Ken Dakekanba

Ken Dakekanba (Ken Dakekanba) is a 92nd Tōtsuki Generation student.



Ken is the son of Noboru Dakekanba, a powerful businessman. As he was not seen during the Tōtsuki Autumn Election, he either did not qualify for the preliminaries or was among the lower-ranking cooks in the preliminary round. However, he managed to complete his first year of high school.

Following Sōma Yukihira's ascension to the First Seat of the Elite Ten Council, Ken has challenged him to a Shokugeki numerous times in an attempt to take the First Seat for himself. However, he was defeated every time.


Beach Exams

Using his father's name to get lobster at half the market price, his group managed to monopolize the business in his area. Ken is first seen during the second day of the Beach Exams, taunting the Elite Ten members for failing to even set up shop. He reminds them that they only have one day to get ¥3,000,000 in profits, expressing his desire to see them fail so that their spots in the Elite Ten will open up.

The next day, business is initially strong. However, at lunchtime, all of the customers have vanished from the beach. To Ken's shock and dismay, the Elite Ten's shop has attracted all of the customers, and even Ken finds himself overwhelmed by the aroma of their yakisoba deluxe. His attempts to taunt Hayama are quickly brushed off, and he is given a portion of yakisoba on the house, which he is unable to resist.

Cooking Duel Records


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Dakekanba vs. Yukihira Shokugeki (numerous)




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