Hiro Kurase

Hiro Kurase (倉瀬 ひろ(くらせ ひろ), Kurase Hiro?) is the younger brother of Mayumi Kurase.[2]


Hiro is a short boy with dark-colored, medium length disheveled hair.


Not much is known about his personality.


Not much is known about Hiro's past.

Plot Edit

The Karaage WarsEdit

Main article: Karaage Wars Arc

Sōma's strategy in effect

Hiro helping Mayumi

Hiro saw his sister, Mayumi Kurase rushing back to their house, in order to help Sōma Yukihira as much as she could over the next few days. Shortly after, he went to Mayumi's room to inquire about the commotion. However, Hiro was asked by Mayumi for his assistance, and was seen sketching the fliers for Sōma's Karaage dish with her.[3]


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