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Kiyo (キヨ, Kiyo?) is a resident in the Sumiredōri Shopping District and also one of Restaurant Yukihira's regulars.


Kiyo is an elderly woman whose gray hair is neatly tied in a bun. Kiyo wore a modest blouse whenever she went outside.


Kiyo is a kindly old woman who frequented Restaurant Yukihira. She developed a close relationship with the restaurant owner's young son, Sōma Yukihira. To many who saw the two interact, they felt as if Kiyo was Sōma's actual grandmother, though the two have no blood ties at all. Whenever she saw Sōma, she would greet him with a smile as he served her during her time at the shop. Kiyo loved Sōma and cried tears of happiness when Sōma went out of his way to make a bento and deliver it to her home at the other side of the Shopping District.


Kiyo with a young Sōma.

Kiyo lived in Sumiredōri Shopping District and would often walk to the other side of the district to eat at her favorite restaurant, Restaurant Yukihira. For sometime, Kiyo would babysit Sōma when he was very young and the two quickly developed a close grandmother-grandson like relationship. Whenever Kiyo would visit, Sōma would dote on her, always going out of his way to serve her personally no matter how busy the shop was.

Eventually, Kiyo's age caught up with her and her bad hip effectively confined her to her house. To her surprise though, Sōma walked all the way to her house at the other side of the district to deliver a personal bento that he made for her. As she ate his bento, she remarked how good his cooking was. As she looked more closely at the letter that he included with the bento, Sōma had told her to remove the nori covering the rice of his nori bento. On the rice was a cutely drawn picture of the two made of furikake, causing Kiyo to shed tears of happiness. Touched by Sōma's love for her, Kiyo thanked Sōma for his kind gesture as she enjoyed his bento.


  • Her name, Kiyo, can mean Pure.