Erina at Polar Star Dormitory is an OVA episode for the anime series Shokugeki no Soma. It mainly focuses on the story of what happened to Erina after she ran away from her father. The episode was released alongside the limited edition version of Volume 29.

Plot Summary

On the morning after her move to Polar Star dormitory, Erina is immediately exposed to the eccencitry of her new dormmates. After breakfast she tries and fails to figure out how to use the laundry machine, forcing the other girls to help her. Later she observes the group doing chores, and grows paranoid that they think she does not know how to do chores due to her elite background. She attempts to contribute by vacuuming the front hallway, only to get run over by Yūki's loose animals.

When Daigo and Shōji accidentally break the bathtub, the group resorts to heading to a communal bathhouse, where Erina bonds with the other girls. While relaxing in the baths, they run into Rindō Kobayashi, who has heard that Erina ran away from home. In a bid to keep her silent, Erina agrees to a challenge to see who can last in the hottest-temperature bath the longest – she wins, but only because Rindo was merely teasing and forfeits after Erina nearly faints from the heat. Later, as a thanks for her fellow dormmates for treating her so well, Erina cooks dinner for everyone.

In an omake, Mitsuru Sōtsuda takes swimsuit photos of some of the girls to publish in Totsuki's summer issue. His scheme is quickly found out and Hisako intimidates him into deleting the photos, only to discover someone stole the USB drive carrying them. The culprit is revealed to be Hinako Inui, who wanted to see the photos of Megumi: unfortunately, the first photos she sees are ones of Gin Dōjima, who apparently also participated in the photoshoot.

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