Kasayama (笠山(かさやま), Kasayama?) is the Head Chef of the French restaurant Excellent, which served as the first Stagiaire location for Erina Nakiri and Megumi Tadokoro.[2]


Kasayama is a tall man with a stocky build. He has short, dark-colored hair and a full mustache and beard, which cover the lower portion of his face.

During his appearance, he wears a white chef's uniform with a black and brown striped collar at work.


Kasayama is an arrogant, hot-tempered person. He was easily angered when Erina Nakiri bluntly refused his order and when Megumi Tadokoro made a suggestion to add a saucier to the menu.[3][4]


Kasayama became the Head Chef of Excellent sometime prior to the Stagiaire event.[2]



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Erina in complete control

Kasayama's kitchen was taken over by Erina

During the first day of the Stagiaire, upon Erina Nakiri's and Megumi Tadokoro's arrival to the kitchen, Kasayama showed up and ordered the two to start off by washing dishes. However, he quickly became angry when Erina bluntly refused. Nevertheless, Kasayama was forced to submit to Erina since she effortlessly took command of the entire kitchen.[5]

Days after, Kasayama got angry at Megumi after she suggested that the customers should decide how much sauce they need. However, he was forced to adapt her idea after a customer asked for more sauce.[6]

Cooking Style

  • French Cuisine - Kasayama is the Head Chef of the French restaurant Excellent.[2]




  • Kasayama (笠山) is Japan's smallest active volcano located in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture.


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