Hujiao Bing (胡椒餅 Fūjaobin) is a dish made by Sōma Yukihira and Jōichirō Yukihira.


A dish made by Sōma during the Moon Banquet Festival. However, he first learned about this dish when his father acquired a clay oven from one of his acquaintances, in order to become the best-selling stall during a summer festival in the Sumiredōri Shopping District. Hujiao Bing is a Taiwanese snack dish made by taking a "meatball" of minced pork spare ribs marinated in black pepper, wrapping it with a batter of all-purpose flour, and baking it in a clay oven.


  • White Sesame Seeds
  • All-Purpose Flour (Dough/Batter)
    • Black Pepper
    • Pork Spare Ribs (Minced)
    • Sliced Scallions
    • Mild Sesame Oil
    • Five-Spice Powder
    • Star Anise

Real FactsEdit

Hujiaobing, or Pepper buns, are a Chinese delicacy that are popular in winter due to their hot inner centers. They originated from the Fuzhou region of the mainland China, and were popularized in Taiwan by Chinese immigrants can most commonly be found in Raohe food street, where long queues are frequent during the winter months. The buns are packed with pepper accented meat and other spices, placed at the side of the urn to cook in a special way. The unique way it is cooked is a drawing factor to tourists.

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