Kou Shio
If I were to give his superhuman talent a name, I'd call it the "Venom Dish." I'm sure even the Bookmaster was anxious to invite this person. Even a preliminary evaluation have placed him among the Top 5 of BLUE![1]

— A WGO Bookmen's review of Kou's skills.

Kou Shio (Kō Shiō) is formally underground chef and one of Asahi Saiba's subordinates. He is also formally a member of the Les Cuisiniers Noirs.


Kou Shio is a man of average size. He has a very high, light-colored, hi-top fade haircut, and a beard. He also wears a mask and a robe.

Kou without his mask.


Kou appears to be very silent and reserved.[2] In battle, however, proud of his abilities, he's just as arrogant as his colleagues and looking down on his enemies.[3]


Kou comes from a family of assassins who operating in the underground ever since the northern and southern dynasties of China. They specialize in poisons and toxins which they got from various plants, seafood, and insects. Eventually, they started using it for gourmet cuisine rather than poison. Kou is the current inheritor of the clan.[4]


Kou, along with three other Noirs, gathers in Asahi Saiba's base where they are keeping the abducted Tootsuki Headmaster, Erina Nakiri. [5] Throughout the conversation between Asahi and Erina, he appears to be mostly silent,[6] and it was later revealed that he will also be participating in BLUE.[7]

He later appears along with Don Calma and Sarge at the Third Gate,[8] revealing to have given a free pass at the First and Second Gate.[9] He mostly stayed on the sideline as Sarge decided to prepare the beef dish that the Bookmaster asked for.[10]

Kou's culinary utensil against Megumi.

He later appears as Megumi Tadokoro's opponent. Following Asahi's orders, he used a special cooking utensil called "Ink Claw" which is designed to infuse foods with seasoning blends. Despite all his effort however, Megumi easily defeated him.[11] After his lost, he offered his Ink Claw to Asahi which the latter used against Megumi.[12]

At the semi-final, Kou, along with his companions, watch Asahi's fight with Sōma.[13] He commented on Sōma's decision to each of the finished five great cuisines together.[14] Witnessing Asahi's defeat later on, Kou and his companions have gone speechless.[15]

Cooking Style

Kou Shiō possessed the technique, known as the Venomous Dish, that has been in his family line for generations. He used a utensil known as the Ink Claw, or Claws of Black Death. The Ink Claw worked by dipping each claw into a blend of seasonings, each one pertaining to one of the five basic flavors: The claw on the thumb pertained to salty, the index finger to sour, the middle finger to umami, the ring finger to bitter, and the pinky to sweet.

Cooking Duel Records


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