Herve (エルベ(エルベ), Erube?) is the owner and chef of a small bistro located in Paris, France.[1][2]

Appearance Edit

Herve is a middle aged man with short swept back hair. He is most often seen wearing a coat.

Personality Edit

He has a cheerful and friendly attitude accompanied with a generous approach towards his acquaintances, most notably when he meets and greets Kojirō Shinomiya at a library despite being falsely accused of stealing the latter's luggage previously. He also notably provides a place to stay in his bistro for Kojirō despite just having met him as well.

According to his wife Rebecca, during his early years as a cook, Herve possessed a huge passion for cooking and had aims to reach the pinnacle of the cooking industry though he placed his focus so much on cooking he paid very little attention to his family. After his son's passing, he hides his deep regret and rarely shows any form of remorse save a few notable occasions or when reminded of the aforementioned past events.

History Edit

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Original Dishes Edit


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