McFly (マク・フライ, Maku Furai?) is a doctor and one of Jōichirō Yukihira's customers abroad.[3]


McFly is a very obese person. He has short, light brown hair which is combed over to the right on top of his head, starting from his left parietal ridge, while his sides are dark brown. In the manga, his goatee is more defined and shaped like a triangle. It is less defined in the anime.

During his appearance in the anime, he wears a solid black business suit with a white, long-sleeved dress shirt and a red tie around his collar. However, he sports a dark, thick striped pattern business suit without a tie in the manga.


He is a jolly person, who expresses great appreciation towards dishes made by Jōichirō, even at the risk of his own health. McFly is also fond of him, whom he calls "Joe".[3]


Nothing is known about his past, except that he became a doctor and has eaten Jōichirō Yukihira's dishes before his debut.


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At the VIP reception hall of the Manhattan Royal Hotel in New York City, McFly was enjoying a dish prepared by Jōichirō. However, as Jōichirō was talking to his son on the phone, McFly joyfully expressed his gratitude that he was back to serve his dishes again, to which Jōichirō advised him to stop yelling or else his blood pressure will rise.[3]


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