Hiromi Sena

Hiromi Sena (瀬名 博巳(せな ひろみ), Sena Hiromi?) is the Vice Chef De Cuisine and Sous Chef to Gin Dōjima at Tōtsuki Resort.[2]


Hiromi is a tall man with a female groove hairstyle.


Nothing much is known about Hiromi's personality aside from the fact that he is able to admire Sōma's tough persistence and the other prominent students' talents.[3]


Nothing is known about Hiromi's past except for the fact that he became the Vice Chef De Cuisine and Sous Chef to Gin Dōjima at Tōtsuki Resort sometime before the story line.[2]


Tōtsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp Edit

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Gin and Hiromi watching Sōma

Hiromi watches Sōma

Hiromi was introduced by Gin as one of the judges for the Breakfast Buffet Challenge.[2] As the trial commenced, Hiromi reached Hall E, he first encountered Ikumi Mito's dish, a Petit Size Loco Moco Don which he found to be delicious.[4] When he returned to Hall A, Hiromi was intrigued by Sōma Yukihira's cooking exhibition to gain the guests' attention and was amazed by Sōma's innovative, intense, and fast-paced work to hasten his pace while maintaining the quality of the food as the amount of eaten dishes drastically increased. After the Breakfast Buffet Challenge ended with Sōma making the 200 dish quota, Hiromi told Gin that he first caught sight of Sōma's tough persistence that led him to finish his quota in such timing. Gin agreed and stated that Sōma used his unpredictable imagination to overcome the odds. Hiromi further added that, despite Sōma's lack of refinery in his style, he could become a first-rate chef. He also noticed that Erina Nakiri, the only student to exceed 400 dishes, and various other students were no pushovers and considered their futures to be bright.[5]

After the Training Camp, he explained to Sōma Yukihira and Megumi Tadokoro the true purpose of the camp before seeing them leave.[6]

Cooking StyleEdit



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