Katsunori Okamoto

Katsunori Okamoto (岡本 克典(おかもと かつのり), Okamoto Katsunori?) is the television producer of First-Class Gluttons, and one of the three judges involved in Sōma Yukihira's Shokugeki against Ikumi Mito.[3]


During his brief appearance, he sported a flat cap and a business suit. He has fine eyebrows, small pupils and a goatee.


As a producer of TV program revolving food, Okamoto is knowledgeable about culinary arts and, as a judge, would express great appreciation towards a well-cooked dish.[4]


Shokugeki ShowdownEdit

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Okamoto makes a brief appearance by being one of the three judges who were involved in judging both Sōma Yukihira and Ikumi Mito's dishes in their Shokugeki. He alongside the other two judges, Shigeno Kuraki and Yoshiki Bitō, tasted Ikumi's dish first and gave praise, further citing that Sōma's cheap beef would never beat Ikumi's dish which utilizes A5 meat, the highest grade meat. Okamoto claimed that he could eat three bowls of Ikumi's dish in one go. Okamoto also further states, he didn't want to ruin the aftertaste of the A5 meat by eating Sōma's dish, as Sōma only used cheap Chaliapin steak beef.[5]

However, as Sōma presented his dish, they held back their decision, stating that Sōma's dish looks better than expected. After tasting the dish, all three judges ate the dish unhesitatingly without stopping and only ate half the portion of Ikumi's dish, deciding the winner of the match. Okamoto also cited that he liked the thickness of the potato starch sauce which goes well with the rice and wine. After finishing, the judges gave their votes to Sōma, giving Sōma a one-sided 3-0 victory.[6]


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