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Surpassing Dad is the tenth episode of the fifth season of the Shokugeki no Soma anime and is the eighty-third episode overall.

Plot Summary

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Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Asahi Saiba, after defeating Megumi Tadokoro, did not ask her to approve before Erina her possible marriage to him.
  • In the anime, Asahi learns many details about the Nakiri family and the God's Tongue from Sarge, Don Calma and Kou Shiō, while, in the manga, Asahi received this information from Yūnosuke.
    • Subsequently, Yūnosuke is completely cut out of the anime.
  • In a flashback to this episode, Jōichirō suggested that 15-year-old Asahi go to Japan with him after telling him that he would no longer be able to travel to America due to the death of his wife. However, in the manga, Jōichirō did not suggest that Asahi leave with him and ended up just leaving the boy to his fate, without even trying to contact him after, until Asahi found Jōichirō on his own.
    • It seems that his suggestion was added to the anime to avoid a repeat of the outrage from fans of the manga for Jōichirō behaving like an irresponsible father again. Fans also noted that this dialogue does not make sense, since after the death of Tamako, Jōichirō still went to travel from time to time, and if he had originally adopted Asahi, the boy would never have had to step on the shameful path of the Midnight Chefs.
  • In this episode, flashbacks about Tamako are shown during BLUE. In the manga, this memories were shown some time after the BLUE end.
    • In addition, in the manga, the story of Jōichirō's late wife was told to Erina Nakiri and Hisako Arato, while, in the anime, this story is simultaneously told by Sōma for Megumi and Jōichirō for his friend Gin.
  • In the anime, Asahi with other Midnight Chefs meets Jōichirō and he confidently promises to defeat Sōma. In the manga, Jōichirō sees Asahi when he and Sōma are already in the arena and Asahi just turns away from Jōichirō not wanting to talk to him.

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  • The title of this episode has a similar title to the 305th Chapter of the manga.