A Magnificent Banquet is a special crossover story of Shokugeki no Soma, featuring heroines from various Shōnen Jump series that have anime series. It was published in the 22-23 double issue of Shōnen Jump alongside Chapter 116.

Plot Summary

The Heroines of Shōnen Jump: (From left to right) Irina Jelavić, Kiyoko Shimizu, Chika Amatori, Kagura, Chitoge Kirisaki and Nami.

Erina Nakiri is tasked by Senzaemon Nakiri to host some special guests at a special banquet. At the banquet, Erina graciously welcomes the guests: the Shōnen Jump heroines. Chitoge Kirisaki could not contain her excitement, but Irina Jelavić was a little skeptical since her assassination work set her across the world, allowing her to experience some high quality cuisine herself. However, despite assuming that she was about to eat a student prepared meal, the favor of the first dish caused Irina to faint from ecstasy, much to Erina's concerns. From this, Kagura breaks the fourth wall and figured that the banquet was nothing more than a cheap plan to have the Shōnen Jump lead females subjected to nude illustrations by Shun Saeki. Nami added that this cameo comic was because all of the guests' series as well as Shokugeki no Soma was having positive reviews for their respective anime, much to Erina's confusion.

Chika Amatori became concerned if she was going to end up like Irina, but Chitoge Kirisaki convinced everyone to resist reacting to the dishes like Irina. Unfortunately this proved pointless as Nami and Kagura instantly reacted just the same, though Nami demanded that the Editor-in-Chief pay her 100,000 Beli in compensation for showing her partially nude. Nevertheless, Kagura continued to eat the dishes. Meanwhile, Chika was still hesitant to eat one the dishes and Erina herself wondered if it was okay for her to have a reaction like the others given that Chika is only thirteen years old. Luckily, Chika had a very cute, non-nude reaction, much to Erina's relief. Next was Chitoge who steeled herself to eat the meal, but could not fully resist the reaction, even though she did not want anyone aside from someone special to her from seeing her exposed. Finally it was Kiyoko Shimizu's turn who was able to fully resist the dish, though Erina and Chitoge still felt it was erotic somehow. As the banquet concluded, Nami took one more opportunity to remind everyone to watch their animes, which were getting good reviews.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


  • Nami's joke about demanding 100,000 beli for having her appear nude is a running joke with one of her "attacks", Shiawase Punch, where she exposes her nude body to men who peep on her, only to fine them 100,000 beli as a result.
  • Chika's food reaction is similar to Kanon's reaction to the Surprise-Filled Gyoza she and the other DEF Kitchen made.


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