Hayama (葉山(はやま), Hayama?) is the godfather of Akira Hayama and the previous professor of Hayama Seminar, which has been renamed to Shiomi Seminar when Jun Shiomi succeeded his position.[1]


Hayama is an old man with a short stature. He has a bald spot on his scalp and a thick mustache that protrudes the corners of his lips. During his brief appearance, he sports a light-colored, long sleeved dress shirt with a dark-colored sweater vest over it, and light-colored pants.


Not much is known about his personality.


Hayama realizes Akira's true potential

Hayama realizes Akira's extraordinary sense of smell

Prior to the plot line, Hayama was the professor of Hayama Seminar, in which Jun Shiomi participated back then, and became well-acquainted with her. He eventually became the godfather of Akira Hayama, believing the child to be a prodigy and gave him his full name.[1] One day, Jun came to him, fearing that she might hold back Akira.[2] Sometime later, Hayama was succeeded by Jun and renamed his seminar to Shiomi Seminar.

Trivia Edit

  • Hayama (葉山) is written with the kanji for "leaf" (葉 Ha) and "mountain" (山 Yama).


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