Chapter 2

Erina's God's Tongue

God's Tongue (神の舌 Kami no Shita) is a Superhuman Ability wielded by Mana Nakiri and her daughter, Erina Nakiri.


God's Tongue is a unique skill first displayed in the series by Erina Nakiri and was later revealed to also be utilized by her mother, Mana Nakiri. This ability grants the user superhuman levels of taste beyond those of even the most seasoned food and ingredient experts. With it, one can detect even the tiniest imperfections in any dish. It is a highly respected skill, as even Erina, who was only 15 years old at the start of the series, could deem a dish unworthy and effectively end a chef's career with a single taste.

While Mana has shown very little usage of the skill directly, Erina has displayed several notable feats using her God's Tongue including:

  • Being able to recognize and differentiate 8 different types of salt blindfolded.
  • Being able to know exactly how long a specific portion of a dish was overcooked with a single taste of the broth.

This skill is granted upon birth, though its full power did not manifest in Erina until she was roughly four years old. Her one-shot version showed that as an infant, she had superior taste, even noting that her mother's breast milk "tasted awful".

While a powerful tool, it is a double-edge sword as it has affected both Mana and Erina. Mana has become so disillusioned by the taste of food with her tongue that she stopped eating in general, only getting nutrients via IV drips. Erina on the other hand was subjected to a brutal training regimen by her father at the age of four to nurture the skill in her for his own goals. She nearly lost all joy in eating food and cooking as well had she not met Jōichirō Saiba.

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