Cuoco in Italia is an extra chapter in Shokugeki no Soma. It features Takumi Aldini.

Plot SummaryEdit

Cuoco In Italia Aldini Twins

The Aldini Twins arrive at the opening ceremony.

The story sets place in Italy at the Trattoria Aldini where several of Takumi Aldini's fans invite him on dates. Takumi however, kindly refuses and carries on with his work as a chef.

While serving the customers, one of them pointed out that Takumi's culinary skills have significantly improved and notes that the future of this restaurant will be bright under the Aldini Twins.

Takumi's father, upon hearing this, agrees to the fact and states that he could be overtaken in a few years. However, he points out that Takumi, due to the lack of intense rivalry, will start to lose interest as time goes by, pointing out that Takumi requires a proper rival.

Takumi, alongside his twin brother Isami Aldini, then arrive at the opening ceremony of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy later on. Just before Sōma Yukihira begins his infamous speech, Takumi states that he will never lose to anyone his age as he has already battled under the front lines of the cooking business. He confidently claims that he is a pro cook as Sōma steps up on stage.

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  • The storyline of this extra chapter intersects with Chapter 4.


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