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Convenience Store Brawl is the fifth episode of the fifth season of the Shokugeki no Soma anime and is the seventy-eighth episode overall.

Plot Summary

Eishi greets Sōma, Megumi, and Takumi at the gate, expressing relief to see some familiar chefs after fighting the Noir ones alone. He assures the group that he has grown stronger since graduating and promises to put up a fair fight against them in the competition. Anne announces the next trial setting is a specially built convenience store. Lanterby explains the challenge: the chefs have two chances to create a dish for her that she judges worth at least $ 100 US dollars or around 10,000 yen, using only items they can buy at the convenience store within an hour. Eishi challenges Sōma to a friendly competition over who will make a higher profit, which Sōma gladly accepts.

Sōma assumes, based on his diner experience, that the dish is right up his alley, only for Lanterby to judge his Instant Canned Beef Sukiyaki Set as worth negative 14 dollars (leading her to take money from his wallet). Although she says it is delicious, she points out Sōma merely threw ingredients together instead of doing anything to enhance their flavors. Eishi proves her point by creating a Beef and Chicken Recital with Demi-Glace Accompaniment, which was made with cheap ingredients but with each ingredient used to its greatest potential. Takumi muses that Eishi greatly improved since graduating. Eishi passes, and receives a profit of 587 dollars (in one dollar bills, much to his frustration). Lanterby notes to Sōma that he would not have served his dish at a diner for 10,000 yen, and claims he cannot expect to pass by simply throwing things together like that.

Several more chefs fail to pass Lanterby's test before Sōma returns with his Out-Of-Season Super Osechi Set. Lanterby claims he failed by once again adding things together rather than improving on them, only to quickly find herself unable to stop eating the combined side dishes. Sōma points out he did not do anything special to any of the ingredients, only that he knew pairing them all together would make a freeform full course meal that could have only been made with convenience store ingredients, and did not need very long to prepare. Lanterby reluctantly passes him but runs out of money to give him for his profit, meaning Eishi and Sōma have no clear winner in their competition. Meanwhile, at her own trial, an exhausted Erina finishes her first fight against the gauntlet of chefs, before engaging in a revenge match with the losers at the second gate.

Anne announces to the Bookmaster that the second gate trial has concluded, with half of the outside chefs eliminated and all of the Noir chefs passed. The Bookmaster decides to change up the competition at the second gate. Megumi and Takumi also pass the Convenience Store trial, and Eishi uses some of his winnings to buy Sōma an ice bar from the convenience store as a consolation for their aborted competition. Eishi reveals Rindō Kobayashi was also invited to participate in BLUE, but is going after poachers around the world who are hunting rare animals. He explains those poachers are Noir-affiliated, so he wants to lessen her burden by defeating Noir at BLUE. At the second gate, the chefs find themselves facing the Noir members who had been exempt up until now. Before the competition can start, the Bookmaster interrupts to announce a supplementary prize to the winner of BLUE: the chance to be her own personal chef, meaning they will serve at regular WGO meetings and earn an impressive salary. In exchange, the Bookmaster changes the rules slightly: the three Noir members are asked to demonstrate their potential immediately.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Anime and Manga Differences

  • The manga does not reveal how much money Takumi and Megumi's dishes are worth. In the anime, they are worth 150 and 128 dollars respectively.