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The Last Supper is the fourth episode of the fifth season of the Shokugeki no Soma anime and is the seventy-seventh episode overall.

Plot Summary

The day of BLUE arrives, and Sōma, Takumi, and Megumi excitedly arrive at the competition's venue, a castle. The WGO's mysterious Bookmaster explains that the competition is tiered, where they will need to make it through three gates before having the final showdown in the castle itself. To the Tōtsuki students' shock, Asahi Saiba is given privilege by WGO to start at the third gate because of his accomplishments, while his companions from Noir will start at the second. Erina arrives and declares alongside Sōma that she will defeat Asahi. The chefs are separated into three groups, except for Erina who will be doing her own separate challenge. Takumi and Megumi sense that something is off about Erina.

WGO Second-Class Adjudicator Lanterby gives the first trial to Sōma's group: serve a dish that will satisfy judge Tokiyama Heigoro, a former Noir chef from the black markets. The theme is "last supper" and they can only use ingredients from a nearby refrigerated truck. Tokiyama initially claims he is from the Tokai Region and grew up eating Miso Udon Stew and Gohei Mochi, but then fails all the chefs who prepared these, only passing the chefs from Noir who serve completely different dishes that are more in line with dishes from the dangerous underworld. Realizing this and despising the claim that regular chefs cannot satisfy those from the underworld, Sōma adapts a more forceful personality and serves him Monaka infused with monkfish liver, dashi broth, and various spices, which the elderly chef finds revitalizing. Sōma then lambasts the "last supper" theme, claiming Tokiyama can still explore and enjoy new foods even if he can't cook them, offering to cook him his real last supper at Restaurant Yukihira. Tokiyama accepts (having originally planned to take his own life after judging the competition), and passes Sōma.

Sōma reunites with Takumi and Megumi, where he learns that they all had bizarre themes for their respective groups: Takumi's group all had to make solid baby food that was delicious, while Megumi's group had to make a meal that pets and pet owners could both enjoy, leaving them puzzled as to the nature of the entire competition. They wonder what Erina is doing, unaware that she is facing off against an entire gauntlet of chefs as they speak. They progress to the second gate, where they are shocked to encounter none other than the previous First Seat of the Elite Ten, Eishi Tsukasa.

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  • The episode title is a reference to The Last Supper of Jesus Christ from the Catholic Bible.

Anime and manga differences

  • Lanterby/Rantabi is introduced slightly earlier in the BLUE Arc here than she was in the manga.

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