the pot unattended, allowing two students to sabotage and harden their beef by adding salt.

Soma and Megumi become friends

Megumi thanks Sōma for his help during their first class

Though Megumi panicked, Sōma quickly came up with a solution and their dish was saved. Thanks to some honey, their beef was soft and tender despite the lengthy time required to soften the beef normally. Their Boeuf Bourguignon caused Roland to smile for the first time on record and earned them an "A", though Roland regretted not being able to give them a higher grade. Megumi thanked Sōma for saving their dish and accepted his offer to try his newest test dish. However, she would later regret this, as his Grilled Squid Tentacles Dressed in Honey comically gave her deep emotional trauma from the experience.

Polar Star's Newest Resident[]

Sōma shakes hands with Satoshi

A confused Megumi sees Sōma and Satoshi shaking hands

Returning to the dormitory, Megumi took time to take a bath to recover from the trauma from Sōma's test dishes. Unfortunately, Sōma walked in on her naked as he prepared to take a bath himself. Later that night, Megumi came to Zenji Marui's room for Sōma's welcome party. Megumi became depressed when she learned that Sōma had passed on his first try and even more when she learned that he had passed using only leftover ingredients in the kitchen, remembering that she herself took three months. Megumi had fun at Sōma's party, but soon fell asleep in the room. While she slept, Sōma and Satoshi had a cooking duel, and she awoke only to see Sōma shaking hands with Satoshi who was only wearing an apron.

The next morning, Megumi and the other Polar Star residents were surprised to see that Sōma had been waiting for Satoshi to arrive into the dining hall to challenge him for his 7th seat. However, Satoshi explained that his challenge was not feasible as per rules of issuing the school's cooking duels called Shokugeki. Though Sōma was disappointed that he couldn't challenge Satoshi just yet, Megumi told him that he was a little too reckless.

Sōma's First Shokugeki[]

Main article: Mito Vs. Don RS Shokugeki

Shortly after Sōma's entry into Polar Star Dormitory, Megumi recommended Sōma to find and join a club. Sōma asked her to accompany him as he checked out the Don RS, which was in danger of being disbanded at the time because of Erina Nakiri's Kitchen Expansion project. As they heard of the club's plight from the club president, Kanichi Konishi, one of Erina's enforcers, Ikumi Mito arrived with a team of contractors to begin the demolition of the clubroom. Sōma saw this event unfold and volunteered to take the Shokugeki in the name of the Don RS, much to her shock.[9]

Sōma gets an idea

Megumi is suddenly grabbed by Sōma

As Sōma began to make donburi dishes for his Shokugeki, Megumi assisted him by researching Donburi books from the club's notebook library. Just as Sōma had exhausted all of his ideas and nearly all of his funds, Megumi gave him some encouragement to persevere. Sōma noticed that Megumi was holding a Steak Don book which allowed him to create a prototype of his dish for the Shokugeki. On the day of the Shokugeki, Megumi cheered Sōma on during the Shokugeki and he eventually emerged victorious. When Kanichi declared that Sōma would become the next president of the club, Megumi was left speechless when Sōma turned down his offer since he had only come to the club to develop a new don dish.

Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp[]

Main article: Training Camp Arc

Polar Star heading to camp (anime)

Megumi and Polar Star head towards the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp

A few days after Sōma's first Shokugeki, Megumi and the rest of the Polar Star residents worked in the dormitory garden. Megumi made lunch for them, Three Kinds of Onigiri. Her lunch was delicious and praised by the others, but Sōma asked why she could not cook a dish like this during class. Megumi revealed that she has stage fright, hindering her true skills. Soon after, Megumi and the rest of the Polar Star first years received news about their upcoming training camp, the Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp, a camp notorious for eliminating hundreds of students by the end of the week. Distraught by this first obstacle, Megumi collapsed, but Sōma encouraged everyone to be in the group that passes the camp.

Hinako mesmerized with Megumi

Megumi confused with Hinako's gesture

A few days later, the entire 92nd Tōtsuki Generation arrived at the Tōtsuki Resort where the camp was held. Inside the reception hall, Megumi stood by her fellow Polar Star friends as the camp officially started. As she stood in awe as the Tōtsuki Academy Alumni walked in, one of the Alumni, Donato Gotōda approached her and asked her if she would like the spend the night with him, until another Alumnus, Hinako Inui, told him to let go of Megumi's hand. Hinako apologized to Megumi, but then gave Megumi some overly affectionate words as she stroked her face, leaving Megumi visibly stunned. Gin Dōjima, walked onto the stage and announced the rules of the camp and officially started the camp.

The First Day[]

Megumi and Soma lakeside fishing (anime)

Megumi panicking about ingredients in the training camp

Megumi arrived at her first task, run by Hinako, who announced that they would work with their partners from Roland's class. Happy that she was partnered with Sōma, Megumi ran over to Sōma just as a mysterious boy stomped on Sōma's foot, declaring that he would defeat Sōma. Hinako explained to her class that they had two hours to cook a dish that could satisfy her using only ingredients that could be found in the area around the kitchen and officially started the class. Megumi and Sōma left the kitchen to gather their ingredients and soon returned after catching some char.

Hinako comments about Megumi's hand

Megumi hears Hinako saying that she is not required to beg

Back in the kitchen, the boy from earlier returned as well as he and his brother managed to secure an aigamo duck. Megumi watched as the brothers carefully prepare their dish. Megumi was amazed by their smooth movements during their cooking process, to which Sōma told her that the brothers have real kitchen experience. The boy introduced himself as Takumi Aldini and introduced his twin brother Isami Aldini. After the Aldini Twins' dish passed the assignment, Hinako added that the loser of their challenge would have to bow before the winner, but she also added that Megumi would be exempt.

Megumi and Sōma pass Hinako's test

Megumi passes the test with Sōma

Sōma fired himself up and sent Megumi to gather various spices and garnishes after he came up with an idea. Megumi quickly gathered all of the ingredients Sōma asked for and returned to the kitchen where the two set out to work. In a matter of fifteen minutes, Megumi and Sōma made a Char Okakiage. Hinako was impressed by the difference of texture compared to all of the fish dishes she had been eating the entire time and passed Megumi and Sōma. After the assignment ended, Hinako tried to decide on a winner between the two dishes, but was unable to declare a clear winner, so the result was a draw. Megumi and the rest of the students who passed Hinako's assignment returned to the hotel.

Megumi tired but relieved (anime)

Megumi's confidence surfaces

Back at the hotel, Megumi and the entire Polar Star gang, who had all passed their first day, were reunited. Thinking they had time to relax, Hitoshi Sekimori announced that they had one more task, cook 50 meals for the hotel guests in one hour. Megumi and the rest of the Polar Star residents completed their task and then gathered in Zenji's room afterwards. Though most of them fell asleep almost immediately from exhaustion, Megumi was among the few who was still conscious. Megumi reflected on her day, saying that thanks to Sōma, as usual, she made it through. Sōma told her that it was thanks to her assistance that he passed, and Ryōko told her to be confident. To make sure that she would make it to the end of the camp, Megumi promised to do her best on her own.

Second Day & Megumi's First Shokugeki[]

Main article: Yukihira-Tadokoro Vs. Shinomiya Shokugeki

Megumi struggles to get the ingredient

Megumi struggles to get the ingredient

On the second day, Megumi's next assignment was with Kojirō Shinomiya, whose assignment was to cook a nine vegetable terrine. However the students were to cook alone, meaning that Sōma could not help her on this assignment. He also cryptically told them to consider everyone an enemy. With only three hours to complete the assignment, the students quickly rushed towards the ingredients laid out to gather what they needed. Though Megumi managed to gather mostly what she needed, when she went to gather the cauliflower needed, the remaining ones were badly oxidized. Worried that she would fail if she attempted to cook them in their current state, Megumi used vinegar to remove the oxidation and quickly cooked her assigned dish.

Sōma tempts Shinomiya (anime)

Sōma declaring a Shokugeki against Kojirō for Megumi's future

When she presented the dish to Kojirō, he immediately fired her for altering his recipe. Sōma did not agree with his reasoning, stating that she presented something well made under the conditions given to her but Kojirō threatened to fire Sōma for any more insubordination. Unwilling to allow Sōma to drag himself down with her, Megumi, with tears in her eyes, told Sōma that she was okay with the verdict. However, Sōma walked towards Kojirō and challenged him to a Shokugeki for the right to allow Megumi to stay. Though Kojirō refused the challenge as per the rules to make one, Gin, who was nearby, overheard the challenge and declared that they would have an unofficial Shokugeki and forced Kojirō to comply. Leaving his office, Megumi scolded Sōma for being reckless, but thanked him for standing up for her.

Sōma claps Megumi's hands (anime)

Sōma clapping on Megumi's hands

After completing their afternoon assignment, Megumi and Sōma arrived at the Tōtsuki Villa Annex Kitchen where their Shokugeki was to be held. Using the remaining vegetables from the day's assignments, Gin started the Shokugeki, but added an additional condition: as the challenge was to prove Megumi belonged at Tōtsuki, Sōma could do nothing but serve as Megumi's aide. As the challenge began, the pressure became too great for Megumi and she began to tense up in fear. Sōma brought her hands together and clapped on them hard, breaking her out of her trembling. Instead of focusing on what Kojirō was preparing, Megumi was encouraged by Sōma to make a dish that best suited her and showed the alumni her true skills.

Restaurant Tadokoro opens

"Restaurant Tadokoro" opens

After choosing her dish, Megumi and Sōma set out to work. Though Megumi had difficulty in the beginning leading Sōma, he took the initiative to show her that he would be a good partner. Thanks to Sōma's incredible assistance throughout the cooking time, Megumi completed her dish. Kojirō presented his dish first, which received universal praise from the judges. When Megumi's turn came up, she began to tense up again, but Sōma gave her a light push and she presented her dish. As she watched as the Alumni silently began to eat her dish, Megumi recalled her past failures throughout her time at Tōtsuki. After she waited nervously to hear their input on her dish, she smiled and cried tears of joy as the Alumni praised her Rainbow Terrine.

Coins for Shinomiya (anime)

Megumi on the verge of losing

After eating both dishes, the judges were given a coin to represent a vote. One by one, they placed their coin on the plate of the chef who they felt cooked the better dish. In a decisive and one-sided result, Megumi and Sōma lost the duel. Megumi cried as her dish could not change her verdict and also cost Sōma his future at Tōtsuki. However, Gin unexpectedly placed a coin on her dish and then forced Kojirō to eat her dish as he gave him a coin. As he ate her dish, Megumi's hospitality in her dish softened his heart, causing him to drop his coin onto her plate. Finally, Hinako placed one last vote onto Megumi's dish, rendering the duel a tie.

Kojirō rescinds Megumi's expulsion

Megumi and Sōma are spared by Kojirō

In the aftermath, Kojirō recognized her efforts and allowed her to stay in the camp. Gin added a few last words, encouraging Megumi to continue to use her hospitality as her greatest asset. Megumi cried, happy to know that her future would continue at Tōtsuki. After collecting herself, Megumi and Sōma departed from the kitchen as she noticed a massive amount of calls and messaging from the other Polar Star members. Megumi thanked Sōma for believing in her when she did not believe in herself before Sōma told her to head back without him. Meeting in Zenji's room once more, Megumi told them about her duel. As Sōma returned, Yūki slapped him for being reckless, but Megumi reminded her that Sōma is the reason why she's still with them. With the Polar Star 92nd generation still in tact, they prepared for the next half of the camp.

The Fourth Day & Breakfast Buffet Challenge[]

The Polar Star residents feeling exhausted

Megumi and the other Polar student residents feeling exhausted

On the third day, Megumi's cooking quality began to improve greatly, easily completing the new 80 dinner meal challenge. Still, the ordeal left her exhausted as she regrouped with the rest of the Polar Star. Suddenly, an announcement was made over the hotel intercom, summoning the students to the main hall. Gin announced that the students will be responsible to serve a breakfast dish for the hotel guests at 6 AM the following morning, meaning that they did not have any time to sleep. Megumi and the rest of the class frantically dashed towards the kitchen to decide on a dish for the task. Megumi, recalling Sōma and Gin's words, decided that her dish should suit people who do not want to eat much in the morning and settled on her dish.

Kyūsaku asks Megumi to marry his grandson

Megumi is asked by Kyūsaku to marry his grandson

On the morning of the fourth day, Megumi was assigned to Hall "A" along with Sōma, Takumi, and Erina Nakiri. As the task started, Megumi put out her dish, a Breakfast Oden. The dish's colorful arrangement and bite size portions were well received by the guests. Instead of using conventional chicken eggs, Megumi chose quail eggs due to their smaller size that perfectly complemented her dish. One of the big name ingredient suppliers, Kyūsaku, was so impressed by her dish he asked her to marry his grandson. Megumi managed to serve the required 200 dish quota well before time expired. With her task complete, Megumi looked at Sōma's station to see how he was faring. To her surprise, Sōma had not served more than ten dishes at the time. Much to her relief, Sōma overcame his unfortunate handicap and completed the challenge with only seconds to spare. Despite her relief, the camp was not over yet, and so she departed the banquet hall to proceed to her next assignment.

The Final Day[]

Megumi, Zenji, Daigo and Shōji during the camp banquet

Megumi helping Zenji during the banquet

On the fifth day, Megumi and the rest of her class was on the end of their second wind. Pushed beyond the point of exhaustion, Megumi and the rest of her class gathered in the main hall once more for one last surprise announcement. Gin announced that from the original 980 students who entered the camp, only 628 remained. He gave the students some advice and praise from making it thus far and announced the final event of the camp. Suddenly the doors leading to the banquet hall opened up as the Tōtsuki Resort staff welcomed the remaining students to enjoy a lavish feast prepared by the Resort Staff and the Tōtsuki Alumni. Happy that all of the Polar Star Dorm members made it through the camp, they all sat at the same table and enjoyed the lavish meal prepared for them.

Hinako tries to recruit Megumi

Megumi is wanted by Hinako for her restaurant

The next day, Megumi packed up her things to return to Tōtsuki. As she entered the lobby with Sōma, they had managed to see Kojirō who was preparing to return to France with the new ambition to earn a 3-Star Michelin rating for his restaurant. Just as he was about to depart, the other Alumni caught up to him. Hinako, Donato, and Hitoshi, after seeing off Kojirō, approached Megumi, offering her a job in their restaurants. Hiromi Sena explained that the camp benefited the Alumni since they would volunteer in order to look for potential recruits for their restaurants once they graduate. Megumi was unable to comprehend that she was being scouted by the Tōtsuki Alumni. Recovering from the shock, Megumi boarded a bus and returned to Tōtsuki.

Summer Break[]

As the month of June arrived, the students were given a string of holidays and teacher business days, creating a short summer break. With the time given, Megumi accompanied her Local Cuisine RS on a trip around the region.

The 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election[]

Main article: Tōtsuki Autumn Election Arc

Megumi gets downplayed by Miyoko (anime)

Megumi gets downplayed by Miyoko

Returning from their break, Megumi was happy to show Sōma that she had earned her very first "A" on an assignment all on her own. To celebrate her success, Satoshi invited Megumi to a ping pong match. Much to Sōma's surprise, Megumi was a very talented ping pong player and displayed an uncharacteristic seriousness during the match. Yūki and Ryōko revealed that her skills would have easily allowed her to become a pro if she had not pursued cooking. Looking for an underhanded way to win against Megumi, Satoshi revealed that Megumi, along with Sōma, Shun, and Zenji, had been selected as participants for the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election. Megumi's previous happiness immediately shifted to worry and panic.

A few days after, Megumi joined the rest of the 92nd Generation for the official announcement of the Preliminary Participants. Immediately, most students saw Megumi's name on the announcement and expressed their anger about the committee's decision on choosing her instead of them. However, a mysterious girl literally stepped in and defended Megumi. The girl, Miyoko Hōjō, then approached Megumi, displaying an interest in her after hearing rumors of her Shokugeki. However, when Megumi revealed that she only survived thanks to Sōma, Miyoko departed, disappointed after hearing the truth.

The Asura of Cooking[]

The Polar Star girls looking at Sōma

Megumi and the Polar Stars girls staring at Sōma

Returning to Polar Star after the announcement, Satoshi informed them that Fumio was preparing a celebration for them. As they walked into the kitchen, a mysterious man was busy cooking. Fumio introduced him as a Golden Era member and former second seat of the Elite Ten Council, Jōichirō Yukihira. However, much to everyone's surprise, Sōma revealed that Jōichirō was his father. At the party, Megumi was introduced to Jōichirō's amazing dishes which were unlike anything she had ever eaten. Megumi and the rest of the girls, enthralled by his handsome appearance and masculine demeanor, wondered if Sōma would turn out like him when he got older.

The next morning Megumi, stressed from the announcement, had stayed up all night and had stumbled into the kitchen as Sōma and Jōichirō were about to start a cooking duel. To help Megumi wake up, Fumiō tasked Sōma and Jōichirō with creating a dish that would invigorate the judges. As the duel commenced, Megumi, Fumio, and Satoshi patiently waited as the two cooked. Sōma finished his dish first, an Apple Risotto. The dish perfectly energized Megumi and the judges and it almost seemed as if Sōma's dish was unbeatable. However, Jōichirō presented his Jōichirō Special Rich Ramen. Shocked by the dish choice, to her and the other judges' surprise, the dish was light and eatable for a morning meal, despite the fact that ramen is usually a very heavy meal. With his meatless, hearty, and energizing dish, Megumi and the other Judges declared that Jōichirō's dish was decisively superior. Seeing the source of Sōma's determination from the rivalry between him and his father, Megumi fired herself up for the preliminaries.

Searching For The Curry Recipes[]

With the conclusion of the duel, Yūki bursts into the kitchen with the news for the Autumn Election Preliminaries. The theme for the Preliminaries was curry dishes. Jōichirō recalled a former Polar Star Golden Era member, Jun Shiomi, who specialized in spices. Fumio informed Megumi and Sōma that she is currently a second year lecturer and she encouraged them to go seek her help. After preparing to leave, Jōichirō had suddenly left without notice, but Fumio gave them a map leading to Shiomi Seminar.

Arriving at the lecture room, when they entered, they found a young girl making spice mixtures on the floor. As she frantically apologized for the current state of the room, Megumi got into a continuous apology loop with the girl. Seeing as Jun was nowhere in sight, Sōma asked her to tell Jun that Jōichirō Saiba's son had stopped by. Just as Sōma finished his sentence, the girl swiftly punched Sōma in the face. The girl was none other than Jun herself, who did not want to remember her former senior. As Sōma laid sprawled on the ground, a student walked into the room. As Sōma recovered from the punch, Jun told them about her relationship with Jōichirō, who had used her as a guinea pig for many of his failed dishes. Jun was at least willing to help Megumi, but she refused to help Sōma because he was Jōichirō's son. Thankfully, Akira Hayama, her assistant, persuaded Jun to help him out as well. Unfortunately, Jun started to give a lecture rather than just giving them direct info. Akira brought Megumi and Sōma into the kitchen to personally try some dishes. Akira gave them three different curries consisting of different preparation of spices from roasting to simply adding water to show his knowledge of spices.

After enjoying the meal, Megumi noticed that Sōma looked troubled. He told her that Akira never once looked in his pot as he cooked. Megumi watched as Akira declared that he will stand on top of Tōtsuki because of his mastery of spices and Sōma promising to give him a superior curry at the preliminaries. Returning to Polar Star, Megumi and Sōma began to research spices on their own. Much to her disbelief, there was too much information for her to memorize in just a month. Though she worried that they would be at a disadvantage, Sōma told her that instead of worrying about what they lacked, they should make it up by pushing forward. Megumi spent several days with Sōma, researching and experimenting with various spice mixes. After a week, Megumi decided to head back to her Tōhoku hometown to test her spice mixes with some ingredients from her hometown.

The Polar Star Girls Holiday[]

Main article: Natsuyasumi no Erina

Extra Intense Heat

Megumi, Ryōko, and Yūki cooking in the intense summer heat

Sometime prior to leaving to Tōhoku, Megumi practiced in the Polar Star Kitchen with Ryōko and Yūki. The heat began to get the best of them with Megumi even hallucinating, thinking that there was a pot in front of her even when they were outside. They decided to cool down using a hose and a small inflatable, but all of their attempts to cool themselves were fruitless. Despite not being able to properly cool down, Megumi thanked Yūki and Ryōko for the short break and the three resolved themselves to do their best in the preliminaries.

Tōtsuki Autumn Election: Preliminary Round[]

See also: 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election

Megumi TAE

Megumi during the preliminaries

After a month of research and preparation, Megumi returned to Tōtsuki in time for the Election. The Polar Star Dorm reunited with each other and Megumi met up with Ikumi and the Aldini twins as well in the lobby of the Shokugeki Arena as Senzaemon gave an inspiring speech about the very hall they were standing in. After informing them that they are in the hall which many former Elite 10 Council members once stood, the Preliminaries officially started. Megumi bid farewell to Sōma, Ryōko, Zenji, Shun, and Ikumi as she, Yūki, and the Aldini twins headed to the "B" Block.

As the preliminaries began, Megumi began to cook but made a minor slip up, spilling her spice bowl. This did not go unnoticed by the audience and the head judge of the "B" block, Orie Sendawara, who deemed her unworthy of her attention. Many of the audience looked at her with spite, questioning her participation in the Preliminaries. As Megumi headed to the ingredient tables, she bumped into Miyoko, who scolded her for not paying attention. Returning to her station, Megumi brought out her secret weapon, a giant hanging goosefish, which most of the audience thought was overambitious for her. Megumi brought her hands together and envisioned Sōma's hand trick to give her the confidence to perform her task. Megumi proceeded to flawlessly cut the goosefish, much to the shock of the audience and, more importantly, Orie who personally left her seat to get a closer look. Up in the stands, Satoshi and Fumio smiled at Megumi, proud of her accomplishment thus far. In the remaining time, Megumi finished her dish and gathered with the rest of the "B" block participants as the judging began.

Megumi qualifies

Megumi qualifies for the main tournament

For much of the initial dishes, they were met with incredibly low scores less than 40 points until Nao Sadatsuka broke the trend, earning the first satisfactory score of 84. Following Nao, many of the more notable participants in the "B" block presented, earning scores over 80 points. After Alice Nakiri presented her dish, the judges and even the emcee, Urara Kawashima, seemed to ignore Megumi's turn until she informed them. Megumi presented her dish, a Goosefish Dobu-Jiru Curry. Megumi heard loud cheering from the audience as she saw that the Tōhoku fishermen, who helped her learn to cut a hanging goosefish, had come to the preliminaries to cheer for Megumi. Though the judges were a bit skeptical about her dish choice, the dish's flavor immediately soothed the judge's minds, reminding them of a home meal under a kotatsu. She told the judges that her dish is meant to show the feelings of her hometown. As she closed her eyes, awaiting her score to be revealed, she recalled all the support she had received from everyone in Tōhoku. Defying everyone's expectations, Megumi earned a score of 88, qualifying her for the main tournament.

After the preliminaries concluded, Megumi reunited with the fishermen who congratulated her. Miyoko came over and apologized for judging her too soon and gave her her fondest regards, promising to cheer her on in the Main Tournament.

Road to the Main Tournament[]

Soma and Megumi follows Satoshi

Megumi joins Sōma and Satoshi to a trip

With the conclusion of the Preliminary Round, a party was held at Polar Star for Sōma and Megumi for qualifying for the Main Tournament. During the party, Megumi saw Sōma outside the balcony. The two talked for a while, with Megumi consoling Sōma for losing to Akira. Sōma congratulated her on qualifying for the main tournament, but she thanked Sōma for giving her the confidence to even make it into the preliminaries. Back at the party, Satoshi asked if Megumi and Sōma could help him with a business consultation for the Polar Star Dormitory Vegetables. The next morning, Megumi and Sōma awoke to find Satoshi oddly in a full business suit. They arrived at a local kitchen where Satoshi helped to teach a cooking class for young housewives and children. Megumi and Sōma taught the children how to cook gyoza. Despite some difficulty catching their attention, their skills amazed the students and sure enough, the children made their own gyoza. When one child in particular was worried that everyone would laugh at her when she failed, Megumi told her to think of someone she held dear to make the food taste better. Afterwards, Sōma asked Megumi about what she said to the girl, to which Megumi told him that her mother had taught her that. As Megumi thought about who was dear to her, she imagined Sōma.

Tōtsuki Autumn Election: Main Tournament[]

The day before the first round of the Main Tournament, Megumi was summoned to Tōtsuki HQ to find out who her first opponent was. However, Megumi began to pack all her cooking utensils until Yūki reminded her that she was only going there for a formal meeting. At the HQ, Megumi found out the theme of the match was a ramen dish and that her first opponent was Ryō Kurokiba. Satoshi informed them that the academy will prepare the ramen noodles for them and they would only have to choose the style they wanted the noodles to be. Returning to Polar Star, Megumi figured that Ryō's noodles were suited for a strong flavor. Megumi initially thought to battle his ramen head on with a strong flavor herself, but her attempts at creating one failed to come through. Fumio entered the kitchen and handed her a package from her mother, who congratulated her for passing the preliminaries and had sent a few ingredients from home. Looking over the ingredients she received, Megumi finally had a solid idea and she finalized her dish choice.


Megumi defends her friends

Megumi defends her friends from Ryō's insults

The next day, Megumi arrived at the venue for the Main Tournament and was immediately put into a waiting room as the first match between Sōma and Alice Nakiri commenced. After Sōma had won his match and headed to the waiting area, Megumi congratulated Sōma on his win. Sōma told her that she seemed more relaxed compared to their first class together and Megumi told him that she felt that she could cook for fun for the first time. Sōma wished her well as she entered the arena. As her match began, Megumi immediately began to make her broth using the ingredients her mother had sent her. The crowd noted that Megumi and Ryō were both making seafood ramen, however while Ryō decided to make a rich soup, Megumi was going for a "transparent, graceful" soup. Up in the stands, Yūki and the other Polar Star members cheered for her, causing Ryō to snap, calling the display "disgusting". As Megumi defended her friends and told Ryō not to speak badly of them, he merely glared back at her, causing her to flinch. Suddenly, the judges left their tables to visit Megumi and Ryō's kitchen area to enhance their ramen experience.

As Ryō presented his dish first, the audience was immediately drawn to his dish. Though Megumi was under tremendous pressure from both the audience and the judges, she continued to finish her dish unfazed. After Ryō's judging finished, Megumi calmly walked to the judges and meekly presented it to them. Though the judges were reeling from Ryō's Soupe De Poisson Ramen, Megumi's Kozuyu Chicken Soy Sauce Ramen was well received by the judges who pre-judged her dish for its elegant appearance and Megumi's own physical meekness. Nevertheless after showcasing the full prowess of her dish, Ryō was interested and asked for a sample as he handed a sample of his own. Ryō was impressed by her ramen's strong taste and her own strong resolve. As she tasted his ramen, she felt his ramen's strong impact but felt that she would not lose. As the judges concluded their judging of Megumi's dish, Senzaemon took out his brush to declare the winner. Many of the audience in the stand noted that Senzaemon did not strip for Megumi's dish unlike he did for Ryō and, in the end, Megumi lost the match.

Ovation for Megumi

Megumi receives a standing ovation

Defeated, Megumi slowly walked into the waiting area where Yūki was already waiting to console her. In the stands, despite her loss, Megumi received a standing ovation from the crowd who was shocked to see Megumi's strong performance and congratulated her on a good match. Megumi blushed from finally being recognized by her classmates. As the first day of the tournament concluded, Megumi reunited with the rest of the Polar Star members outside of the venue. Sōma and Takumi commended her efforts in her match. Megumi admitted that the match was the first time she ever wanted to cook to win. Even in defeat, she couldn't wait to cook again. Unbeknownst to Megumi, she actually did manage to "strip" Senzaemon of his fundoshi, which is a sign that she has an immeasurable amount of potential.

Since her defeat, Megumi became a spectator for the remaining matches of the Main Tournament. On the second day of the quarterfinal matches, Megumi arrived with the rest of the Polar Star residents to watch the last two matches. However, Sōma had overslept despite Megumi trying to wake him up before they left. Megumi decided to leave the stands to wait for Sōma to arrive. Once she met up with him, Megumi tried to lead him to where the others were seated, but they ended up getting lost. Luckily Subaru Mimasaka found them and invited them to his waiting room where Takumi already was. As they watched the first match between Hisako Arato and Akira, Subaru preemptively declared that Akira will win the match. As Subaru had predicted, Akira won. As Subaru and Takumi queued for their match, Megumi and Sōma were directed to the audience stands so they could watch their match, which was a Shokugeki. In a shocking turnout, Subaru won the match. Outside of the arena, Megumi and the others wanted to cheer Takumi up.


Main article: Yukihira Vs. Mimasaka Semifinal Shokugeki

The Polar Star eavesdropping on Soma

Megumi and the other Polar Star members eavesdrop on Sōma's conversation with Subaru

Megumi, along with the other Polar Star Residents, returned to Polar Star to find Subaru already waiting in Sōma's room. Though most of the residents were horrified by his infiltration, they were more surprised that Sōma welcomed him and even prepared him a meal. While Sōma and Subaru ate dinner, Megumi and the others eavesdropped from outside. When Sōma offered his whole cooking career as compensation for the duel, Megumi and the others tried to convince him not to risk it, but Sōma was dead set on the conditions.

Days later, the news about Shokugeki spread around the academy via the Tōtsuki Sports. During the class periods, most of the 92nd generation were gossiping about the hopeless duel for Sōma, but Megumi noticed that Sōma was too preoccupied trying to plan his dish. During their lunch period, Megumi met Mitsuru Sōtsuda who had done extensive "research" about Sōma's class schedule and had volunteered to taste test his dishes that afternoon. Sōma asked Megumi if she was free to taste test his dishes, but she declined due to her scheduled classes. Nevertheless, Megumi offered to support Sōma however she could. She even went as far as to make a thermos of tea for him to drink and later turned up with Ikumi to help clean dishes to give Sōma time to sleep.

Finally, the Semifinals arrived and Megumi and the others were ready to cheer for Sōma. During the match, even with Sōma's best attempt to keep his dish a secret, Subaru still managed to predict everything he was going to do. However, even with all of that foresight, Sōma pulled off a decisive win, much to the delight of Megumi and the others.

Road to the Finals[]

With ten days to prepare for the finals, Megumi accompanied Sōma on his first day at a riverside fish market with his shichirin to begin his dish selection. At the fish Market, Sōma and Megumi encountered Ryō and Alice who had come to prepare for the finals themselves. As he eyed out the saury with the best qualities, Sōma displayed some basic knowledge and picked the longest saury that stood straight rather than limping over. Ryō, however, informed him that his choice was not the best one and chose a smaller one with a less puffy belly, confusing Megumi. To prove his point, Ryō and Sōma prepared a sashimi of their saury. Megumi tasted both sashimi and with one bite from each, Ryō's was deemed more delicious. Alice explained that the rigor index of the fish was the reason why Sōma lost. Although his was firm, his fish had been sitting out longer, causing him to mistake the "rigor mortis" state of the fish for freshness. Ryō told Sōma and Megumi that he regularly comes to fish markets to hone his fish judgement skills. Meanwhile another saleswoman informed them that Akira had paid the fish market before he came and picked two of the market's best saury without having to touch them. It was at this moment that Sōma contemplated about his huge handicap which worried Megumi.

Sōma and Megumi spent the rest of the day at the fish market making prototype dishes, but none could compare to Ryō's sashimi from that morning. Knowing that their saury will be chosen the morning of the match, Sōma decided that rather than learning to judge fish, he would change the preparation of the saury by enlisting help from Ryōko, Shun, and Ikumi for their knowledge of different curing methods. After spending 3 days with their respective curing methods separately, Sōma prepared three samples of the saury. Although each curing method improved the saury, Megumi and Sōma noted that each still did not match the fresh saury Ryō had prepared.


On the day of the match, Megumi, Ikumi and the Polar Star residents watched as the three way final match between Sōma, Ryō, and Akira took place. Despite the fact that Akira's and Ryō's sauries were gleaming and tense while Sōma's had rice bran around it, thanks to Sōma's ingenuity, he made a dish that went toe-to-toe against Akira and Ryō's dishes. However, even with all of that creativity and effort, Akira was declared the winner of the 43rd Autumn Election with Sōma and Ryō placing second. Afterwards, Megumi and the others reunited with Sōma and congratulated him for his admirable performance.


Main article: Stagiaire Arc

Erina and Megumi meet Kasayama

Megumi and Erina pair up for their first Stagiaire

Shortly after the conclusion of the Autumn Election, the next event in the class whittling process began: the Stagiaire. Megumi was assigned to Excellent, a French Cuisine restaurant that was about to earn its first star rating. Upon arrival at her Stagiaire location, she found that she had a partner: Erina Nakiri. Overwhelmed by the presence of Erina, Megumi meekly tried to introduce herself. To her surprise, Erina already knew who she was. However, Erina told her to stay out her way during their Stagiaire. Immediately after the two greeted each other, Kasayama, the head chef of the restaurant entered the kitchen and ordered the two to start off by washing dishes. Although Megumi was willing to do so, Erina bluntly refused, much to Megumi's horror. Nevertheless, Erina effortlessly took command of the entire kitchen, even managing to have Kasayama submit to her. Megumi was still stuck washing the dishes, however she wanted to do something to contribute. After days of washing dishes, Megumi noticed that the amount of sauce left on the plates for the second dishes of the meal course had varied and suggested letting the customers decide how much sauce they need. Erina was impressed by the idea Megumi got just from washing dishes and suggested using a saucière, not only to solve this problem, but also create a novelty. Thanks to the combined efforts of Megumi and Erina, the two passed the first stage of the Stagiaire with no problems.

Megumi during her 2nd Stagiaire (anime)

Megumi working at a small Japanese inn

Afterwards, Erina encountered Megumi as her car arrived at Excellent and offered her a ride halfway to her next Stagiaire location. In the car, Megumi was told by Erina to have more self confidence because she was selected for the top 8 of the Autumn Election and could not understand how someone with talent isn't well known, which caused Megumi to blush. Megumi then mentioned Sōma which bewildered Erina, who told her to stop talking about him. To change the subject, Megumi asked Erina about Hisako, but this only caused Erina to become further depressed. After this, Megumi was assigned to a small Japanese inn, where she quickly adjusted to the setting due to her origins. Because the inn was short on staff, Megumi took it upon herself to fill all the roles so she could learn to be more useful outside of the kitchen as well.

Moon Banquet Festival[]

Main article: Moon Banquet Festival Arc

Changing Times[]

With the success of Sōma's booth, they caught the attention of the Elite Ten Council second seat, Rindō Kobayashi. She invited Megumi and Sōma to come with her to experience the cooking of Eishi Tsukasa, the first seat. At his booth, Megumi was amazed by the impressive dinner set prepared by Eishi. After enjoying their time with the first seat, Sōma decided to pay Erina's booth a visit with Megumi following close behind. There, the two found her booth in a cold silence as a mysterious man was sitting alone waiting for Erina to serve him. This man was Azami Nakiri, Erina's father, who soon left the premises after Sōma asked to dine with him. Outside, Megumi saw an entourage of cars stopping Azami outside. Senzaemon himself was present, trying to force Azami to leave. Rindō showed up shortly after after witnessing the scene. As they watched the two Nakiri's argue about their respective culinary doctrines, Rindō asked Megumi and Sōma who they would side with. Neither being aware of the situation, Rindō proclaimed that she would side with Azami as he would make the academy more exciting just as Azami brandished a document officially signed in support by six of the current Elite Ten Council members, declaring that he will replace Senzaemon as the director of Tōtsuki Academy.


Main article: Central Arc

Within a few days, news quickly spread across the academy about the Academy director change. Megumi noted that despite the shocking news, the campus went on as usual to an eerie degree. One night, during a heavy downpour, Megumi thought she could hear voices in the brush behind the dormitory and decided to investigate. There she found Erina, Hisako, Alice, and Ryō all drenched from the rain. She invited them into Polar Star to dry themselves and wait until the weather cleared up. Once inside, Hisako informed the dormitory of Erina's current situation regarding her father. After telling them about Erina's harsh childhood under her father, the Polar Star residents quickly allowed her to take temporary residence in the dormitory.

Battle for Polar Star[]

Main Article: Yukihira Vs. Eizan Shokugeki

Polar Star Defense

Polar Star prepares their defense

However, the happy tone brought by Polar Star's newest temporary resident was short lived as the very next day, Azami decreed that all Research Societies and Seminar classes had been officially disbanded, including the Local Cuisine RS that Megumi was a part of. To make matters worse, Etsuya Eizan paid Polar Star a visit to let them know that Azami had also ordered the closure of Polar Star in ten days because it was an independent entity on campus. After witnessing the rigged shokgueki between Etsuya and Tetsuji Kabutoyama, it seemed that the closure of Polar Star was inevitable. However, the next day, Sōma decided to issue a Shokugeki challenge on behalf of Polar Star. As the match began, the Polar Star residents saw a large group of students outside of the dormitory declaring that the eviction of Polar Star had been moved to that day. Fumio informed the residents that either they could willingly comply and avoid expulsion or try and resist. Without a single hesitation, the Polar Star residents rallied together and Fumio provided them with old riot gear from the Golden Age of Polar Star. With industrial hoses and superior defenses, Megumi and the other residents repelled Etsuya's gang so Sōma could focus his full attention on his duel to save Polar Star.

After a tremendous defensive effort by Megumi and the Polar Star residents, they were able to keep Etsuya's cronies at bay long enough for Sōma to defeat Etsuya. When Sōma returned to the dormitory, Megumi and the others celebrated his victory.

Cooking Style[]

  • Hospitality - Megumi has no particular style of cooking, but according to Gin, her cooking is founded on hospitality, which may originate from her background helping in her mother's Ryōkan. Megumi always cooks thinking of the eater in mind, looking for ways to make them feel better or to ease their stress. While most of her classmates rely on powerful impressions that overwhelm the eater's senses, Megumi's dishes give a soothing effect, calming and easing the consumer's mind. Megumi also believes that if you cook with someone in mind, the end product will be more delicious. After acquiring the 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council, Megumi's hospitality cooking has improved tremendously. Using her power of the Council, she has gone on numerous trips around the world and has picked up cooking styles from various countries. This helped her customers invoke memories of their home by using their local cuisine to her advantage.
    • Vegetables - Megumi's strongest ingredient affinity are vegetables due to the notoriety of her Tōhoku hometown's vegetables from all year round mainly to show others the beauty of her hometown.
    • Seafood - Her hometown was near a port and through her time spent at a fishery, she also developed a strong affinity for using various types of seafood. Her skill was notable enough to impress Ryō, the seafood specialist of her generation.


  • Hanging Goosefish Preparation — Preparing a hanging goosefish requires great skill and precision. Any slight mistake will ruin the fish as a whole, wasting it in the process. Megumi learned the skill at a young age and mastered the skill while she was still in primary school. Megumi used this ability in the Preliminaries of the Tōtsuki Autumn Election, which even the most skeptical of her classmates found impressive.
  • Vegetable Carving — Vegetable carving is an artistic skill of carving vegetables into things such as flowers and animals. Megumi used this skill to make numerous different types of vegetables resemble animals.
  • Dried Vegetables — Megumi has shown having great knowledge of drying vegetables to be used in her cooking. She can quickly dry them in a matter of minutes in a kitchen or prepare them by sun-drying them in a special drying device.

Miscellaneous Skills[]

  • Professional-level Ping Pong — Megumi is an extremely talented ping pong player. During her primary school years, Megumi became the best ping pong player of her age in Tōhoku and was once herald as the "Tōhoku Bunny Hopping Hare" due to her frontal assault play style. According to Ryōko, if Megumi was not in Tōtsuki, she could have easily became a professional ping pong player. She displays an unusual serious demeanor whenever she plays.


Original Dishes[]

Three Kinds of Onigiri (anime)

Three Kinds of Onigiri

  • Three Kinds of Onigiri - Megumi's first known dish made during the story. By making three different Onigiri fillings, Megumi created a refreshing and hearty meal to satisfy the Polar Star residents who were working in the fields that morning.
Goosefish Dobu-Jiru Curry (anime)

Goosefish Dobu-Jiru Curry

  • Goosefish Dobu-Jiru Curry - Megumi's curry dish selection for the 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election preliminary round. This dish showcases Megumi's knife handling skill as well as her hanging goosefish preparation skill. Arranged in a revised version of the traditional Dobu-Jiru dish, this meal gives the feeling of a family home meal anywhere!
  • Kozuyu Chicken Soy Sauce Ramen - Megumi's dish for her Autumn Election Main Tournament Quarterfinal match. Megumi created this dish in order to fight toe-to-toe with Ryō Kurokiba's strong dish. This dish showed the judges that despite her slender figure, she has a fighting spirit that is willing to take on any challenger who comes her way!
  • Dorayaki - Megumi's dish for her match against Momo Akanegakubo during the 3rd Card of the 3rd Bout of the Rebels Vs. Central Régiment de Cuisine. By giving a spin on a 800 year old classic japanese dish with the help of Kojirō Shinomiya, Megumi enhanced the flavor of the apple with an apple butter castella and an apple confiture, white bean paste filling. The combined flavor of this dish is like a punch packed with twice the power!!!

Collaboration Dishes[]

Boeuf Bourguignon (anime)

The Bourguignon

  • Boeuf Bourguignon - Sōma and Megumi along with the rest of students in Roland Chapelle's lecture were tasked with making this standard French Dish. However, during the cooking process, Sōma and Megumi's Boeuf Bourguignon was sabotaged by some fellow students who added salt, hardening the beef. Thanks to some quick thinking, Sōma revised the recipe and saved their dish by adding honey to quickly soften the meat. The dish was given an "A" and made Roland smile for the first time on record.
  • Char Okakiage - An original dish made from Hinako Inui's Kaki Peanuts made by Sōma and Megumi. Using Kaki Seeds to serve as the batter's coating for a deep fried char, this is a dish you won't find on the Restaurant Yukihira menu. A brand new innovation created by Sōma during the first day of the Tōtsuki Training Camp, this is nothing like the average fish-based dish. Served alongside fried wild plants, with a fluffy tamago no moto with spice sauce as condiment.
Rainbow Terrine (anime)

Rainbow Terrine

  • Rainbow Terrine - A revised dish made by Megumi and Sōma against Kojirō Shinomiya in her first Shokugeki. Using various vegetables, Megumi created a terrine by arranging seven different vegetables into seven different layers to create an image of a rainbow. Thanks to a secret spice added, allspice, the dish gives a digestive effect to ease anyone who eats it. It gives the feeling of walking with one's mother under a rainbow in a sunny sky.
  • Surprise-Filled Gyoza - The popular dish from China, later adapted in Japan, this dish was selected by Sōma and Megumi to teach to the DEF Kitchen children. Using a wide variety of gyoza dough and stuffings, each of the children could make a completely unique gyoza of their own. Each one is filled with a random filling which is sure to surprise anyone, perfect for a child to prepare for their parents or themselves for any meal.
Hokkaido Lecture Emblem Special Gousetsu Udon

Hokkaido Lecture Emblem Special Gousetsu Udon

  • Hokkaido Lecture Emblem Special Gousetsu Udon - Sōma, Megumi and Takumi were tasked with making a simple dish that uses noodles. However, when they went to get their noodles there were none left. Thanks to the training Erina taught them, they created a recipe that uses noodles made from only irish cobbler potatoes. The dish managed to please the instructor from central and they passed.
  • Team Dōjima's Hachis Parmentier - A dish made by Gin, Takumi and Megumi, during the special training for the Rebels Vs. Central Régiment de Cuisine. This French dish consists of a Purée De Pomme De Terre with a Soffitto Meat Sauce made by Takumi that contains ground beef and soffritto. Using anchovies, basil, white wine vinegar and olive oil they were able to make the sauce seem like green dots on a canvas. Megumi uses leftover soffritto meat sauce and turns it into a sauce espagnole, all served in a single plate.


  • Local Cuisine RS - Megumi has stated that she is a part of the Local Cuisine Research Society. However, details regarding the club have not been stated aside from the fact that they occasionally take trips to sample food from various places. The club was initially in danger during the Survivors' Purge being conducted by Central, but Megumi's efforts in her Shokugeki ultimately won them immunity from disbanding.
  • Elite Ten Council - Megumi became a member of the Elite Ten after the Rebels won the Régiment de Cuisine against Central. It is most likely that she held a higher seat at the time before becoming the current 10th Seat.

Cooking Duel Records[]

Official Shokugeki[]

Rivals Culinary
Dish Stipulations Results Record

Unofficial Shokugeki[]

Rivals Culinary
Dish Stipulations Results Record
Yukihira-Tadokoro Vs. Shinomiya Shokugeki

(*) Megumi and Sōma originally lost this Shokugeki. However, Gin placed a coin on their plate out of recognition. Kojirō was given a coin and he dropped it onto Megumi's plate after eating her dish. Hinako finally added one last vote, rendering the duel a tie.

The 43rd Annual Tōtsuki Autumn Election[]

Round Rival Culinary
Dish Results

Rebels Vs Central Régiment de Cuisine[]

Round Rival Culinary
Dish Results


Round Rival Culinary
Dish Results

Misc. Cooking Duels[]

Rival Culinary
Dish Stipulation Results
Sōma Yukihira Vs. Takumi Aldini


  • The name Megumi means "favor, benefit" (恵)
    • It can also mean "grace" or "kindness", which reflects on her personality.
  • Megumi's surname Tadokoro means "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta) and "place" (所) (tokoro/dokoro), which is a reference to the Tōhoku region's reputation as the granary of Japan.


  • Megumi received a few nicknames from the Tōtsuki Academy Alumni during her unofficial Shokugeki with Kojirō Shinomiya where all three are based around Japanese yokai:
  • Megumi has a running gag with many adults becoming enthralled with Megumi based solely on her cute appearance or her hospitality in her cooking. One individual, Kyūsaku, personally asked her to marry his grandson after eating her Breakfast Oden.
  • Megumi is a fan of shoujo manga since her elementary school days. During this time, she picked up table-tennis as a hobby due to getting hooked on a certain plucky, guts-oriented table-tennis manga.


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