Histoire (イストワール, Isutowāru?) is a second class bookman for the WGO and was selected to be an impartial judge for the Régiment de Cuisine between Central and the rebels.


Histoire is a tall man, appearing to be of African American origin, with short curly hair and round glasses. He wears a beige pinstripe suit over a dark blue shirt and red tie.


Like Charme and Anne, Histoire is insistent on maintaining WGO's standards by keeping his judgement as impartial as possible. He maintains a polite, albeit perceptive attitude during his time as a judge.


Régiment de Cuisine

Charme, Anne, and Histoire arrived at the beginning of the Régiment de Cuisine for the judging.

With the arrival of Decora and Courage, he and Charme were later replaced as Azami Nakiri announced that he would become the head judge and that Senzaemon Nakiri has also approved the idea.




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