Gao Wei

Gao Wei (高 唯(がお ゑい), Gāo Wéi?) is the Service Manager of Shino's[2] and temporarily holds the same position at Shino's Tokyo.[3]


Gao has dark colored hair tied in a ponytail with longer side bangs reaching the top of her collar. She wears Shino's waitress attire when on duty.


As Shino's Service Manager, Gao is polite towards her customers.[4] This is not only limited on the customers as shown in her interactions with colleagues.[5] She has also shown concern towards Sōma when Abel expressed his discontent with Sōma's work or when Kojirō never left Sōma any pointers.[6][7]


Little is known about Gao Wei's past. She was replaced by Lucie Hugo as the Chief Boucher of Shino's and then became the Service Manager six months prior to their introduction.[8] She is now the current Service Manager of Shino's Tokyo since its pre-opening.[3]



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During the preparation period of Shino's Tokyo, Gao was first seen helping Lucie move a vase plant for the renovation. When Sōma Yukihira mentioned the current state of the restaurant, Gao further noted that they still have to work on their menu. She also asked Kojirō about seeking financial support from his sponsors in France, to which he refused, due to those sponsors opposing the new branch opening. Afterwards, Gao introduced herself and Abel Blondin to Sōma. During the clean-up, Gao and Lucie gossiped about Kojirō becoming nicer since his return from Japan but was quickly silenced by Kojirō. Taking a short break, Kojirō made his Quiche De Légumes Oubliés, which astounded Gao and the others. They proceeded to enjoy the meal with some wine.[9] Completing the interior work, Shino's Tokyo's pre-opening week would begin the next day. Kojirō also informed everyone that there would be a Staff Dish Competition on the last day.[10]

On the first day of the pre-opening week, an unsettling air had filled the kitchen moments before the first wave of customers came in. As the meal courses continued, Gao was worried when Abel reprimanded Sōma for his negligence with food preparation, and refused to acknowledge him as a member of the team.[11] Finishing the first day, Gao inquired why Kojirō did not give any advice to Sōma as he felt it was unneeded.[12] On the last day, Gao participated in the dish contest. However, she found herself intrigued with Sōma's donburi dish.[13] In the end, Sōma's dish was picked by Kojirō, who offered to teach Sōma how he would cook his dish in his culinary style. The next morning, Gao and the others bid farewell to Sōma.[14]

Cooking StyleEdit


  • Gāo may either mean high, of a superior grade, loud, or tall. While Wèi may either mean for, to do, to act as, to serve as, to become, to equal, or of the sake.


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