The Les Cuisiniers Noirs (レ・キュイジニエ・ノワール Re Kyuijinie Nowāru), also known as the Midnight Chefs (真夜中の料理人 Mayonaka no Ryōrinin), are a group of chefs who make no appearances in the public world of cuisine.


Rather than work in restaurants or in the spotlight, Cuisiners Noirs are the chefs who work for criminals or criminal groups, and generally keep away from the public eye. They encompass a large group of individuals, including Japanese and Americans.

In terms of appearance, they often appear in more eccentric, intimidating attire.

In terms of cooking skills, Cuisiners Noirs are noticeably of a higher calibre compared to most light chefs. This can be considered a given, as most places the Midnight Chefs work at can be very dangerous, where even one small mistake can easily result in their death. Similar to their eccentric appearance, they tend to employ unorthodox cooking methods that allow them to make incredibly delicious dishes. The Midnight Chefs are specialists in using unique tools like a chainsaw or graters to cut or present things and are not afraid to bend the rules to get what they want. A true testament to their skills is that all the Cuisiners Noirs who were welcomed into the current BLUE were able to easily pass all three gates, where most of the light chefs failed. 

Known Members

Asahi Group


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