Le Plat Véritable ~Delinquent Daughter Style~ is a dish that Erina Nakiri cooked during the 5th Bout of the Régiment de Cuisine. It is also Erina Nakiri's specialty.




  • High-Grade Free-Range Chicken Breast
    • Skin
    • Croûte
      • Crust
        • Bread
        • Pie
      • Finely Minced Squid Tentacle
      • Peanut Butter
  • Scrambled Egg Sauce
    • Scrambled Eggs
    • Fresh Cream
    • Salt
    • Black Pepper
    • Turmeric
    • Crushed Sembei Crackers[1]
      • Boiled Rice
      • Sesame Oil
      • Salt
      • Spear Squid


  • Transforming Furikake
    • Nikogori
      • Slowly Braised High-Grade Free-Range Chicken Breast
      • (TBA)

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  • Oyakodon (親子丼), literally "parent-and-child donburi", is a donburi, or Japanese rice bowl dish, in which chicken, egg, sliced scallion (or sometimes regular onions), and other ingredients are all simmered together in a kind of soup which is made with soy sauce and stock, and then served on top of a large bowl of rice. The name of the dish is a poetic reflection of the fact that both chicken and egg are used in the dish.[2]
    • Donburi (丼, literally "bowl", also frequently abbreviated as "don", less commonly spelled "domburi") is a Japanese "rice bowl dish" consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice. Donburi meals are served in oversized rice bowls also called donburi. Donburi are sometimes called sweetened or savory stews on rice.[3]
  • A croûte is a doughy made by adding seasoning to the crust of bread or pies. The term is also used of dishes wrapped and baked with it. A skillful weapon in the arsenal of high cuisine, it can color the aroma and textures of other ingredients without detracting from their inherent flavor.
  • Senbei (煎餅, alternatively spelled sembei) are a type of Japanese rice cracker. They come in various shapes, sizes, and flavors, usually savory but sometimes sweet. Senbei are often eaten with green tea as a casual snack and offered to visiting house guests as a courtesy refreshment.[1]
  • "Le Plat Véritable" in English means "The True Plate"

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