Betsubara #2 is a side chapter that recounts one event in Fuyumi Mizuhara's life during her time at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy.

Plot SummaryEdit

Fuyumi Mizuhara wakes up to check her basil leaves, only to find them a bit withered. Moments later, Hinako Inui and Donato Gotōda arrive at her home, wanting them to make breakfast together. However, Fuyumi quickly becomes agitated when she sees Kojirō Shinomiya with them.

Shinomiya Mizuhara rivalry

Fuyumi versus Kojirō

According to Kojirō, she is mad at him because she received an A while he got an A+ when they were cooking Italian dishes in a class. However, Donato mentions the reason is his manner of speech instead. Fuyumi then challenges Kojirō to a cooking duel, which he accepts.

As the duel begins, Fuyumi peeks at Kojirō and realizes that she does not want to lose against Kojirō, believing him to be a different person when he is cooking. At the end, Fuyumi realizes that Summer is near, and thinks about taking care of her leaves.

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