Betsubara #3 is a side chapter of the Shokugeki no Soma series. It covers what the Tōtsuki students do during their lunch breaks.

Plot Summary

The Polar Star residents, having made extra food

This side chapter starts off with Ikumi standing outside of Polar Star Dormitory in hopes of giving Sōma a bento that she made for him in one of her classes. Unfortunately, Sōma and the other Polar Star residents all had made extra food for their lunches, much to Ikumi's displeasure.

Meanwhile, two girls wanted to eat with Takumi and Isami. The Aldini twins offer to let them try the lunches they made and are left stunned when the Aldini twins' lunch turns out to be a lot better than theirs.

Somewhere else, Alice decided to eat lunch with Erina. Before she could see her cousin, Hisako patted her down for anything suspicious, much to Alice's annoyance. While Ryō and Hisako glared at each other, Alice offered some of Ryō's Shrimp Cutlet Sandwiches. Unfortunately, Erina had spent much of that day tasting other dishes and was too full to eat anything else.

Jōichirō offering a dish to Gin

Finally, time rewinds back to when Jōichirō was a student. Two girls came to Polar Star in hopes of trying one of his dishes. As expected, they were subjected to some of his failed dishes, which tasted horrible to the two girls. Nevertheless, it left them both blissfully satisfied as Gin turned down Jōichirō's offer to try the same dish.

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